Popular social media apps are a viable source of traffic,the problem is which one for you

You’re thinking of tapping into popular social media apps for your blog. There are over 2.82 Billion people who are into social media. And this data is going to grow in the coming years.
So it makes sense that you should tap into this huge user base. The thing is you don’t which one to pick. You need something. To give you an idea of how each of the social media apps works. And how it can suit your needs a a blogger.
In this post we’ll talk about the popular social media apps of 2019. The strenght and weaknesses of each social media apps. How you can take advantages of their strenght. Avoid the weaknesses of each.


Facebook is the most popular social media app as of 2019


The number one and still reigning champ of popular social media apps. Facebook is still the most popular social media app of all. It has over 2.42 Billion users worldwide. If your new to blogging. And you’re looking for traffic then your go to social media app would be Facebook. Although Facebook is under scrutiny for the past 3 years. It held it’s ground and remains the leading social media app of the world. 

Pro’s of Facebook page


1. Very large user base

Facebook have one of the largest. If not the largest database of members. As of this 2019. The total users amounts to 2.4 billion  worldwide. If your main goal is bring awareness to your brand then Facebook is a must for you

2. Wide range of consumer demographics

Having a very large consumer base around the world. There is a wide range of consumer to choose from. It have a vast range of consumer demographics to offer depending to your marketing needs. Facebook have members ranging from kids as young as 13 years of age to as old as 65 years old even more.

3.Can generate targeted traffic

Facebooks allows you to set up a marketing campaign as targetted to the very last detail. It allows you to pick between male and female. Set specific location. What educational level they have. You can even pick is you want to target married and single people as well. How good is that?

4.Improves your SEO

Google counts how many social media engagement of a website. In their ranking algorithm. So the more Facebook likes and shares your page gets. The better chance that your blog gets higher ranking in earch engine. So it’s actual a double benefit for you you get traffic for your wbsite and you get a boost in your ranking

5.Allows for feedback and comments

Facebook allows you to have direct communication with lead generated by your campaign. You can send messege to your leads. And customers are allowed to leave comments and suggestions. Providing your with valuable insights for growth.

6.Provides detailed report of your social media page

Facebook pages makes a daily analytics report of your facebook marketing. Your facebook page reports the demographioc of your traffic. When they are most active and how they interact with your content.

Cons of Facebook


1.Exposure is not free

You need to set a budget for your Facebook marketing. And this amount can be quite big for start up businesses. But the good thing is Facebook marketing allows you to set a specific amount. You can set a budget for your marketing.
Based on my experience with promoting our pages. I advice using daily or weekly budgeting. When you have limited cash. Watchy how much you spend on marketing. Because if left unmonitored can get out of hand very fast.Believe me i learned this the hard way.


2.Promotion is time consuming

Setting up a facebook page need to be well thought of. Otherwise you are throwing away money. You need to make goals and plans when setting a facebook campaign.

3.It can get tedious

Managing a facebook page is a tedious task. You need to track it on a daily basis. And you need to check what is engaging to your followers. After all with out engaging content. Then all your marketing efforts will be for nothing.
If possible, set a specific person in charge of your Facebook marketing. To free you from the burden of running your social media campaign

4.Fake profiles

Facebook is filled with fake facebok profiles. Some of these are detailed. And have lots of pictures taken from other peoples account. Lots of them created by unscrupulous marketers who want to spam people.


5. Becareful with your promotions.

Although Facebook is a viable traffic source for your blog. Becareful with promoting your content on Facebook. Make sure you are following it’s rules and guidelines. Facebook has the habit of suspending your account if. They see you’re breaking their rules either intentional or not. And this can be final meaning you can’t appeal to this decision.So be very careful

Tips on Facebook

If you started a blog then your go to traffic source is Facebook. Yet never make Facebook you only source of traffic. Seek other popular social media apps for traffic. Facebook is the leader of the pack. But competitiors are not that deep behind.And Facebooks lead is not going to forever.


Instagram is the second best social media app for blogging,next only to Facebook

Instagram is a popular social media app that focus primarily on photo sharing.It also shares video but on a limited scale.It allows user to share,comment and tag other user’s photos.It allows the user to use hashtags to search content for specific topic.It is projected that one of the social media apps on the rise is Instagram. It has over 1 Billion active user as of June 2018 and projected to grow.

Advantages of instagram page

1.Higher engagement

Instagram has over 1 Billion active users.Due to this number instagram yields higher user engagement compared to other social media platforms. Instagram focus primarily on aethetic images.And photo perfect Images has an addicting effect on us.Like the old saying goes a picture tells a thousand words.

