You happend to be a seafarer. And your wondering what a  blog is for a seafarer?

Well to be honest a lot!

You don’t not notice it yet. But you have been reading about blogging  while you surf the net. You have been watching it in YouTube. And may even have read stories of people who have traded a safe job to become a full-time blogger.

Bloggers, people who have no boss. Don’t have a job but seems to be thriving. People, who are free to choose how to live their lives. Not restricted by societies norms.

In this post I will demystify what a blog is. Break it down into parts. Tell you what you can do with it. And how blogging can change your seafaring life.

What is a blog?

First of let me talk about what a blog really is.

Blog, sounds unfamiliar huh? Makes you want to scratch your head and think. What the heck is that?

Well you should feel that way. Because it really is, just a made up word. It is a mash up of two words, web and log. Web implying it is done online. And log meaning it is a journal of some sort.

In lay man terms, a blog is a journal or a diary made online that is run by a single person or a group of people. It’s as simple as that

A blog can be whatever you want it to be. You can have a blog that is very focused to a limited number of topics or what you call niche. Or you can blog about a lot of niches and sort them through categories.

Characteristics of a blog

Now that I have talked about what a blog is in simple terms. I will discuss the main characteristics of a blog. And why as a seafarer you will love it.

1. Its content is written in freestyle form

There really is no restriction in the way the content is written. It all depends on the owner of the blog and what his/her communication style will be.

The writer’s voice can be

  • It can be funny and witty
  • The author can be serious and data backed
  • He/ she can inspiring and friendly

What this means to you as a seafarer

As you can read. You can be who you want to be when blogging. With a blog you are your own boss. Nobody will tell you what you can or cannot do .As long as you’re not breaking any laws you’ll be fine. A blog can be your very own place under the sun.

2. A blog can be about anything under the sun

A blog can be about anything. It can be about the following but not limited to following

  • Health and fitness
  • Personal development
  • Food
  • Finance
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Making money online

The topic that the blog will be revolving around is called a niche.

Anything can be a niche .From growing earth worms to writing about going to space. Literally the sky’s the limit. There is even a sub-niche of a niche. The more focused and specific the niche of a blog is the better.

What this means to you as a seafarer

Think about it. We seafarers are talented people. We have skills and passions that got nothing to do with seafaring. And all of these skills and passions are left to rot because we don’t use them.

Why not rekindle the fire within. Explore these untapped talents within using a blog.

I know somebody who can draw very well but leaves it under develop because he has to focus with his deck job. If he just started a blog posting his work .And shares it on Instagram.I know he’ll get the exposure he needed

I know an engine rating guy who can weld metal into piece of art l  but rarely uses it. Because his circumstance does not favour it.So he seldom uses his God given talent.  What a waste!

3. It can be for personal use or open for public to read.

· A blog can be for personal use.

Meaning it is meant by the owner to be shared to a closed group

Let’s say you’re a would-be junior officer. You can blog about your journey from deck cadet on a monthly basis. Write about the ups and downs of living onboard a ship. Post about tips that can be helpful to future would be deck as well. And share it with your friends and family only.

· It can also be open for public to read.

Maybe you have a hobby that you’re passionate about. You can start a blog and write about your activities regarding your passion. You can open your blog to the public for them to learn from you.

For example you’re a cook working on board a tanker ship. And you’re good at baking pies. You can’t get enough of baking especially pies.

Why not start a blog that is open to public. And post about baking and focus specifically to baking pies. You can post about new recipes. Write tips about how to save cost and time. The good thing about this is,you can do all of this.And make money while you’re at it. Isn’t that great?

What is means for a seafarer?

Since a blog can be open for public. This is a seafarer’s chance to showcase his/her skills and talent for the whole world to see. We can show what we do best and establish a followership. We can show our authority over something that we are good at. And this something does not necessarily have to do anything about seamanship at all.

Dont you wish you can explore once again your passion you left behind many years ago?

4. Location independent

Since blogging is done online. You can pretty much work on your blog where ever you are. This is one of the many good things that people like about blogging.

You can be on the open seas and still work on your material for your blog. As long as you have an internet connection you can publish a post. And during the times that you’re not online you can still work on the other aspects of blogging that does not need an internet connection.

A good thing with blogging is you can bring your work onboard.

You can even outsource some of the work.

Where else can you do that?

5 .Anyone can start a blog

There are no qualifications required before you can start a blog. You don’t need a college degree. You don’t have to have a rank, a license a position before you start a blog. Nor you don’t even have to have any previous writing or programming skills. You can be a college drop-out and have a blog.

In blogging everyone is on equal footing.

All you really need is knowledge of how to read and write in English. And the burning desire to see things through

This implies that what a blog is for a seafarer is a big break.A chance to explore a filed that is outside of the shipping industry.

What blogging actually is?

There are many different definitions people give to the term blogging.

  • First is it is a collective skills required to run and maintain a blog.
  • It is the act of setting up a medium (Blog) of collecting like minded people(market segment) who shares a common interest or problem(niche) .
  • For me personally blogging is the act of demonstrating your authority (expertise) over a specific topic or problem(niche) using a platform(a blog)

Why bother starting one?

