Guide to traffic sources for clueless newbie bloggers

Newbie bloggers guide to traffic sources

You are looking for traffic sources for your blog. You are new to blogging and have made an affiliate website. Little by little you are filing it with quality content but there’s a problem. Traffic to your blog is slow and limited to friends and family. It’s very disheartening to see nobody dropping by to your site. You know your content is good. If only people will pass by to your site you know you will provide good service through your content. You’re in need of guidance and would appreciate it if someone will show you what traffic sources you can tap.

6 traffic sources you can tap today!

For newbie bloggers, one of the biggest problems is where to get the traffic for their blogs. After all no traffic no profit, the more traffic, the more chances to make a profit. It’s as simple as that. I wrote this post to teach newbies about the different traffic sources. And also how to take advantage of each

1. Direct web traffic

Direct traffic is the number of visits to a website that does not pass through any referral links. Google analytics categorizes direct traffic, any traffic that it cannot recognize the source
So how do you get direct web traffic?

Generate direct traffic when a user does any of the following actions

  1. When a user types in a URL in the search box
  2. User clicks on a bookmark which then leads to your website
  3. When a visitor clicks on a link in an e-mail from Outlook or similar site
  4. A user clicks on a link in Skype or other desktop messengers
  5. When a user clicks on a link in a PDF, DocX, ODF, XLSX file.
  6. The user uses a mobile app and clicks on a link that leads to your site
  7. User clicks on a link from a secured site (https//site) to a non-secured site (http:// site)
  8. When someone clicks through a URL-shortener
  9. A visitor clicks on a link in any desktop software

2. Email website traffic

Traffic that comes from your email marketing campaign.
Email marketing is an inexpensive, effective way to reach your customers and prospects. Email marketing can boost your targeted conversion rate.
You can generate email traffic by starting an email marketing campaign. Start building your email list as soon as you have set up your affiliate website. Email marketing is the best marketing tool you can use to generate email traffic. There are several email marketing service providers. Here I include some of them

Email service provider

1. Constant contact
3. Referral Traffic


What is referral traffic?

It is the number of visits that came to your site from sources other than search engine. Referral traffic is generated when a user clicks on a link that leads to another website. Google analytics tracks the click as a referral visit to the second site. A referrer is what you call a website where a link originates and leads people to another site.
If for example, you partnered with a blog with high traffic who places your infographic on their website. If that infographic leads back to your website and a visitor clicks it, you have will gain referral traffic. This can also be attained if another website uses your content a source then links back to your blog. Other than organic traffic, this is the best type of traffic to work hard for.


Tips for creating referral traffic

1. Create shareable contents
Infographics, videos, slideshow presentation earns a ton of backlinks. Which generates referral traffic, and then leads back to your website.
2.Join Q and A sites
Quora and yahoo answers are your go-to sites when you want to create referral traffic. The key here is to answer only relevant questions to your field.
3.Connect with influencers
Influencer marketing is a powerful way to raise awareness about your brand. Take advantage of the reach of an influencer. Pick an influencer related to your niche and offer if they can promote your brand.
4. Share your content on social media
Your followers may not be able to read your every post the first time you post it. In order for your content to reach your audience use the different social media platform


4. Search engine traffic

Search engine traffic is also known as organic web traffic. It refers to traffic that comes when someone types a search query in google. Organic traffic is the best source of traffic. But, it is also the hardest traffic to get. Since you have to “rank” for a specific keyword to appear in Google’s search engine result pages. One of the best ways to gather search engine traffic is to do SEO optimization for your website


Reasons why search engine traffic is the best traffic source

1. It’s free
Unlike paid promotions where you have to shell out money, organic traffic is free. What more could you ask for
2. Relevant traffic
Traffic from the search engine is relevant to your niche because of search intent. Everybody who types something into search query has a specific intent. And these users are hoping to find what they are looking for in Google results pages. If you can expect what your targeted audience will type in then you can improve your marketing.
3. Converts better
If you compare paid with organic traffic in converting traffic into paying customer. Organic traffic will outperform paid traffic. Organic traffic is relevant traffic to your blog and is receptive to your offer

5. Paid web traffic sources


What is paid website traffic?

Paid website traffic is the number of visits to your blog generated by paid advertising.
Paid advertising is the kind of advertising that you have to pay for. A marketer pays for an advertising space for a certain length of time. The price is usually settled via a bidding system between the advertiser and ad space owner.


