Struggling with your blog post writing?

You have started a blog. And not it’s up and running. Now your main concern is how to have a clear blog post writing process in place

Worried how your going to create content on a steady basis?

Not sure where to start or how to with your blog post writing process?

Don’t have any idea how your going to create your next piece of content?

Dont worry buddy i got your back.

You need to have a process with your blog post writing

So you started a blog. Thinking of populating it with great content.
The thing is creating great content is easier said than done.
You manage to create content but struggle to create on a regular basis.

What you need is a process.

You see process of blog post writing is not that complicated. Well i am not saying it’s easy either.

But hear me out

I know a lot of people who have started a blog and got nowhere. Simply because they are not sure how to get stated with content creation. Well to be honest i have struggled with the same problem before.

It’s only when i have broken down what i do into an organized steps. And then turned these steps into a cohesize process. Then i was able to create content on a regular basis.

Content will always be the king.

Lets face it content is king,it still is and always will be.

It’s through your content how you deliver value to people. Content is the reason why people want to connect with you. It’s your content that drives traffic to your blog. And it’s content why you have an online business in the first place

And it’s only through consistent creation of compelling,valuable content. That we get to reach out to our ideal readers,build an audience and ultimately monetize our brand

Thus is only natural that we develop a process of blog post writing that is both effective and easy to follow.

1.The first step in the blog post writing is brain storming

The first step into the blog post writing is of course the ideation phase. All great post starts of as an idea.This is where we are fleshing out related topics to our niche.

Do a brain dump

The primary step is to do a “dumping out” ideas out of our head and into our paper or word processor.

So what i recommend you do is set a specific time preferrable your alone. Sit on your comfortable chair and write stuff that came right out of your head . Think of all the topics that is related to your niche that you would want to write about.

Don’t discriminate,just write whatever that pops out of your head.

Now not because we are dumping out ideas. We would get to work on the topics that we came up with. It would be great if that is the case. And our lives as content creators would be a breeze.

But the thing is we don’t just work on ideas that we came up with. No it does not stop there.

Verify the idea

The second part of the brainstoming stage is to verify if there is a demand for what we are going to write about. Think about it. Why work on something that is not worth the effort.

If your going to work on something. Make sure it is something that people are actually looking for. And here is where the second step comes into play.

You need to have a process of validation with your blog post writing.

And to do this you can use these top three sites.




Optimize for a long tail keyword

Now if after going through each of these sites. And you see that people do look for information about the topics your going to writing about.The next thing to do is look for a long tail keyword that you can tie up with your topics.

You ask me why?

Well the main goal in blogging is to appear on Google search and rank for a specific keyword.
What’s the use of going through all the work, hashing out content if your never going to appear on google,right?
Now that i have established my point. You should make it a point that when you’re looking a long tail keyword. There are certain criteria you should look for.

Criterias to look for in a keyword

1.3-4 wordThe blogosphere is already over populated as it is. It is almost next to impossible now to rank for 1-2 word keywords. Save yourself all the trouble and settle for the next best thing which is long tail keywords

2.Decent search volume
This maybe a subjective topics. Some say that a keyword should have at least 200 monthly search volume. Others say it should have atleast 500 monthly search volume.

3.Relevant to your business.

There is no one-size fits all formula when picking keywords. But one thing to remember. Is to pick keywords relevant to your unique value proposition. Ask yourself what makes your product or service uniquely valueable. Write it all down. Always keep this in mind when your searching for keywords.


Identify related keywords

When you have validated a keyword to prove that it’s worth the trouble. Search for related keywords to the keyword that you have hand-picked. You can do this using free online tool like Google keyword planner and uber suggest. You can also use paid version like mongools keyword research tool.

The reason why you need to create a list of related keywords is for SEO purposes. Make a list of related keywords to your main keywords.You will need this list later.

Make sure it’s worth the work

After you have done this steps.Then,and only then do you proceed with the next steps.

This is crucial. Because if you went through the trouble of verifying if people do look for the stuff your going to write. And see that there is not enough monthly search volume.

You will realize that it’s not worth the time and effort. And you saved your self a lot of work and time. And not doing the stuff that people don’t bother looking for in the first place.

