How to write a blog post for the clueless

You have no idea how to write a blog post? This is a common problem of newbie bloggers. You have started an affiliate website, the next thing will fill it with content, Good content that is. The problem is you don’t know how. Yes, you have written report papers back when you were in college, but that’s it. Not the kind of post’s people will bother to read let alone share with their friends and family. Don’t worry I have you covered. I wrote this post to give you guys an idea on how to make a good post both for your readers and Search engines

Why bother with coming up with a quality blog post?

This seems kinda obvious but we will go through with this as well. First, to make a good blog post, you have to know why to bother going through all the hassle of writing a blog post when you can just write whatever pops into your mind

1. Solicits engagement

A good blog post uses calls to actions and asks the reader for their input. If you don’t tell people what you want how do you expect them to actually do what you want them to. Always end with a question and ask for an opinion

2. Great for generating traffic

A good blog post calls attention and is shared by people. The more you publish quality content that solves a problem the more people will come back to your blog. Pretty much like a satisfied customer who shares his experience with his friends and family

3. Good tool for building an audience

When a user reads your blog and liked what you wrote there is a high possibility that he is going to come back for more. And from their forms a basis of an audience. Make one good post you make one follower make 2 more good posts your get another follower. At the start, this may not seem much but as time goes by and you continue to write a relevant post, the more people will follow your page and voila! you now have an audience.

4. Builds trust with your user

The more your followers consume your content the more they become accustomed to you. The more they become accustomed to you they begin to develop trust. Do this over time and you build a relationship

5. Leads to authority

The more you post quality relevant content, the more people trust what you say. Over time your reach widens and the more people trust you. Then follows authority. Your words begin to have weight and what you say people will begin to follow. The key is consistency

What makes a good blog post?

1. Fills a need.

That’s the whole point of blogging in general. Were all here to fill a need, Niches are needs in disguise and it is our duty as a blogger and would be bloggers to fill those need. Whether those need be may it make money online, more love, more freedom or simply just answer a question, a blog post’s main job is to solve those need.

2. Caters to a specific segment of the market

Look all people are different. People have different beliefs, interests, and cultures. And trying to cater to all sorts of people will not get you anywhere. You need to be specific about who you want to help and what problem. That is why you need to make your own target segment AKA Customer persona. Look at me, for example, my blog is the typical MMO(Make money online ) what I do different is I target male 25-35 years old who are not happy with their jobs and is in the field of contractual job basis

3. Something applicable

If your going to help somebody might as well make it a good one. Give an advice that people can actually use on the spot. Not something vague and of no real use whatsoever.


If your going to cite some data better be ready to back it up with some solid facts and stats. And prepare to be ready to present your source. You don’t want to look like a goofball what someone points you out that your stats are flawed.

5.entices an emotion

Add emotion to your post. A good blog post tickles our fancy, inspires us into action. It brings our inner fears and lets us see the light in the dark tunnel. Be descriptive with your post. If your post is supposed to inspire then instill a feeling of=f hope and change into your writing. You lack this into your post and expect no one to be returning to your site. Don’t write just to have something to publish. You write because you want to drive change to other people’s lives


People these days have a really short attention span. And I mean really short. People want to browse through your post and be able to get the main point of your post in one passing. Use subheadings to achieve this. Breaking your post into chunks of easily digestible pieces makes your post scannable and is thereby easily understood by the reader

7. Have a great title

Great titles are the “hook” of your post. If you’re not able to call your readers attention and stop them on their tracks then you have already lost. Successful blogger spend way more time with the title in comparison with the actual body of the post2

8.SEO friendly

Yes, you have to write a post that satisfies the need of the user. But never neglect to optimize your post for SEO. How are you going to get traction for your blog is you don’t get relevant traffic. And the only way to get those are by getting into Search Engine Results Pages. I will be honest, SEO is an ongoing quest but it’s a must if you want to make it big into this business

9. Uses visual aid

Always include a photo, at least one, for your post. It helps with conveying complicated messages. But to use the relevant picture when you write a blog post. Not some random picture that you think is cute. The more relevant the picture the better. And in addition to it, it’s am SEO plus if you have an image


Again the point is to be helpful to others need. And the thing is time change what works 5 years ago may not work today so are advice. Keep your advice relevant to the present time.