2.allows for direct contact with leads

When you change from personal profile to business profile on instagram you open new avenue of communication for your followers. You business profile page will have a contact button.This contact button allows your following to contact you.Depending on what contact information you left on your Facebook page. This could be either through 1.email messaging 2.telephone call 3.Direct visit to your business address.

3.Able to generate highly targeted traffic

Instagram is acquire by Facebook.It is only normal that Instagram will also have the same trafic targetting technology that Facebook has.

4.Trackable lead and sales performance

Since the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook.Instagram also acquire the analytics reporting that you can get with Facebook marketing.You can set the age and location demographics.Even the

5.A good platform for visually presenting your business

Instagram’s primary strenght is its visual appeal to people’s senses.One very good photo can generate buzz than a 4K word blogpost.A picture perfect photo tend to create more engagement than mere plain text post.

That being said you should also make full use of the description field.A very good photo with a well written description and a relevant hashtags drive more engagement.

6.It has the story link feature

The story link feature allows you to post a video n Instagram and link to mulitiple url.Unlike before the only chance you got to share your link is through your bio page.But now thanks to the story link feature your now able to share multiple links.The only hitch is it’s good for only 24 hours.Limited organic reach

7.Ease of sharing

It’s super easy to share your post and stories using instagram.Just pressing the plus button on the lower part of your instragram screen.Add minor modification to your photo’s Add captions and hashtags and viola! You just shared your photo on instagram.Very easy huh?No fuss no complicated instructions.Marketing your business is quick,its easy and can be done in under 1 minute.

Disadvantage of Instagram marketing

1.Not everyone is on instragram

Unlike Facebook that have over 2 Billion users,instagram has over 800 million users worldwide.Althoug this is still a substantial figure.There is a probabilty that your target audience is may not be on Instagram

2.Relies heavily on images

Although its strengh is on images this is also it’s downside.If you cannot produce good images for your blog will result is skipping your page.People will tend to ignore instagram pages with pictures that do not appeal to their taste.

3.Limited content

Instagram allows only 130-150 characters of caption.This leave you with very limited chance to fully explain your business through your posts.There isn’t much room for further explanation.It’s making it hard for followers to get to know who you really are. With so much limited characters to use,much details are left unsaid.

4.You always need your mobile device.

One of it’s strenght is it’s ease of sharing.The thing is with instagram you’re heavily dependent on your phone.Unlike facebook that allows you to chare your photo’s both on your cellphone and your laptop.

Although it’s easy to upload it’s not always practical for all users.There are still those who prefer to use their laptops and desktops where they are ar their homes and offices over their mobile devices.

Tip on using Instagram

If you decide to venture into instagram sharpen your photo editing and photograpy skills.Images is key to success on Instagram.So make sure you produce the best images,because on Instagram “look is everything”


LinkedIn is a popular social media app targeted to the business professionals.Think of is as Facebook in corporate tone.

LinkedIn is another popular social media platform. It is geared toward networking with other business communites. Think of it more as a networking venue for corporate professionals

If your planning to blog to promote your skills and workings experience, then LinkedIn might be the social media platform for you!

Advatages fo blogging in LinkedIn

1.Highly targeted traffic

If you want to target an audience based on a very specific field of interest then LinkedIn is a good fit for you.Although Facebook marketing provides targeted traffic.When it comes to a very specific field of expertise nothing comes close to LinkedIn’s profession based platform.

2.Fast growing network

Although the big shots of social media is stil Facebook,Youtube and Instagram.Linled in is quietly gaining ground and fast!As of 2018 LinkedIn has over 500M user worldwide.And majority of these are corporate professionals

3.Great for networking

Whether your a marketing supervisor for a company,a business owner who blogs to promote his business or a college intern working his way up the corporate ladder.If your looking for a way to progress career wise then Linked in is the way to go.If you want to target audience based on profession then there’s no better platform than LinkedIn

4.LinkedIn answers feature.

It a feature of linked in that allows the public to post a question.And anyone can give an aswer.This is big considering you get to showcase your expertise over a specific topics.

It’s just like what quora does only this time you get to set who can see your questions.This can be people who are in your close circle of friends and families.Or you can make it public and have a broader range of reach.

5.Good for career development

If you want to add new skills expand your knowledge LinkedIn offer LinkedIn learning.

Linked is filled with field experts and employers seeking highly skilled individuals.Your blog is a good way to promote your skills. And get noticed by people. Exposure is your main goal in LinkedIn.

