Best affiliate marketing training, where to get it?

When I  was starting out I know I need affiliate marketing training. I  know that there is money to be made with affiliate marketing and I really want to be part of the action. I need to learn affiliate marketing thoroughly.

I have tried so many brick and mortar business before and lost so much so I decided to try affiliate marketing. Read my story to know how and why I got into affiliate marketing

The problem is I don’t know where to get good training. So I decided to be proactive and do my own research. I was able to find some programs that offer training but there are some things that I notice is wrong

Wrong with some of the affiliate marketing training programs I found

  • Asks for too much money
  • There’s an upsell to the program
  • What I learned from the program I can learn from a free giveaway ebook
  • Some programs are good but expensive
  • some are just downright scammy
  • Promises get rich quick programs

What is affiliate marketing?

For those of you who do not know what affiliate marketing is let me enlighten you guys

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing program where an owner of a product(merchant) signs up to an affiliate network which in turn offers it to publishers(blogger) to become an affiliate (the one will promote the product) in exchange of a small percentage of the profit, to consumers.

Why get affiliate marketing training?

You would be wondering why you should get affiliate marketing training before you start an affiliate website? Well, I have listed down some of the reasons why you should bother with getting some training beforehand. And the sake of simplicity, I will cite only 4 reasons but there are a lot more reasons why

1. WordPress is not user-friendly

WordPress.org is a great tool the problem is it’s not intuitive and user-friendly. It will take you time and repetition to actually get used to what WordPress is all about and its functions. There are so many unfamiliar terms you will encounter. I, for example, was totally confused when I first encountered terms like domain name, hosting, SSL.

2. You need something that will guide you through the ins and outs of affiliate marketing

There so many things to learn when getting into affiliate marketing, setting up a website is just the first step. You need something that will tell you to step by step what to do next and why.

3. It will save you time

Instead of wasting a lot of time of doing things through hit and miss process, you save time by learning the basics and advance stuff and then do things with a plan, therefore, minimizing making mistakes because you have prior training. Having preemptive training lets you avoid time-consuming mistake when you go at affiliate marketing alone

4.Learn at your own pace

Not every one of us has the luxury of time. Most of us have full-time jobs that keep us occupied from 9 am to 5 pm. Our only real free time is the time from 8pm-11pm weekdays and weekends. There is not much time to spare. You need something that you can go to during your free time and only when you’re not busy.

What to look for in an affiliate marketing training


Before going into a program, do a background check, Google the said program. Read the reviews people make online. If you read a lot more of negative reviews to positive reviews then it’s a red flag already. Now I am not saying if you saw a negative review about a certain program, it’s already a bad program.No program is perfect and can please everyone.

2.No upselling

Another red flag you should watch out for is there is an up-selling happening. I hate it when you just paid for a service only to find out later you need to pay more to enjoy the full benefits.

3. Makes no grand promises it can’t back-up

The moment the program promises you that you will make a fortune in a short span then you better run, because its a scam.No legitimate program in the world is going to guarantee you a huge return in a short span.

4.reasonably price

No program is free, one way or another a program has to make money or else it will not be sustainable.It’s normal for affiliate training programs to charge. But it has to be within reasonable limits. My point is you should weigh in the pro’s and con’s of the program if it’s worth it or not

5.Frequent updates

You should want a program that regularly updates its material. The internet is ever evolving so you should always be updated of any trends and developments on the internet. What works this year may not work next year so you better be ahead or be left behind.

Where to get affiliate marketing training

Full disclosure I am a long time customer and affiliate of WA(Wealthy Affiliate) I earn a small commission whenever someone signs up to their premium membership none the less I believe anyone will benefit with the services WA has to offer

So where can you get good affiliate marketing training? There is no other affiliate marketing training program that I recommend other than WEALTHY AFFILIATE training program

When I first got into WA I knew right then and there I did not make a mistake picking WA above the rest. I spent months researching for a good program and when I found Wealthy Affiliate I knew it was worth it.WA has all the tools and features that will need to get myself started.

The guide that I needed

WA guided me every step of the way. The training made it easy for me to understand the technical jargons in setting up a website. They have a structured approach to setting a website. There is an order in which you will do first and what comes next and why. Next, they have a community of like-minded people that you can connect to. They also do a weekly live webinar which is available to premium members.

