Niche-picking made easy


Niche-picking need not be difficult. Although it is a very important step in starting a website and determines the direction of your blog in the long run, it’s not that complicated.

Every blogger knows that finding the subject or in online marketing terms your niche is a vital decision. A person could spend months even years down the road only to realize later on that the niche the blogger has picked is either unprofitable or not enough followers to support his blog.

What is a niche anyway?

In layman s term, a niche is a specific segment of a very large market. One example of a large market is the weight loss market. It’s a very wide market. You need to focus on one specific segment of the weight loss market. there are so many segments to the weight loss market. Do you want to focus on a paleo diet? Or do you want to focus on ketogenic diet? Or do you want to blog about intermittent fasting? You need to Zero-in on a specific segment and focus your efforts on that segment.

Things to remember about niche

1. Avoid being vague.

First of focus on one specific segment of a market and stick with it and you can do this starting with your

1. Domain name

2. The theme of your posts

3. Social media profile.

4. People you follow on social media

5. Facebook groups you join

2. Second, you need to be specific when niche picking

Lay out a solid plan on

1 what you want to do.

2. How you will be different

3. What problem you are solving


3. Third, niches are needs unfulfilled in disguised.

4. Fourth focus more on the problems people face.

5. Fifth, you don’t necessarily need to be passionate about a certain niche for you to flourish.

6. Finally, profitability supersedes passion

When picking a niche it’s much easier to blog about something when you’re making money out of it and then later be passionate about it really quick, compared to blogging about something your passionate but your not making any money at all.

Tips about niche picking

1. You need to understand what people want

to look for something that has a market big enough to support your blog

2. You need to focus on solving people’s problem.

Once you solve people’s problem, people will gladly pay you.

3. People want more of something

a. More money

b. More time with family

c.More attention

d.be more productive

These are just a few of many examples but the point is if you could find a way for people to have more of these then your in a good path

4. People want less of something

a. Less stress

b. Less work

c. Fewer problems

d.Less boss or no boss at all.

If you can help people have less of this you will earn money in buckets



Niche-picking made easy


Don’t worry and let me show you the steps in picking your very own niche. Blogging is for the long run this is basically your future, so let’s make it an epic one!

1. Do soul-searching

First of asking yourself what do you to do that you enjoy the most? what topics are you very passionate? What is your interest? Go crazy with this one

list them all, there’s no right or wrong answer with niche picking

no matter how funny or crazy you think this passion of yours is, no problem. It’s not yet final you’re still going to filter this so write as much as you can.

If for example, you are a fervent basketball fan write basketball, if you love video games and spend hours in front of the computer write video gaming. The more passionate you are the better. The more unusual the better since your this could potentially be your main differentiating factor.

Ask yourself this questions when niche picking

1. What things do you do that when you do you don’t notice time flies?

2. What things will you do even if you don’t get paid but you will still do anyway?

3. What subjects do you look forward to learning to?

4. What objects do you collect and don’t mind spending money on?

2 Check for money-making potential

Steps to check for profitability

What’s the point of going through all the trouble of researching writing publishing and promoting a blog if there’s no monetary gain? It’s just not sustainable to blog and not make some money, after all, blogging is not free and at times it does not come cheap. So before you spend precious time and hard-earned cash on blogging something, do the following steps to ensure the best chance of success.

1. Do a Google Search

Go to google search and type in your prospect niche. If you see there aren’t many people blogging about your niche then it might not be a worthwhile pursuit. A profitable niche is something there are a lot of people blogging about that particular niche. You will notice also if there are ads posted related to the niche you are prospecting, If, you see only 1 or none them it’s a red flag already. It indicates that nobody wants to be in that niche. The more ads posted related to your prospect niche the better! It just shows that people are willing to spend on this particular niche.

2. Employ google keyword planner

If, you are don’t have a google ad words account you can sign up for google ad words. Go to google.com and type in google keyword planner there it will show you the ad words form to sign up. Don’t worry you won’t get billed until you activated a campaign, just go straight to keyword tool. From there you will find the google keyword planner. Type in keywords related to the niche you’re prospecting.

For example

If, for example, you happen to be interested in MMA. Type in MMA fighter, ufc or Muay Thai or any keyword that might have something to do with MMA. From there you will see if there are profitable keyword your come come up with and verify if there is enough potential traffic to support your site.

3. Check-in amazon

Do this steps

1. Go to Amazon and check out the Amazon best-sellers. If, you find books related to your niche that are selling like hot pancakes them you might be close to finding your winning niche

2. Go to audible and see for yourself the best-selling audiobooks, see if there are best-selling audiobooks relevant to your niche. The more books with reviews the better. If there is none then it might not be a worthwhile pursuit

4. Visit Udemy

Udemy is an online training platform that sells training and tutorials online. This is one of the major platforms when it comes to training tutorials. And if you see that there are a lot of people publishing tutorials about your niche then it just shows that people are willing to spend money about the niche your are prospecting.

Look for the following

1. See if is there are at least 500 students signing up to a course relevant to your niche

2. Check if people are sharing their experience or give positive feedback about an online course relevant to your niche.

5. Go to buzz sumo

1. Check if there are relevant post to your niche has at least 5k Facebook engagement

2. Is there any post on Pinterest relevant to your niche with at least 5k shares?

3. Are there any tweets relevant to your niche with at least 5k shares?

3. Think years ahead down the road

Establishing a successful affiliate website take time weeks and months will not going to cut it. Now serious blogs can take as much as years before money comes in. As early as now prepare yourself by asking this questions

Ask yourself these questions

1. Can you imagine yourself writing about this niche in 3 years time or more?

2. Are your willing to spend countless hours reading researching writing about this subject?

3. Are your willing to spend money investing on learning more about the filed of your niche?

4. Are you ready to get to stake your reputation on the line promoting your niche?

If, your answer is yes to all the above well them congratulations you have just found the niche you are looking for!

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Final words, If you have gone through the steps I have mentioned above then congratulations you are one of the few people who bothered checking if the path they have taken will lead them into a fruitful journey and not something that they just though would be profitable. Do not worry if you see too much completion in the niche you have come up. The next step will be to find your USP or what we call the Unique Selling Proposition. This what make s your site stand out from the rest.

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Niche picking made easy
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