Tips on how to write a blog post

1. Set goals

Define what to accomplish with your post. Is it to inspire people into action? Do you want people to a certain thing? Better write it down and be clear with it. And make it realistic. Don’t make expectations that are more probably to possible

2. Make a plan

As mentioned before, on the first tips, diving into post-writing with no plan whatsoever is a recipe for disaster. Not only will you waste a lot of time going back and forth switching from one task of doing the opening part and then, later on, looking for keywords to optimize for

a. Prioritize

There are a lot of things that are going on in your mind and the best way to deal with this is to prioritize which task should go first and then what would come next

b.identifies the problem to be solved

Again, the main point of writing a post is to fill a need so it would be wise to write down what your post is all about and what problem does it solve. This practice not only to make things clearer it also makes the post relevant to a set of particular people

c. Write down how your post is going to solve this

Identifying what it solves is one thing how it’s going to solve a problem is another. This time identifies the HOW of the post. What are the steps the reader is going to solve his need?

3. Prepare to back up any statistics or data

Always do your research and find hard stats to back up your claim. You will never know when someone points you our and refute your claim. So it’s best to be ready with some solid facts.

4. Cut the chase

Avoid fluff or unnecessary and repetitive words. I know bloggers need to fill a certain quota of words in order to get indexed, but not at the expense of quality. If you can say it in a few sentences then so be it. It is much simpler and the reader will appreciate this.

5. Don’t be a smarty-pants

Avoid words that are uncommon, One thing readers don’t like are jargons and unfamiliar term. I for one shuts a page whenever I don’t understand a thing a post says

6. Use online tools

Online tools are great. They help you with your scheduling, taking notes and productivity. Especially granary man, it saves me a lot of work and time. It checks for my mistakes as I work on my post. Another tool is used is KW finder. I personally don’t write a post just to post I always look for a keyword to optimize for and KWfinder is my Go-to keyword tool. My other favorite tools is Evernote. Because you will never know when a good idea strikes you, better be ready to take down note any idea that pops into your head because it may probably never going to come back.

7. Don’t let perfectionism get in the way

Sometimes the only thing that stands in our way is us. Let’s take my wife, for example, we have thought of posting a post about looking for resellers for our online clothing business. Within the same hour, I was able to make a post on canvas and post it on our Facebook business page. While she, on the other hand, took 2 weeks to come up with the idea citing “it had to be perfect”. My God if you waited for your post to be perfect it will take you forever. Just write it, if you did a careful planning then actually writing the post would be a breeze

8. Never entertain self-doubt

Never ever doubt your self. The moment you let self-doubt into your head you will never finish your post. Yeah sure, you’re a newbie, but always think that where to great writers come from? They started as newbies just like everyone else.

9. Get trained with the best affiliate marketing training available

if you’re going to commit into affiliate marketing it would be wise to get prior training, please read my post about affiliate marketing training

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Steps on how to write a blog post?


This is the most important and time-consuming part of all the stages in writing a blog post. But then again better spend a lot of time planning everything to ensure a smooth flow of the actual writing process than waste time redoing everything because you did not do any planning whatsoever.

Steps in the planning stage

1. Identify the main topic of your blog and it’s related subjects

  • What will be your blog about?
  • What problem will it be solving
  • How is it good to solve peoples problem?

2. Define your audience

This is where you will define you exactly you are addressing your post. Making an audience persona will be of big help. Knowing exactly what your audience’s pains and frustration is an invaluable tool in making the connection between you the blogger and your audience

3. Identify your keyword to optimize

<<<<<Full disclosure I am an affiliate of KW Finder, if anyone avails the services of KWFinder I earn a small percentage, but none the less, I believe KW Finder will provide good service and the user will benefit with this online keyword tool>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Personally, I use KWFinder with my keyword research. What is like about this is it give me the SEO competitiveness of a keyword immediately normally other keyword research tool will only tell you the monthly search volume, cost per click and advertising completion of the keyword.which is totally useless if you are a blogger who doesn’t rely on pay per clicks

4. Make an outline

Always make an outline of your post. It does not only make your job easier it also breaks down your message into chunk which makes it easier to be understood

5. Do a thorough research

Look up stats and figures to back up your claim. Be Always ready to cite your source for added credibility

3 sites you can get statistics from




2. Come up with a killer blog post title that calls attention

Post title AKA headline is the first thing readers. They are the ones that pop up on search engines. They are also the ones that sell your post. Come up with a killer headline and you end up with the better shot of getting your post read.