2.Find an angle

Now , if after going through the validation step. And you found a great long tail keyword. That you can tie with your topic. That has a decent amount of search volume and not that competitive. Then it’s time for you to find a angle that you can approach the topic.

Now the goal of finding an angle is for you to add your own two cents about the certain topics. Think of it more of adding your own spin to an already worn down topic.

Actually there are many reasons why you need to find your own angle to a topic.

1.Google hate duplicate content.

When i say hate,i mean it. Google hates duplicate content.I cannot stress this enough. If your going to just copy other people’s work. Then you will be setting yourself up for trouble.

Google punishes people who copy other people’s work. And they do this by demoting your content. If your blog is already ranking for a term. Then producing copied content will surely hurt your page rankings.
Now,if your not yet ranking for any keywords then. There is a big possibilty that your content will not see the light of day,ever.

2.You need to cut through the noise.

Everyday there are millions of content produced on a regular basis. And all these “noise” you need to cut through to reach your ideal audince. The best way to do this is by adding your own uniqueness to your content. That’s why coming up with your writing voice is so important. It’s what set’s you apart.After all there’s only on you in this whole world


There many ways you can add your own angle to a topic.

A.Find a different approach.

If through your research you find a post. And there are a lot of people searching for that specific topic. And it talks about the steps how you can engage with your followers.Then why not try the negative of it?

If the topics calls for 8 steps how to create a conection with your audience.Then take the opposite approach to it. Make it 9 things that is sure fire way to never have a fan.

Or instead of 8 steps to create connections with your audience. You can do 10 things to spark an conversation with your audience.

See,were adding a new approach to an already talked about topic.

Always ask yourself what can i add into the conversation that is worthwhile?

B.Expand on a certain topic

Another way to add an angle to a topic is to expand on it.

The best way to do this is to ask yourself. What did my competitors left behind about the subject matter.
Just head over to your direct competitors.Check out what are their best selling content. And ask your self what have my competitors wrote about that he missed? Or maybe there are stuff that he haven’t talked about much. Find it and exploit it to your advantage.

C. Make it relevant to you

At the early part of your blogging i highly suggest that you do some soul searching. And ask yourself these questions.

1.What do you want to talk about?

2.What separates your from the pack

3.And who you want to talk to.

You need to be specific


Because you want to establish your niche,or for those of you who are new to blogging. Its the topics you want to cover and who it is for.

Now your wondering what does this got to do with finding your own angle?
Well you want to make the topics you have validated. And discuss this matter in a way that is relevant to your niche. This what separates you from the rest. And allows you to cut through the clutter.

D. Add your own opinion

Now the best way to add your angle on a given topic is to voice out your own opinion. You can create an opinion post stating your sentiments about a certain topics. Just be careful with the ranting.And if possible avoid doing so. And watch out if your post is going to hurt somebody.
Try to criticisize the status quo but not somebody specific. You don’t want something you wrote years ago coming back biting your ass.

3.Data gathering

Now that you have found your topic.Validated it to be worth the trouble. The next step is to gather data for your blog post.

The first option is of course do a quick google search about the topics you wish to write about. But be careful when using data you gathered all over the internet. Not all recorded you can find all over the net are complete and reliable. You have to do your own due diligence. Only be gathering data on trusted sites with established authority

In this age of internet. Where you can find everything with a few strokes of the keyboard. Book are considered old school and not that much in demand. Don’t make the mistake of downplaying the worth of using hard bound books. Books are still reliable source of data.If have a chance drop by to your local library. And try searching for data. You may never know it but books can surprise you with it’s tresure trove of idea waiting for those who want it.

Given my circumstance,being a seafarer cook. I am always at sea and don’t always have a luxury of having an internet access.

E-books have always been my go-to source of knowledge.
1.It’s compact

2.It’s mobile

3. You can use it offline


If for some reasons you’re like me. Who don’t always have an access to the internet then i highly recommend you stock up on e-books.