Categories of paid traffic sources


1. Pay per click

Pay per click is a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one clicks their ad . Instead of earning those clicks through SEO and generating organic traffic. You are paying your way through search engine results.
Do you see those results on Google with yellow marking labeled sponsored post? Those are examples of paid promotions and if done right can do wonders for your site
Examples of Pay per click networks

2. Pay per mille

Pay per mille was also known as Cost per mille (CPM). It pertains to the rate that advertiser pay per 1,000 impressions of a particular ad. A website that serves ads based on CPI does not need the user to click on the ad . Each time the ad shows in front of a user counted as one “impression”. The advertiser agrees to pay the website a certain price for every 1,000 impressions the ad receives.
Examples of CPM networks


2. Social media paid promotions

With the boom of the number of people using social media, it has become a force to reckon with. It has become a viable source of both free and paid traffic. Whether you want to promote products. Or gain subscribers to your email list. Or capture the hearts of readers to your cause, it all begins with getting to know you and your brand. And one of the best ways to do this is through social media.
One of the best ways to build trust and authority is through the skillful use of social media marketing

List of paid social media promotions

The king of paid social media ads. Facebook covers all age range and a wide scope of interest that PPC marketing simply cannot do. It is also one of the best-paid traffic sources you will ever find.
Facebook acquired Instagram so it serves as the second option to Facebook marketing
Twitter ads make it super easy for you to grow your brand while saving you a ton of effort. Instead of spending hours coming up with a brand new post. You can simply throw in some cash and promote a preexisting content in twitter.
Take advantage of a small but growing customer base of snap chat. Now is the time to take snap chat seriously
LinkedIn allows its users to post on their profiles. And has initiated to add video uploading feature as well. Although LinkedIn usually lags behind other top social media platforms. LinkedIn continuously innovates, though cautiously. LinkedIn focused its efforts on increasing the median time spent per session. It also focused on gathering more user-related data for online merchants offering ever more reasons to use the platform.
Pinterest has become one of the best platforms for a blog to access a new set of followers. Its unique format allows for social engagements. And that can lead to community building around your blog. If you haven’t signed up for an account on this social media platform yet. Then you might reconsider signing up today.
Enjoy worldwide reach and uber targeted traffic using YouTube Ads. Second, only to Google with almost a billion users, worldwide. YouTube Ads has become the advertiser’s choice.
The good thing about advertising on YouTube is. You only get charged when a user chooses to watch your video. This implies that your videos are being watched by interested viewers

6. Social web traffic

This is traffic that comes from social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LindedIn.
Unlike paid traffic this one is free and you get this with social interaction.
Social media has the ability to be a major source of traffic to your site. The bigger the presence you build on social media the better. The more you can depend on stable social media traffic to your site.

The top social media platform

1. Facebook.
There are more social media platforms that are growing but I have mentioned only the top platforms as of 2018

Tips on how to improve website traffic using social media

1. Use relevant photos
use relevant photos to convey your messages. Relevant photos inspire people and initiate social engagement. Which is what you should be looking for
2. Make it easy for people to share your content
Why would you like for people to share your content in the first place? Well, the more people sharing your content the wider your reach is. And the wider your reach is the more chances your message get to your target audience
3. Optimize your social media pages
You have heard of SEO for web pages but do you know also know you also need to optimize your social media page as well. Optimizations like including your website link on your about page. Writing a detailed about page. Using appropriate hashtags are just a few of the many optimizations you can do
4. Avoid Follow for follow in Facebook Groups
This is a total waste of time and follow since your not getting genuine followers. What you want are engaging followers. Who actually listen to your message and follow your advice.


In conclusion, as you gain more experience you will realize that not all traffic is equal. There will be traffic that you will need more than the others It all depends on what you need as a blogger. And it’s up to you newcomers to find the right kind of mix of traffic that you will use for your blog. I hope my simple post has given you at least an overview of the kinds of traffic that you can tap into. Invest time and effort in learning more about these said traffic sources.
If you have any comments and suggestion feel free to leave a comment below. If you want to learn more about blogging send me a message at joseph@smartaffiliblogger.com. Connect with me at Facebook@josephnp1983 and at Instagram @smartaffiliblogger.com
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Guide to traffic sources for clueless newbie bloggers

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