6.Good for generating leads

Generates brand awareness and the same time engaging the right audience.It targets audience based on profession and field of expertise.If for example your niche is on the medical field then it would be much easier if you blog where exactly medical professionals hang out right?

Disadvantages of LinkIn Profile

1.Tedious profile start up

Setting up a profile on LinkedIn is not intutive.You need time to get to know each parts of the platform.And if you want to establish credibility you need to update your profile everytime that you have an accomplishment.It’s not like on instagram that just keep posting beautiful pictures and you get followers just because they like your photos.Here you build trust by putting in effort.

2.LinkedIn is a long term commitment

Building a network on LinkedIn takes time and effort.Networking takes months even years to built You need to build your credibility form the ground up.And people don’t just add you just because you ask them.You have to show people you can be an assest by showcasing your skills and working background.

3.Not everyone is actively engaged

Although LinkedIn has a 100 Million users,not all of them are active in their engagement.Adding contacts on LinkedIn does not necessarily translate in to a social network.

Tip on LinkedIn

If you want to target people based on their profession LinkedIn if for you.However be careful with your posting as LinkedIn is filled with corporate professional. It’s not like you casual hang out place like instagram.

Your “typical day in the life of” post won’t get noticed here.Those kind of post are reserve to Facebook or Instagram

If you’re going to post make sure it’s something of value and serious in tone.

4. YouTube YouTube is a very popular social media app. It's also the second largest search engine right after Google

Youtube is the second biggest search engine,next only to google. It’s a popular social media app. That allows users to upload share and comment other users video. It is a very active website.And it’s content ranges from movies,how to videos,tv shows tutorial.You name it, YouTube probably have it. As of counting there are over 20 million youtube channels and tha number is growing.

Advantages of starting a youtube channel

1.It’s easy to get ranked in Google search

Google loves video and its much easier to rank a youtbue channel in search engine that to rank a blog.So it’s pretty obvious that you should consider having a youtube channel as well.

2.There really is not much restrictions to content

There really is no limit to what kind of video you want to upload.As long as it’s not violating the terms and conditions provided by Google then your good to go.You can upload a motivational video.You can create a how-to video as well.You can even post videos about humor.You can even upload videos of your daily musing and still get views.The kind of video you can upload is limited only by your imagination.

3.You can share your other links on youtube.

Another good thing about having a youtube channel is that you can share your links.You can share a link of your blog.You can post a link your amazon affilite link and make some money.

4.It’s good for your SEO

Again like having Facebook likes,having youtube likes and subscribe is a good indicator of your social activity.And Google ranking algorith includes social media activity likehow facebook likes a blog has.The same goes for youtube video likes as well.

5.Videos can be embeded.

Another good thing with youtube videos is they can be embed to other peopel’s blog.This is a good thing considering the links that you will get when people embed the links is a plus to your SEO.

6.It’s personal

Video as the best medium to establish a connection with your audience.Your body movements.The tone of your voices.It all part of the way you connect with the people who view your channel.And Its the best way to resonate with your target audience.

Disadvantages of Youtube.

1.It takes time to learn the necessary skills to produce a video

Although its fun there are technical aspects to video producing.You have to shoot the video.Edit the video and then add audio to it.And after its polished and done you have to promote your video as well.Seems kinda daunting?well it is but then again anything that’s worth doing take time and effort.

2.Video production is not cheap

Although you can start with a smart phone.You still needed to but other stuff like the microphones,the stand for the camera.Later on when you’re making money through ads you will need to improve your gear.And gears for youtubing don’t come cheap especially the camera and the lens.

3.Exposure is non guaranteed.

Not because you produce a video doesn’t necessarily mean it will get the exposure it needed.You need to promote your vlog in order to get traffic for it.

Tips on youtube

Starting a YouTube channel is a good idea. However before you start one. Educate yourself first of the necessary skills need to run a channel. This skills includes how to properly shoot a camera. How to edit a video and add soun track. Aside from this just like blogging you need to promote your channel as well. And you also need serious capital . Although you can start with a smartphone sooner or later you need to upgrade to a a good camera and other equipment as well.

5. Twitter

Twitter is a popular app that is focused on ideas and events instead of people

Twitter is one of the largest social media network with over 300 million users worldwide.People communicate with the use of short messages called “tweets”.It’s a powerful networking tool that can be used both for personal and professional use.