They offer a FREE 1 WEEK TRIAL  membership program.WA likes people to test drive first what they have to offer so you can keep your credit cards because that won’t be needed. If you use my affiliate link, to create a free account I will be notified personally. I will then follow up with you to assist you through the WA platform

Everyone is free to join

If anyone who signs up to the free membership of WA, I offer FREE COACHING AND MENTORING. I will assist you in every way I can in getting you up-to-speed of things to know about affiliate marketing and how to set up your own site. I will be your go-to guy whenever you have any questions about affiliate marketing. And believe me, you will have a lot of them.


1.Top notch education

The education you will get with WA is the best. They made it easy for you to learn with full explanations. Each course has a purpose and is task oriented so that you will learn by actually doing the thing.

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2.A structured approach to training

Here in WA, there is order in everything we do. You don’t do things randomly. It has a step y step process to be followed by its students. Here you will learn affiliate marketing step by step.

We have two courses offered

1.Online entrepreneur certification

It is focused on teaching the members how to become an “online entrepreneur”.It teaches the basics of picking a niche, setting up a website, creating content and promoting your website. It is divided into 7 stages

2.Affiliate Bootcamp

It is our training program for those who are interested in promoting Wealthy Affiliate platform.

3.Earn while you learn program

While you are learning how to set up your own affiliate website, being a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you automatically become a member of its affiliate program. It means even if you don’t have your own website you can promote WA to your friend and relatives and on social media platform and earn commission referring people. And if someone signs up to WA premium account you earn monthly recurring commissions as long as they continue to use the WA platform.


In WA(Wealthy Affiliate)they also offer web hosting, you can start a website and have it hosted in WA altogether. The good thing is if you sign up to their premium membership you get to host a whopping 25 websites. Where else can you get that kind of a sevice.No where else can you find someone else offers that kind of hosting.

5.Domain registry

WA offers not just affiliate marketing training, it’s also a domain registry. You don’t need to go somewhere else to purchase your domain you can register it right here. As soon as you come up with a good domain name you can check its availability right here.

6.Regularly updated content

Almost everyday members of Wa publish new training tutorial, post. And every Friday WA do a live webinar teaching members all about publishing content, setting up landing pages how to rank in google and all that stuff for free to WA premium members

7.Mulitple ways to make money

Aside from teaching you how to make money by making an affiliate website, you can also make money with Wealthy Affiliate in other ways.

Ways to make money with WA

1.Promote WA and earn recurring commissions referring people

You earn a commission each time someone signs up using your affiliate link. And as long as that someone stays enrolled you earn a commission, neat!

2.Publish affiliate marketing tutorial

You earn a small fee each time someone views your tutorial. thing is as you are just starting out you earn only a small very. But as time goes by as more people visit your tutorial so is the “pay per view” of your tutorial grow.

3.Publish video tutorial

The same as publishing training written tutorial you earn a small fee but as your rank and number of views grow so is your”pay per view” rate grow as well.

8.24/7 site support

One way or another there will come a time when your site will have a problem. You need a program that has tech support you can turn to 24/7. Because you will never know when you will have a problem with your site. You can’t have a program that has little to no tech support what so ever. In WA they have that. All you have to do is file a support ticket and a staff of the support team will get into with you within the hour.

9.A community of like-minded individuals

Hanging out with negative people who don’t support your goals is detrimental to your success. In WA we have a live chat feature where we can connect with other WA members, either to ask a question, chat make friends or ask for inspiration. We believe it is necessary to always have a source of inspiration to keep you going and the best way to do that is connect with other people that share your common goals and interest.

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In conclusion, I could never stress enough how important it is to have prior training before you actually dive into affiliate marketing. There are so many benefits in having an ongoing training before, during and even after you have already set up your affiliate website. Getting into affiliate marketing is a journey and you will need all the help and guidance that you can get. If you have any questions and comment feel free to drop a comment below.

For further questions about getting affiliate marketing training, you can send me a message on joseph@smartaffiliblogger.com.You can also connect with me on Facebook @smartaffiliblogger and on Instagram @smartaffiliblogger

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Best affiliate marketing training, where to get it?

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