There are many reasons why you should start a blog. Especially if you’re a seafarer. The common ways people use blog for are:

· To share information

People have been using blogs to share their thoughts opinion and knowledge to other people all over the internet.

One popular information blog is TMZ. It a celebrity that post contents about the latest gossips and updates to your favourite actors

Another popular blog is MMA junkie. Since MMA is one of my favourite sports i often drop by to this blog. It has anything and everything that has got to do with MMA.

  • To build authority

Having a blog is the best tool to demonstrate your skills and knowledge about a certain topic. What better way to let people know how good you are about something by showing them that your

One good example of this is the Huffington post. It started out as a simple blog that grew exponentially over the years spanning vast areas of subject matters. If you’re looking for an example of a blog that has authority this is it

· To build a network of like minded people

There is no better way to build a network of like minded people than with a blog. With a blog your reach is worldwide. You can find someone with the same problem that you do half way across the globe. You can never do that with other platform.

· It can be used as a marketing tool

A blog can be a great marketing tool. If, you happen to have a business . Let’s say a coffee farm and you produce all kinds of coffee beans. You can blog about all sorts of coffee beans. Show people how knowledgeable you are about coffee. And all the while promote your business on the side. People will love it. Since you presented your product in a way that is not invasive. You didn’t forced your way people sought you instead

· To make money online

Establishing a blog takes time effort and money. And the fruit of that labour is an audience that is listening to whatever you say . Might as well, monetize this traffic. There are many ways to make money through blogging. And for me the best way is with affiliate marketing

But exactly what a blog is for a seafarer?

Now for the main point of this post. I know you’re itching for me to get to my point. But i just got to mention all of the facts first in order for you to really get my post

1. What a blog is for a seafarer is an opportunity to be who we really want be

First of,what a blog is for a seafarer is an outlet of our inner selves

With blogging, we can freely express our thoughts and opinions. As long as we observe proper etiquette with blogging we are good to go.

When we are onboard we normally can’t do that. We have to be careful of what we say or do. We worry what our co-crew and superior officers are going to say. We tend to say and do things that will please the group. Regardless if this may or may not agree with our principles

On the net we are no longer bound by what our colleagues got to say. We fear of being judged by the people around us. That we tend to keep our thoughts and voice tucked away. But with a blog you get to be as creative as you want.

Don’t you wish you can just say whatever you want to say without being judege by your officers and co-workers?

You can be as witty or sarcastic as much as you want.With a blog you get to be the boss!

2. An outlet to showcase our skills and talents

Another thing a blog is for a seafarers is a chance to shine.

There are a lot of talented seafarers out there.Some can do amazing things with their hands.Others can sing as good as the people you watch on T.V. Unfortunately these talents are neglected and soon forgotten.

I know someone who’se passion is to travell. He can’t get enough of the outdoors. When he talks most of the times it’s about the places he had been. He is loves anything related to travelling.

But when it comes to deck work, my gosh all his energy drains away. He can’t wait for the coffee breaks and the 5 pm off period.

It is clear to me his passion lays elsewhere and not on seamanship. Too bad he was not able to channel this passion into something useful. The last I heard from him, he is still travelling.But he limits himself to posting on Face book.

He’s good with directions. He is very meticulous with taking photos. And he really enjoys going outdoors.

He seems to be very happy doing it.
What a waste of skills and talent!.

I was not yet into blogging when i met him. But had i did. I would have recommended for him to start a blog and use YouTube as a marketing arm.

3. An alternative source of income

There are now many ways to make money online for seafarers. The one that I champion is affiliate marketing. Think about it if you stick with blogging for the long-term. Get a blog ranked in Google search.

Once you have established a following. The opportunities’ to make money are unlimited

You can make money promoting other people’s product(affiliate marketing)

Charge people with direct sponsored post

Sell digital products(eBooks, training)

You can sell hardware products as well

Or if you like promote your service through your blog

You can also join Google Ad sense

Also you can repurpose your content in video format and post it on YouTube. And make money with page views

May i ask you,don’t you want to be less dependent with your shipping job?

This means what a blog is to a seafarer is a solution to our financial problems

4. A chance to spend more time with our family

Now that i have established that a blog can become a viable source of income. We as seafarers now have more options to make a living independent of going onboard.

The main reason why seafarers go back to ship is because we run out of money to support our families. We have no income when we sign off. It’s all expenses and no income. Some seafarers manage to start a business while their family take care of it while they are gone. But these are the minority.

The majority still relies heavily to our job to support us. But what if we were given the chance to make a living while at home? Would we take it? Of course we would.

If we seafarers have something to support us while we are off-signed we will definitely stay longer at home. That is for sure.!

My food for thought for you are

Do you enjoy leaving your wife and kids for 5 months or more?

Don’t you wish you can spend more than 5 months off hired?

What a blog is for a seafarer means more time for our family.