4.Craft your killer headline

After writing dozens of articles myself. And trying out various style of writing content. I find it that if i write the headline first. Then the post will take care of itself. After all you now have a clear cut direction where your post is going. And you already made the promise with your headline. All you need to do is follow up on that promise through your content.
Now when crafting headlines there are some hard rules you need to follow.
Your headline needs to provide atleast 2 of the three things


What makes a great headline

I once read that to for a headline to be compelling.It has to stop the readers from his tracks. Turn his head and stop what he is doing to take the time to read the post. Or atleast the headline.
Sounds like a tall order but in the world filled with noise. And where there are hundreds of thousands of post published every hour. You just got to pack a punch with your headlines in order for you to gain the attention of your readers.

2. Clear with its purpose
Don’t try to be mysterious and smart with your headlines. Other than it should pique people;s interest. Your headline should clearly state the benefit the people will get by reading your post.
You don’t want your audience to expect something only to get something else.
3.Surprises the audience. Although this one is optional. It is a good practice to surprise your reader from time to time. Since the more unexpected the information the more time the brain processes it.

5.Hook them with a killer intro

Ok so now that you have hooked your audience with your awesome headline. Keep your audience’s attention on the lock by opening your post with some great intro.

You see a great headlines entices your audience to read a ” part of ” your post.
What latches then into reading the whole post is the job of the introduction.

Or what bloggers call the “hook”.

Ok so now you’re going to ask me, how am i going to create the hook for my post?
Well it’s good that you ask me.

Ways to create a great hook statement

There are many options you can use to create that killer hook. That will glue your audience until the end of your post. While these techniques are effective. don’t limit yourself to only these. There are a lot more ways to open up a post and captivate your audience.

1.You can make a bold statement
The first on the list is to start with a bold statement.Kickstart a blogpost with an outrageous statement. Something that is either surprising or intriguing .This pique’s people interest.

2.Start with a story
People are terrible at memorization of facts and figure We do yet remember a lot better about an information when presented in a form of a scene or a fact.
Why not take advantage of this fact?
Whenever you are researching for a content always ask yourself. Do i have a story that i can tie up with the content that i am going to present.

If yes, then good

Make this story as intro into your post. Try to establish a relationship with your customer through the stories you tell.
Ok but what about when you don’t have a story to tell?

Well that’s easy too.

If you can’t come up your own stories then why not tell other people’s stories.
It may not be your own story. But still,you get to be remember and that is key.
Facts and data’s get forgotten but the stories stay on people’s head way longer.

3.Begin with data

Start an opening statement with a statistic that is relevant to your story. In this way you emphasize your point.
Like for example, 8 out of the businesses close down every year. Andthose who do survive the first year 3 out of 5 those don’t survive for the next 5 years

Sounds depressing huh?

But this statistics emphasizes how small the percentage of those businesses succeed. It makes you realize how tough it is to start and business. Let alone last for a long time. It also shows how gratifying it is for those who do succeed. That out of the hundreds that tried very few made it.

4.Ask a question
Begin with a simple question that pierces through your reader persona.
Ask a questione that hits right at the center of the frustration of your audience. This technique is effective on catching the attention of people. Especially this who can relate to the question your stated

Example of this is.

Don’t you wish you can just say to your boss. Hi boss,i’m quitting. I found a living that let’s me spend more time with my family. And make’s more money that i have working for you.
Man that would be great huh?
But at the back of your head,you’re thinking yeah i wish!
And smirk at me thinking i’m crazy.

But what if there really IS a way?

See what i just did? I opened up with a question that hits a note on my readers dreams and frustration.

My reader persona do dream of making a living without a boss and have more time with their families. They don’t know how,but deep inside they wish that there is a way.

My suggestion is to lock in on your reader persona.Write down what are their hopes and dreams. Frustrations and pains. In this way you can create content that will resonate with your audience. You may alienate yourself from other people outside your target audience. But it’s better to resonate to a specific group. Than try to cater to everyone.

6.Write the body of the post

Finally after you have made your research,keyword validation and finding your angle. You then get to actually write the body of your post. Now when your writing you post there are some advice i can give to you

Break it into chunks

You want to make it easier for your readers to consume your content. You want your readers to be able to scan your post in a single glance. Break down the main ideas of your post into orderly parts that your audience can easily consume.

