1. You're not happy with your job

Maybe you're bored, sick or just plain hated your job. And you are looking for viable options on how to make a living. Why not try WA? Nothing will change until you do something different and be taking chances is one of them

2.  You are looking for a way to supplement your active income.

You have just realized that your salary is not going to be enough so you decided to look for other sources of income. You have thought of starting a business but do not have a ton of money to spare.

3. You are looking for a side income

You want to make money on the side. And with your strict working schedule, a second job is out of the question. You want something you can do during your off hours and during weekends. Something that you can work on a few hours a week.

4. You are looking for a way to spend more time with your family

let's face it the only reason you're doing overtime and double shifts is that you needed the money. If you have another source of income on the side then what for right? The key is to work smarter not harder

5. You're looking for a way to make a living location independent.

Maybe you don't want to be tied to one place anymore, maybe you want to travel the world and enjoy life while you are young, then WA is for you. As long as there is an internet connection, you can write publish and promote your website wherever you may be.

6. You want to make a living that has a flexible schedule

maybe you are looking for a way to make a living that does not follow a strict schedule like a regular 9-5 job does, then WA is just the thing for you. You can work on your blog whenever you like, there no fixed schedule. You can work on your blog as early as 4 am and work on it for 4 hours then be free for the rest of the day doing what you really want with your life. Or spend the day going out with family having some quality time together then later work on your blog past 8pm, the choice is all up to you.

7. Your boss is a  pain in the ass

Look not all of us are blessed with a boss that happens to be a nice guy. You know the one that respects you as a person. Who talks with courtesy, says please when asking for something. And understands how hard your work is. But sometimes not always you end up with a boss that is arrogant, proud insensitive and is so full of him/herself. You hate every minute you are with him/ her. You dread waking up every morning going to work because you have to deal with him/her. And working with him/her is a living nightmare.

8. You want to provide the best for your family

You want to provide the best for your family but you don't think your job is going to cut it. You want to send your kids to the best school money can buy. You want you family to eat organic home-cooked meals. You want them to wear the best clothes. You want them to live in a nice house nothing fancy but better than the 1 bedroom apartment you are living right now. Let's be real do you really think your current salary will be able to cover all that?

9. You keep getting laid off from work.

Your job keeps getting outsourced somewhere else. Laying-off people has become an in thing now for big companies to cut expenditure. And your company keeps on finding a way to save on cost at the expense of their workers. So what are you going to do about it? are you going to play the blame game or find other means to make a living? it's your call

10. You want financial security

Day by day you are worried you might be the next to get laid off. You are sick and tired of worrying just how long you are going to have a job. Finally, you decided to find another means to make a living not relying on a  job. So why not try WA? You may never know what will happen until you actually tried WA.

11. You want financial freedom

You want financial freedom but you know your job just won't cut it. You know you have to make investments and start a portfolio. That is all cool and fine but where the heck will you get the money to finance that? You need another source of income. That's where  WA come into play


1. Sign up, its free!

Try out WA for a week for free. You can cancel anytime

            No questions asked

2. Get yourself trained

At WA we have a step by step action, plan, we will guide you every step of the way, all you have to do is  follow

3.Build your website

Start building your website with ease, you will have your own website up and running in no time

4.Create traffic generating content

Start cranking content that generates traffic. Like they say in online marketing content is king, more content more traffic

5.Promote your site

Promote your website on social media and in search engines

6.Build your audience

Build a following for your site, which potentially can be your customer

7. Monetize

the best part of it all, making big bucks we will show you how you can make money with your website

Wealthy affiliate Pros

1. Quality of training is good

The approach of the training is systematic. There is a plan that you will follow and it is divided into stages.

Each stage is designed to educate you with every aspect of online marketing.WA made sure you did not go straight to the money making aspect like other networks would do. Rather WA started with the very basics which are picking your niche.

2. Content is regularly updated

Almost every day a member adds a new training to the training database of WA. Whatever training you want to learn may it be about WordPress, creating content or SEO etc we got something for you.

3.A built-in network of like-minded people.

WA is not just an affiliate site it is also a community of people who are positive minded, driven, ambitious people who don't just sit on their dream, they take action. What better way to stay focused and be motivated than to stick with people who share your common goal, which is to make it big in their respective niches.


WA is very strict with spamming. You will never see anyone promoting something in WA. All the post and training is for the sole purpose of educating the members

5.No upsells.

Don't you just hate it when someone upsells you? You paid for something only to find out you have to pay more just to get what you really expect in the first place. In WA, you get what you paid for and nothing less. If you upgraded to a premium member that's it, no more additional payments of some sort, you get all the features given to premium members

6.Weekly free live classes.

Every Friday our resident online marketing guru holds a free online webinar. It is available to premium members only though. Each webinar is filled with gold nuggets of wisdom that you can apply to your site immediately. And if ever you missed it no problem it will be recorded together with 100's of past live classes recordings

live weekly webinar
live weekly webinar

7.All in one stop shop.

Wealthy affiliate is not just an affiliate marketing training site, its also a domain registry, web hosting, keyword research tool and a site comment/feedback platform all rolled into one. Where else can you find something like that?

8.Free starter membership

You read it right FREE, No obligations, No ask why. There is not much product or services online that offer that kind of promotion. You know why? Because WA is confident of the quality of service that it will deliver to its members


Wealthy affiliate Cons

1. You need to invest a lot of time

I will be honest, WA is not a get rich quick scheme. You need to put in the time getting through the courses, watching the videos, practicing what you learned.WA does not promise large returns in the shortest time possible. It does not work that way.

2. It can get overwhelming as a newbie

When you are new to WA you will get this confusion as to where to start. And it can be overwhelming especially for newbies, but as time goes by you will get used to it.

3. There's no money back guarantee

There's no money back guarantee simply because the starter membership allows you to try it out for free, before upgrading to paid premium membership.

4.WA is not for everybody

Look all people are different in one way or another. Others like something long-term and steady growth. Something that they will learn and grow from then WA is for you. But if you want something that does not require much work and make a quick buck then I am sorry Wa is not for you. In WA you need to put in the time, effort and funds to make this thing work.WA is not MLM.

Get a solid foundation on how WordPress works

Building a website is fun. You can make your own in under an hour. Build your own right now!

Don't know how to write a post? No problem we got something for you

Learn how SEO works and get your site ranking!

Learn how to produce engaging images for your site

WA has its own built-in hosting platform.No need to go somewhere else to host your site

In this section, we discuss all stuff related to domains 

Tools within Wealthy affiliate

WA is not just about training, we also have a web building tool siterubix

No need to go somewhere else to buy and register your domain name, you can do it right here

keyword research is a vital part of SEO, here in WA we have JAAXY keyword tool available for starter and premium members

comments are backlinks, the more you have the better your ranking in Google, get comments by engaging with other members through site comment 

Get feedback from members of the WA community, its free!all you have to do is engage with other members

Enjoy our content creation tool site content. Avoid unintentional duplicate content creation using our content creation tool


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