5. Freedom from unemployment worries

The number one source of our stress as seafarers is. We don’t have any source of income when we sign off. We are  unemployed for months. But now, we have that opportunity to fill that income gap with blogging. If we could just stick with blogging for the long term.

We can grow this into a thriving blog that provides us with an income.And when that happens Most of our worries due to unemployment will definitely go away.

Seafarers have a lot of things to worry about.Seafaring life is not all clear skies and travelling around the world.Just like everyone else seafarers have money issues to deal with.

Another thing what a blog is for a seafarer means less things to worry about!

6. Our ticket to financial freedom

Financial freedom the dream of every seafarer’s . Freedom from worrying about money for the rest of our lives. Sound like a dream that can never be reached.

Sounds quite impossible huh? Well it is if your going to rely on a job alone to get there.

Having a high paying salary does not guarantee that you will be financially.What you need is multiple source of income

A single income source just won’t  cut it.Not unless you’re willing to spend 30 years build it!

7. Potential exit strategy

Have the thought of quiting the shipping industry ever croosed your mind? Well i did and the first thing i thought of is it’s impossible.

There’s just no way i could find a job on land that will pay me the same way i do with my seafaring job.

But now that i have blogging to back me up it does now!

The same goes for you.What if you have the chance to make the same money onboard on land won’t you take?

I know as a seafarer the thought have crossed your mind.

But quickly dismissed it since your options was limited.

All you really know back then was to go onboard and that’s it.But now that you know a thing about blogging.You now have more options.

My question for you are:

Don’t you wish you can just stop working onboard right?

Do you want to spend the next 20 years doing the same thing over and over again?


For other people blogging is just a way to share their life.Some do it just to have fun.Other’s do it  to feed their ego.

But for a seafarer a blog is something else.

1.It’s our way of expressing ourselves

2.A blog let’s us put our talent to good use.

3.It make’s us less dependent with out job onboard.

4.Allows us to have more time with out loved ones.

5.Reduces our financial worries

6.Our chance to financial freedom

7.Potentially our way out of the shipping industry.

I highly encourage my fellow seafarers to atleast try blogging.Give affiliate marketing a chance.If it didn’t pan out atleast you tried.

If you have any reactions and questions feel free to leave any on the comment box below.

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I hope my post have inspired people to take action.Time passes whether you do something or not.Might as well make full use of it.Dont let time pass and years later regret that you did nothing to improve your life.

!!!!!Disclaimer:This is an affiliate link,As a long time customer and user of WA.I recommend that you try their service.Anyone who signs up to their premium service will not incur additional expense for my part.!!!!

For those who want to take action i recommend that you get trained with affiliate marketing.Don’t worry it’s free of charge.And if it didn’t feel right you can step away easily.

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What a blog is for a seafarer
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  • July 25, 2019 at 7:36 am

    Blogging is the many skills that one needs to run and control a blog. Equipping web page with tools to make the process of writing, posting, linking, and sharing content easier on the internet. I have enjoyed your skilled writing of this great post. I started blogging far back as three years but initially i done it for fun and to update my knowledge but suddenly after a year an half it turn to my major source of income which made me to resign from my work and i majorly focus on blogging. What also aids my blogging journey was wealthy affiliate because  i explore their free training of writing and it become my way of living now. 

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    • July 25, 2019 at 12:31 pm

      Thank you john

      My thoughts exactly. Blogging may be a lot of work at the beginning. But like everything else it gets easier when you keep going at it. I am inspired by your result to work even harder. I wish people will take advantage of the free training that WA provide

  • July 25, 2019 at 7:41 am

    Hi Joseph

    I really enjoyed reading your post, it is full of great information.

    I always thought of blogging as a hobby. I like the fact that you can write freely and in a very simple manner. For me, it is a way for me to learn more and share my knowledge with the public.

    I am now learning how to create lucrative blogs. Where I can use affiliate marketing to monetize my blogs and turn my blogging hobby to a money-making business. I have seen a lot of people doing it successfully, so I decided to join them.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • July 25, 2019 at 12:28 pm

      hi adyns

            thanks for the comment. A blog can be both fun and lucrative.I wish you good luck with your journey with affiliate marketing

  • July 25, 2019 at 10:04 am

    This is a great way to share how blogging can be for individuals as well as a great way to explain where the word blog comes from. It’s hard to imagine it actually means web log, but it has evolved and makes sense. I really like that you’ve set it out with 5 valid points. It’s helpful to think of blogging this way and it shows how independent it can be, done from anywhere in the world, about anything you enjoy, know, have experience in. I blog, and find it keeps my mind actively thinking about ideas and how to share them. It’s also a really good outlet for me as well as a way to express my ideas about something I’m passionate about. Once I got over my confidence issues, it also has become fun and a huge learning curve.

    • July 25, 2019 at 12:26 pm

      hi kat

        Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it. Since I am a seafarer myself I decided to niche down to seafarers.I made it a point to highlight the benefits seafarers can get if they start a blog. My point exactly, a blog keeps our mind sharp and active. I just hope my post inspires my fellow seafarers to take action.


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