Use subheadings as pitstops

Don’t pour all your ideas into one go. And the good way to do this is use subheading.

Use them as heading to each of your paragraph. All the while serving as cue or short summary of a part of the idea of the post.

Make your subheading as short and relevant as possible. You want people to read your subheading and intuitively understand your messege.


Make it casual

Write as if your talking to a friend. Make it casual and on point. Though you want to put out long form content for SEO purposes .You want it to be fluff free as well.

Let your voice come out.

Here is where you want your own writing voice to come out. Depending on how you want your writing voice to be .You want to apply it into your writing. Whether you want to be smart and quirky. Or straight to the point with a touch of sarcasm.
Your writing voice is your brand. It’s what sets you apart from others.Whenever people will read your content. This voice is what people will expect when they visit your blog. Apply it as this is a way for people to get to know you. Some will like you. And a handful will trust you. And what i have said before. People do business with other people they know,like and most of all trust.

Sprinkle it with related keywords

Always include SEO in your blog post writing process. Remember on the first part of the post that i want you to identify if a keyword is worth the trouble or not? And create a list of related words to your keyword.

I advice you to sprinkle related keywords in your post. I will repeat it , sprinkle related keywords. Never stuff your post with your main keyword. It will only harm your On page SEO.

The best thing to do is to distribute your related keywords. Or what Google calls as LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords). This is important because this is part of Google algorith when ranking a post. Google bots that crawl your website look for LSI keywords when ranking a post.

7. Finish with a pep talk and CTA’s

Conclude your post with words of encouragement. Make it a point to emphasize that there nothing you can do if you believe you can achieve things. Show your readers that you were once in their shoes. And that if you can do it. So can they

Add CTA’s (call to actions)

This one i am guilty of not using before. And looking back i regret not using CTA’s at the end of my post. I wasted a lot of oppurtunity of engagement with the people who read my post online.

Just imagine i have posted more than a hundred posts on social media. It was such a waste since i’ve been posting regularly on social media for months. And never bothered asking people to do something for me in return

What if i have asked people ealier i could have had more chance of engagement. Anyway there’s no point crying over spilled milk. I might as well learn from my errors.


8. Read and polish it

Read it out loud. Hear yourself and you read your post. And then analyze if it makes andy sense to you. If you want you can let others read it. So that you can have external perperspective about your topic.

Use online tools

Finally we live in a time that there are so much online tools that can aid us with our blog post writing. Take advantage of these tools. Writing tools like Grammarly and hemmingway app to polish your drafts.

Consider outsourcing

Now if your really serious with publishing quality content. You can outsource this job to a professional. You can go to fiverr or upwork and get a professional editor proof read your work to ensure quality.
I do yet warn you. Go easy with the outsourcing since it’s not free. And it can get pricey. I assume that you’re still new to blogging. And have a limited budget. So i suggest that you shop around first before commiting to a professional.

Websites that offer outsourcing services


I personally use more often fiverr than upwork. Simply because fiverr has a fixed set of rates which allows me to budget my money. While in upwork you pay depending on how much time an artist will work on your project which varies depeding on how fast your professional work. And projects do tend to go beyond your expected timeline from time to time


9.Add a visual elements

Put images that help people understand the messege you want to convey. You want your post to be easily digestable as much as possible. And relevant images go hand in hand with your written content on delivering your messege.

Plus visually pleasing images helps sell your post for people to bother read your post.

Do you remember the old saying don’t judge a book because of it’s cover? Well on the internet it goes the opposite way. People do judge you because of your design.

And now that i have established my point. Here are some applications that you can use your designs

Apps for graphic designs


I heavily use canva. It’s convenient . It does the job well. It has a drag and drop user interface that you can easily get used to.





Stock photo image websites

Now aside designing graphics for your post you can also use stock photo’s for your post. There are many websites that offer both free and paid stock photos. But of course the free images are basic. And if you want to get the good images for your post. You need to pay a fee for the really good ones.

Site with good free and paid stock photos




4.Burst by shopify




Final words

There you have it folks. The 9 steps to a more systematized way of blog post writing. I did not say it’s going to be 9 easy steps. But still following this formula is way better than just winging it. The key in blog post writing is having a step by step process. And i have laid done the blueprint.

