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Me with wifey
Hi, I am Joseph. Welcome to my page smart affiliblogger.com.
I started blogging in April 2017 to present My day job is I work as a cook on board cargo ship.
And for those of you who don’t know what are cargo ships. It not one of those huge beautiful ships that you would want to spend a vacation on, those are cruise ships.
Cargo ships are those ships you will see in docks. Carrying huge rectangular containers.

I began to think I am doing something wrong

I decided to get into blogging because I want to make a living other than having the regular job. In my case, I got tired of going on board cargo ship
I have been doing this for thirteen years now and a few years back.
I began to ask myself is there a better way of making a living other than what I am doing?
Look I don’t hate my job, let’s be clear with that. It’s that I see there are inherent disadvantages in my line of work

          Disadvantages of having a job (at sea)

  1. I am always away from my family for 10 months even more
  1. I am missing so much in life being away. I was not able to attend birthdays, my wedding anniversaries, Christmas, new years. Special times with my wife.
  1. Being contractual in nature there are months when there is no income
  1. I spend what I save during onboard period
  1. No matter how much I control my expenses. Or how much living below my means I do. I am not getting anywhere.
  1. Having no day off, I am the only cook on the ship
  1. I have no help. I work solo starting from menu planning to preparation. And to cooking baking clearing things up. Its all on me.
  1. My fleet is saving on cost at the expense of quality of food.
  1. Being just a crew I am always a lower class on board, and I am tired of it.
  1. Tired of dealing with jerks 24/7. When you are on board. You are stuck with the same set of people, for months. if you’re with nice people then good but there will always be someone who happens to be a bad egg. Some will be so full of themselves, others just plain think they are gods when they are on board. They think they can say or do whatever they could think of regardless of whether this is offensive or not
  1. I am always on break-even even sometimes in debt before I go back to work
  1. I am I working at a dead-end job, I am stuck with what I am making a month(salary) with no prospect of raise.
  1. It takes a toll on me physically. Working Monday to Sunday, starting from 5 am to past 1 pm back at 3 pm and finish at almost 8 pm. And I do this for 10 months even more. Having a physically demanding job, take a toll on you, in my case I got tendinitis on my right shoulder and knees.
  1. My fate is in the hands of my superior and crew. I am just one bad report/feedback away from not getting hired again.
  1. The problem with working for some is everything is subjective. Everybody’s opinion about something differs. No matter how hard you work. There will always somebody who will say what your doing is not enough. Or worse will say you’re doing a bad job.
I realized that I have to do something in order for change to happen
And that includes taking risks. So I tried starting a traditional business but all them flopped. I realized that.

Starting a traditional business need 3 main thing


1. Money, a LOT of it!

I mean tens and thousands of dollars of it.
One of the mistakes I made was. I was too naive to think you can start a traditional business with a few thousand dollars. I could never be more wrong.
Starting a traditional business is either you’re all in or nothing at all.
You have to have enough capital to cover everything and more. You can and will lose all the money you put on this business of yours. When you cannot sustain it until you start making money with it


This one I can say I gave it all. The commitment was never an issue for me and I understand the responsibility that I was getting into.

3.Personal touch(this means you)

Nobody’s going to give a crap about your money and business more than anyone else but you. And I mean everybody.
The problem is since I am a seafarer
  • There will come a time came when I have to leave my business and got on board the ship
  • I will be gone for 10 months even more.
  • I have no choice but to entrust my business to my family.
The problem is I leave my business up and running. And when I came back the business is dead already and all I will hear is “it flopped what can I do?” And I did this cycle for more than 8 years
The greatest mistake I did was to think my family will take care of my business as much as I do. I was wrong
Letting other people(including family). Play with my hard-earned money. By letting them make business decisions on my behalf. Without any sense of responsibility or consequence is a recipe for disaster

I still have the dream of Financial freedom

Ever since I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It inspired me to aim for financial freedom. I don’t know exactly how I would get it. But wouldn’t it be great to not worry about money anymore?
And even if after all these years after all that happened, that dream is still there in my heart.
even though I have been through so many downs
  • I have lost money..a lot of it
  • wasted time
  • Depressed over my failures
I am not giving up.

In order for me to reach Financial freedom I need

  • Assets
  • Many income streams
  • Portfolio income
In those 3 that I mention, I highly doubt it that I could get any of those 3 with what I am making right now
So after losing so much on traditional businesses I looked somewhere else. And I found it online!
I was surfing on the net looking for a way to make money and I found the subject blogging.