Advantages of twitter

1.It’s scannable

Tweets are only 140 characters long good for posting quick and snappy posts.People like this format since you can read a post in a single glance

2.Twitter focuses on topics and ideas not on people

What differentiates twitter from other social media networks is it focuses on events and ideas instead of people.

3.It makes searching for topics easier

Twitter allows you to make searching for a certain topic easier with the use of hashtags..

4.Ideal for building a following

Twitter is has the retweet that allows users to share your post to others if they find your content interesting.You can also embed links to your tweets making it ideal for driving traffic to your blog.

Disadvantages of twitter for blogging

1.Restrictive posting

Twitter allows only 140 character per tweet.Anything more than that it wont get posted.This means that you have to be concise with your posting.This limit makes it somehow difficult to explain your though and ideas,since some ideas need further explanation

2.Follower limitations

Twitter does not limit the number of your followers. However once you reached the 2000th follower twitter will start monitoring your account for suspiciuos activities.Twitter also has a habit of monitoring accounts who do “aggressive following”. Aggressive following is the practice of following multiple accounts with no other purpose but to enlarge his following

Tips on Twitter

Generating traffic for your blog through twitter is a viable option.You just have to be smart with your tweeting.First it to make use of beautiful graphics and images.Another is join twitter chats.Third is write short but compelling tweets.And adding percents and numbers do wonders as well.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is an app that focuses on interest instead of people

Pinterest is a social networking site that allows user to share and discover new interest by pinning pins on their boards. Pinterest just like popular social media apps like instagram focuses on the visual content.

The difference of Pinterest from other social media network is instead of liking a picture or a post you”pin”in to your’s or other people’s board.

The main goal of pinterest is to connect people through their “interests”

Although Pinterest does not enjoy the same popularity and size of user base.Pinterest have only over 291 Million users worldwide . Don’t set aside Pinterest just yet. Just like other popular social media app pinterest have it’s own advantages and disadvantages as well.So read more to get to know more about the “world’s catalog of ideas”.

Pros of pintererest

1.Syncs’s well with other social media apps

Your pinterest account sync’s well with other popular social media apps.You can sync your Facebook and twitter account with your pinterest account.You can even connect your pinterest feed to your website.

2.Plenty of inbounce link oppurtunities

There are plenty of oppurtunities for creating links to your site with the help of pinterest.

  • First is by creating pinterest pins embedded with links then sharing it on Pinterest.
  • Second is when one of your followers pins your pin to their board.
  • Third is when someone pins to your board.
  • Fourth is when you pin to other people’s board

As you can see there are plenty of ways to get backlinks from pinterest unlike other platforms that relies on likes and shares alone.

3.Allows for niche specific targeting

Pinterest is “interest oriented” unlike other platform that is people oriented.It is much easier to target peopel based on their likes and interests through pinterest.

If for example you want to target people who likes dogs ,you can easily do that by typing dogs and all dof related keywords.

4.Majority of Pinterest users are women

Around 80% of the total population of pinterest users are women.If your niche leans toward the female gender then your in luck.Pinterest is best suited to women specific niches like pregnacy,post natal care motherhood .

5.Plenty of active users worldwide

There are over 250 Million active user every month.And most of this are ready to buy

6.User friendly

Its simple to use pinterest.The user interface is kind of intuitive.When i firt tried pinterest i had an easy time getting to know the platform

7.Plenty of oppurtunity to promote your business.

There are many way to promote your business on Pinterest.The first is sharing your product through pins. Second is by adding it to the gifts section of pinterest. You can also promote your services by creating pins of photos your latest projects and satisfied customers.

Disadvantages of Pinterest

1.Relies heavily on images

That the thing with Pinterest.The strenght of Pinterest is also its weakness.Pinterest relies heavily on images.Images that don’t appeal to people get skipped. Just like instagram on Pinterest “Image is everything”

2.Lesser range of topics for men

Since there are over 70% more women than men on Pinterest. Pinterest tend to have more “female oriented” content that male.

3.Prevalent spamming

One thing that is the problem with Pinterest is there’s so much spam on it.Advertising companies tend to bombard Pinterest with so many shopping links,it getting hard to penetrate the market.

4.Prone to plagiarism.

There no control over the type of content posted on Pinterest.So it’s so easy for other people to just download an image on Pinterest. And copy paste it to their content. Not knowng that the creator of that pin spent hours perfecting herimage before posting in on Pinterest

Tip on Pinterest

If your nich is “female oriented then your in luck because Pinterst is a perfect fit for you.However, i am not saying if your niche is more for men you should avoid pinterest altogether. All i am saying is that there are other popular social media apps to choose from. That better suits your need.