It’s all up to you now

It is now up to you guys to follow up on this steps. Just like anything else in life .At the beginning it’s not going to be easy. I will not sugar coat it. You will struggle at the start

But doing this process over and over. And you will notice a difference on the time it takes for you to hash out quality content.
For those of you have read my post. Let me know about your opinion. Do you think i have left something out of the process?Comment down below so i could follow up on you

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Feel free to leave a comment. If you want to know more about blogging sign up for my email list. You can check out my other content that i am sure will serve you well.

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Master the Art of effective blog post Writing With These 9 steps

10 thoughts on “Master the Art of effective blog post Writing With These 9 steps

  • January 19, 2020 at 11:03 pm

    Excellent tips, especially in regards to gathering data. I think many bloggers in general underestimate the power of going to the local library to find resources. Books still remain a great source for data and information. 

    And I think Canva is a great tool for graphics, but Stencil is good as well. And you’re right about duplicate content. Google and other search engines hate it and I can’t believe there are some who still rip off content. 

    Thanks for writing this up!

    • January 23, 2020 at 7:40 pm

      Hi nate 

      Thanks for the comment. I  am a heavy user of canva and my alternative is photoshop spark. Given my situation as a seafarer. I don’t have the luxury of having internet access all the time ebooks are my main source of info whenever i go offline. Thank you again and Goodluck on your blogging journey.

  • January 19, 2020 at 11:05 pm

    Thanks for this. I’m going to check out Buzzsumo and Ubersuggest now, I’d not heard of these ones. Quora is great and I use that one regularly. I also use it to answer other people’s questions and link them back to my own content – win-win!

    Are there any particular tools you use for keyword research? How do you work out how much volume it has?  

    Thanks in advance. Great blog, I’ll be checking back here often 🙂

    • January 20, 2020 at 10:10 pm

      Hi melissa

        thanks for the comment, I also use quora, And my favorite keyword tool is ubersuggest . And the keyword must at least be 200-300 monthly search volume to be worth the trouble if it’s too few then it will not provide me with the traction I need. Have a nice day 

  • January 19, 2020 at 11:15 pm

    When it comes to writing content its important to have a combination of strategy and also an ability to not overthink it. That is one of the obstacles I had to overcome when I first started blogging.

    Thank you for putting together a guide of all the information needed to write a blog, being able to write content isn’t easy especially if you are new so having something to go by is key.

    I hope others find this as useful as I did.



    • January 20, 2020 at 10:08 pm

      Thanks, josh

        I appreciate your comment, the key is to have a system in place because we get into the trap of overthinking and not really getting anything done because we don’t know what to do next, yes we want to hash out as much content as possible but how exactly? few ever made it this clear. Thanks for the comment again,good luck on your journey buddy

  • January 19, 2020 at 11:42 pm

    This is a very complete guide to writing blog posts. Thank you. I like the idea of starting a post with a story. I think that can hook people in faster. On finding keywords, I like the Ubersuggest. It looks pretty comprehensive and it’s free. 🙂 That’s always a plus. I think I’ll check out Buzzsumo too. I’m in a very competitive niche so I need all the tools I can get to help compete. Thanks for the great article and tips!

    • January 23, 2020 at 7:37 pm

      Hi Paula

      thanks for the comment. Yeah, try ubersuggest. Nowadays all niche are competitive. We will need all the edge we could get all the best in your blogging journey.

  • January 21, 2020 at 9:15 am

    There are a lot of good tips here for writing an effective blog post. Recently, I read a tip that can spark more topic ideas. On Google’s search result page, there’s a small column that says “People also ask…”. These are potential keywords to expand on a topic that you’re planning to write about. The list is quite exhaustive and I heard that if you incorporate these subtopics into your article, it will help to rank better on Google too. Something worth doing.

    • January 23, 2020 at 7:35 pm

      Hi Cathy

         Thanks for the tips, I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you for going through my post. It really did take me days to finish that post but I think it’s worth it since google only entertain long-form content. Less than 1K word post just won’t cut it anymore.


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