Blogging(Affiliate marketing) in a nutshell is

1. Building website
2. Creating content
3. Promoting your website
4. Sell other people’s product or service relevant. To your niche(topic/genre)
I liked the idea of building a website and promoting other people’s product. But I was a bit apprehensive when I realized that blogging requires me being social.
But I told myself I can’t let excuses get in my way, excuses like
  1. I know nothing about computers
  1. Don’t have special skills other than the culinary skills that I can use
  1. I am not the most sociable person you will ever meet. In fact, I was really nervous about putting my very first profile picture on Facebook. No, really I was.
  1. Being judged is one of my greatest fears
  1. I don’t have something special to offer
  1. I am not really smart

I liked blogging at the get-go especially affiliate marketing mainly because

You don’t need lots of money to get started with Affiliate marketingUnlike traditional businesses. That need tens of thousands of dollars to get your business up and running. You can get started for 50 dollars even less.
You can get trained. Start a blog, promote products and earn a commission in the shortest time possible. It all depends on your skills in marketing.
2. There’s no strict schedule to follow
I could work on my blog when I am on vacation and even when I am on board. I could work on it during off-hours. It’s not like a regular job or a business that you have to be there almost all the time.
Done online/Location independent
Unlike a traditional business that requires me to be there physically. Everything is online. As long as I have an internet connection, I can work on my blog wherever I may be. I may be in the Philippines or in a foreign country. It does not matter.
4. I get to be my own boss
Finally, I get to be in command. To be able to write my destiny without the fear of getting fired. Nobody can say what I can or cannot do with my blog. I can’t get fired from my own blog.
5.Worldwide Reach
Unlike the typical business. That you can only reach a certain number of customers. The reach of an online business is worldwide. The number of potential customers is not determined solely on the area of your block, city or region.
6.Some if not all the hard work can be outsourced
One other aspect of blogging that I like is that. You can outsource some of the work to someone else. Although I only promote this when you’re making money already. It is a viable option to free up your time especially when you have a blog with a big following. And you can’t handle everything on your own anymore. Just don’t do this when you’re starting out. Otherwise, you will run the risk of running out of money before you make money at all.
7. It’s not rocket science
Anybody can do it, with a lot of patience you will get a hang of it. Yes of course at the beginning my head was spinning. With all the technical jargon I have to understand but later on, I got used to it.
8. You don’t need to have a product of your own to make money
That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing. Signing up to an affiliate network instantly gives you a product to promote.

I searched for networks and coaching programs  and found few that seems legit

  • There is this network that offers web hosting
but the training they offer is quite limited. And it seems I am on my own when I get started, although the commission is good when you sign up. I don’t like that I have nobody to turn to whenever I have a question
  • There is this one that I think is good
but the entry fee is quite steep at around 100 dollars and after the first month, I have to pay 67 dollars monthly.          I like the platform but the steep entry fee really turned me off so I looked somewhere else
  • Lastly, I found the platform that fills my needs. They have everything that I am looking for. Training, coaching and ongoing content creation. And this network is Wealthy Affiliate
Finally, I chose Wealthy Affiliate and never looked back

The reasons why I promote blogging

 I promote blogging because. I believe there are people like me. Who wants more in life. They just don’t know about this(blogging). And the benefits when you get into blogging. I want people to have the following
1.Freedom to do exactly what they want in life
Not everybody has the job they have dreamed of. Some do their job for the money. Every day they drag themselves to jobs. They never wanted in the first place. I want to provide those people with a choice. Get stuck on a job you don’t really like or make a living following your passion
2. I want people to have more time with family
People do overtime and double shifts because of the money and their boss told them so. If they have another form of an income stream. Then why to go all the trouble of doing overtimes when they can spend this time with their family
3. To have many sources of income
Blogging has many ways of magnetization and I primarily focus on affiliate marketing. The best is you can have many sites all at the same time
4.Freedom from job insecurity
When you have a secondary source of income or a 3rd one. The idea of losing your job is not such a scary though anymore. Unlike when your job is your sole source of income, losing your job is like the end of the ‘world as you know it.
5. I want to give people a shot at financial freedom
Having just a job won’t cut it. You can only achieve financial freedom if you have many sources of income. And blogging is one of the few viable options out there.

My goals with blogging

  1. One of the goals of my website. Is to teach as many people as I can about blogging. Not everyone knows about blogging, in my country blogging is still an unfamiliar term
      2. To inspire people to take action. No matter how much knowledge a  person has if he is not inspired to take                    action then it’s useless
      3. To keep people updated on the latest trend on blogging.
The blogosphere is a dynamic place always changing always evolving. What works today may not work 3 years from now
If you ever need a hand or have a question. On how you can get into blogging for free. Feel free to send me a message at  joseph@smartaffiliblogger.com and I will be more than happy to help you out.
You can also connect with me on Facebook @josephnp1983  and on
All the best,
Smart Affiliblogger.com


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