Another key on Pinterest is your ability to produce quality images.Looks do matter on Pinterest. So better develop your photography and photo editing skills as soon as possible. Because these skills will come handy.


Qzone is based on china and majority of users are Chinese and Chinese speaking people

Qzone is another popular social media app that is based in china.It is created  by the tencent company. It has over  600 Million Chinese users. Pretty much like other popular social media apps it allows for sharing photos ,messaging people, watching videos and of course writing blogs

Advantages of Qzone

1.Designed for the chinese speaking consumer

Although you can access Qzone english version with Qzone international. Qzone’s full version is written on mandarin.So if you speak chinese manadarin then you’re in luck.Qzone is available for you to use.

2.Large number of userbase.

Qzone has over 861 Million active user based on china.

3. Customization

Qzone allows users to set their background according to their preferrence. So each Qzone profile is different from other Qzone profiles.You can also set additional accessories and listen to music for a fee.

4.Fast growth.

As chinese becoming more social savvy every year qzone user base is projected to grow on the coming years

Disadvantages of Qzone

1.Desktop based

Qzone don’t have an online app unlike other popular social media apps

2.Qzone is more popular with teens and preteens

Since Qzone is more of desktop-based. It’s user tends to be teens and pre-teens. People who don’t have a phone and access to mobile apps.

3. Added feature is not free

Like other popular social apps Qzone premium features needs payment as well.

Tips on Qzone

If you happen to be chinese or chinese descent and can read and write chinese mandarin then Qzone is for you. With over 850 Millions users it’s worth giving a try.


Tumbler combines blogging with social media

Tumbler is another popular social media app. It was built on 2006 and then acquired by Yahoo on 2013. Tumbler has over 371 Million monthly active user. What sets Tumbler apart from other popular social media apps. Is it fuses micro blogging with social networking.People often consider Tumbler as a blogging platform but many say it’s a social network.

Advantages of Tumbler

1.Ease of search

Each blog is categorize with tags. If you want to search for a niche in tumbler. You simply type in a few keywords related to your niche and voila!. Posts related and tagged with the keyword you type will come out of the search feed.

2.Easy to customize

You can also customize your background colors and effect to your “blog”.You can also add advertisement to your blog. you can also create a custom domain name of your choosing.

3.more options  to update your blog.

A normal blogging platform requires you to log in to your blog first then you can make updates to your blog. With tumbler they have added options for updating your blog through texting and emailing your post .

Disadvantages of Tumbler

1.Open to plagiarism.

There are people who instead of reblogging a post .They simply download other people’s content. Then simply post it on their blog and claim for their own. Many people have become wary of blogging on tumblr because of this malpractice.

2.No right of ownership

Although setting up a blog on tumbler is free.Unlike a blog in wordpress.org. that you have right of ownership. Tumbler owns your blog and it’s content. Yes , you read that right. That’s the price of being free.

You don’t own your tumbler blog. And tumbler reserves its right if they want to revoke your ownership or not. So think twice before starting a tumbler blog.


Due to Tumblr’s anonymous message system, anonymous users can send bloggers hate mail and threats without any accountability. Unlike Tumblr blogs, blogs created with competing services such as Blogger and WordPress offer the option to require users to log in to an account before posting messages and comments. Comment moderation and authentication can help to maintain accountability for user actions and comments.

Tips on tumbler

If you plan to “test the waters first”. Then by all means start a tumbler blog. Get a “feel” if blogging is for you. If you think that blogging doesn’t suit you then it’s ok.You spent little and expierenced what’s it like to blog.

Now if you think that blogging is something of a calling for you. Then take it to the next level. Migrate you blog from a hosted to self hosted platform. I suggest WordPress.org. Because you will benefit from this in the long run.


In conclusion,social media is a viable source of traffic.You just have to get to know which popular social media apps that suits you best.I hope my post have provided insights. To which social media app you are going to use. For any comment suggestions feel free to leave a comment below.

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Popular social media apps for blogging 2019

12 thoughts on “Popular social media apps for blogging 2019

  • August 11, 2019 at 9:55 am

    Great article.  I currently use facebook and twitter at the moment but am going to look more into Youtube and Instagram.  I agree that it can be hard to initially learn how to create videos but I suppose in the long run youtube is a great platform to get your blog ranked.  Thanks for the interesting article

    • August 15, 2019 at 4:45 am

      Hi darren

             thanks for the comment. yes, i have to admit producing videos is not cheap, unlike blogpost. But I guess that is the evolution of blogging. And we bloggers need to evolve according to the changes in times.