Tips on coming up with a blog post title aka headline

1. K.I.S.S

Keep It Simple and Straightforward. Avoid being mysterious and clever. Most people will miss your point. You have to be direct with what people will get from reading your post


  • Free e-book that will get you started with affiliate marketing
  • The ultimate guide to niche picking
  • Now all summer products 35% off

2. Be clear with the benefits

People don’t care about your post not unless they can get something they need or want out of reading your post. Highlight the benefits include emotional ones because people buy based on feeling and impulses. The same thing with reading posts. People don’t read a post because they think the post will do them good. They read a post because they FEEL reading the post.

Examples of which

  • Quick and easy way to make money online
  • Create beautiful landing pages in minutes
  • 3 tips to get that salary increase

3.use numbers but only when it’s applicable

People want something specific, something they can have an idea of how many steps they need to achieve something. This may not always work but it works most of the time


Things I learned after my 10 months at sea

10 things I learned after my 10 months at sea

Step to set up your blog

3 steps to set up your blog

see the difference? It gives the reader an idea of the scale of what you are saying

3. Write your post

So now that you have done your planning, research and finally was able to come up with a meaningful title, now is the time you will write your post.

In writing your post there are two styles of writing a post.

1. You can have a go at it and finish a rough post in one sitting. And then later fill the parts will details

The good thing about this style is that there is a solid direction as to where the post will go. The downside is you are prone to starting all over again since you are trying to match the beginning with the end of the post

2. Try writing the post in blocks at a time

This one you gradually work on your blog taking your time in completing your post. While this approach is good for part-time bloggers this style has a tendency to lead you off topic.

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Content writing+editorial Calendar=winning

4. Add images

Images help convey your message to your readers way faster than written words could ever too. There are many things images to for your blog

Uses of images

1. It helps make your post scannable, hereby easier to digest by the readers

2. Image gives life to dry boring posts

3.add aesthetic quality to a post

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How to find and add images to your website

5. Polish you content(Editing)

So you thought that the job is done? You are so wrong. Just because the body of the post is done it does not mean the job is finished. There’s still work to be done. Just like a figure of marble still rough from chipping the body of the post still needs polishing. You have to look at the post as a whole picture

Things to do in editing

1. The obvious stuff
  • Check for grammatical errors and wrong syntax
  • Look for wrong punctuations
  • proofread it
  • Let your friends and family read your post
2. Read the post to see repetitions.

Avoid redundant words to be clear with your message

3. Optimize your post for SEO

Always make your post Search engine friendly. As I mentioned before identify your keywords and then find places within your post where you can place or add your keywords and related keywords.

SEO is an ongoing process of optimizing your site starting from the Website domain name all the way down to the post structure for search engine

 There are two ways to SEO optimize

1. Do it yourself by using Yoast plugin

2. Hire some else, preferably an expert

What NOT to do when writing a blog post

1. Getting too emotional

Never mix your emotions and your business(website). Don’t write when your stressed, tired, angry or sick. You need a clear head when writing your post.


Again if you have something to say about someone over something better to do it personally. Never post it online because the internet is forever, whatever you post will always be there. You don’t want to publish something you will later on regret.

3. Being negative

Always keep a positive outlook when writing otherwise it will show through your post and people can tell.

4. Making a false story about someone

Never makeup story about someone even just for laughs, because it can and will be used against you.


In conclusion, writing a blog post requires careful planning, research, and consistent effort. And judging by what I just wrote it’s a lot of work. But then again not because it’s laborious it does not mean it can’t be fun. When your truly passionate about your niche the hours and effort going through the process of writing a blog post will be a labor of love and will mean nothing to you. By the way, my advice anyone who has read this post to get used to this process as posting quality content is an ongoing regular thing. In addition, it’s not a one time deal where you post a large 4k word post and that’s it.

Blogging is a business that needs regular maintenance and writing posts are one of them. If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to leave a comment below. If you like to learn more about a related matter like blogging, niche picking, domain choosing or setting up an affiliate website, check out my other content. And if you like to learn more about affiliate marketing just send me a message at joseph@smartaffiliblogger.com. Connect with me on Facebook at josephnp1983 and on Instagram at Smartaffiliblogger

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How to write a blog post for the clueless

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