  • August 11, 2019 at 9:56 am

    Thank you for sharing the information on the most popular social media apps that can be used by bloggers. I have a question regarding Instagram. I have a large amount of image rich content however struggle to utilize it to target my audience effectively. I think I need to work on my description and hashtags. Do you think I should target specific niche keywords rather than providing more general descriptions? Your advice is greatly appreciated. 

    • August 15, 2019 at 4:47 am

      Hi ben

           thanks for the comment. Yes, i think you need to niche down. I find that the more niche-specific i get the more engagement I get, good luck on your journey blogging

  • August 11, 2019 at 10:02 am

    I am glad that something useful has come out of social media apps, other that posting pictures of exotic places, meals and fashion.My first social media app was Facebook and initially it was just to follow the trending topics. After I started my business, I realized that facebook audience could be tapped and turned into clients.

    I just got into Instagram and I don’t find it as easy as Facebook. Maybe it is because I am yet to familiarize myself with it.

    You have given very great tips to consider if one is to get into these apps. This article is very educative. Thank you for taking the time.

    • August 15, 2019 at 4:43 am

      Hi carol

          thanks for the comment. I am not surprised that you find it not that easy to blog on Instagram since IG is image-centric not like facebook.I suggest learning to photo edit since you will use this skill the most on IG.

  • August 11, 2019 at 10:02 am

    Wow. 2.82 billion people worldwide. And the whole thing about how Google places you higher if you’re on social media. So far I have not gotten into social media. I’m only about two weeks into my wealthy affiliate membership and I’m doing the keywords thing. But I think eventually I will want to add social media.
    One thing is I don’t want to be spamming my friends from high school and stuff like that. Thanks for creating the amount of people that were on each. You can call that Facebook has way more than the others.
    I think when I do social media I will start with just one at a time. Maybe Pinterest first. Just due to the simplicity. The course I was taking said that no one can be a master of everything. So I will apply that to social media and just go one at a time. Thanks for your article it was a good reminder.

    • August 11, 2019 at 12:25 pm

      Hi Charles 

      Thanks for the comment.yeah, 2.8 Billion and growing. Social media is a great source of traffic the thing is to be careful with promoting your page. It’s good you didn’t spam your friends with your link. The key is to present your blog as a “solution” to a specific problem. Then connect your blog to “people who need your solution. One word of advice. Make your blog about other people the center of your blog, not you. I used to make it about me and it sucked. Follow me on WA, i really want to connect 

  • August 11, 2019 at 10:03 am

    I’m approaching the world of blogging and it feels like a jungle. Browsing the web I came across this fantastic post by Joseph that made the topic clear by giving me a lot of wise advice. I appreciated the care and details given for each platform with the pros and cons. From today I can say that my future as a blogger is easier.

    • August 15, 2019 at 4:41 am

      hi fabio

            thanks for the comment,i hope my post served you well, happy to connect, good luck on your blogging journey

  • August 11, 2019 at 10:48 am

    This article is a great compilation of social media platforms with pros and cons. It provides you with a choice of what to pick and choose.

    There are other places like medium, reddit and ello (mostly for artists but writers can use them as well). Slide share is another one. Now that slide share is acquired by LinkedIn, is there any medium taking the place of slide share?

    Here are few issues I was curious about. My apology if If I have missed it while reading the post

    1. I was wondering of customers support in these platforms. I have trouble at time to reach to pinterest help desk. There is robot help and I could solve my problem partially.

    2. Multiple people comes out with several fake Ids. Facebook seems numb to address some major issues of this kind.

    3. IG is a great platform although I am getting little traction there. I need to put more time there. You can very well upload photos to your IG feed from your desk top though it needs a little effort

    4. I agree with you about easily setting up your linked in profile and I personally believe, that interface needs to be improved. 

    Of course, with good comes the bad and one should always be vigilant for his/her actions.

    This article will serve every internet marketer because all want traffic and conversion for their blogs.

    • August 11, 2019 at 12:14 pm

      Hi anususya

         Thanks for the comment. I don’t think being acquired my LinkedIn changes the direction of Slideshare. That’s one of the big problems with social media with so many fake profiles. That’s why I am very picky with approving people who want to connect with me.IG is a great problem the problem is the ability to produce great compelling images. Images are your hook on IG.No matter how good the content if it doesn’t pique people’s interest then it gets passed. Thank you so much for your very insightful comment


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