Start an affiliate website the smart way

You want to make money online. And learned that you can make money with affiliate marketing.So you decided to start your own affiliate website.
Well, then you have come to the right place. I have been blogging for years now and I know a thing or two about building websites and affiliate marketing

why start an affiliate website in the first place?

Good question, why should you start one in the first place? Well, there are a lot of reasons why read on to find out

augment their income
everybody wants to augment their income

1. Supplement/augment your income

Most of us make just enough. And sometimes not enough money every month. And it would be foolish if you are going to keep sticking. To just what you are making every month. Stop hoping for a raise that is unlikely to happen. Or a promotion that will never come. Take charge of your financial life. You need to have another source of income. Regardless of how much you are making monthly.  And affiliate marketing is a viable option for making money online on the side. If done right.

Alternative to the regular 9 to 5 job
Free from the 9-5 grind

2. Alternative to the regular 9-5 job

You have an issue with your job. It may either be the working hours. Or what you’re getting paid is getting you by until next payday. Or your not happy with how your boss is treating you. And you’re getting burned out with the regular grind of the 9-5. And your thinking there’s a better way of making money? If so then why not try blogging. Here you don’t have the typical 9-5 schedule and you don’t need a background in computers to get started.

we all want to give the best to our family
We all want to give the best to our family
3. Wants to provide the best for the family
Who wouldn’t want to provide the best for their family? We all want these. And more but then reality strikes. And you realized what you are making each month is not enough to even buy your family the basic stuff. What now? Well, you can always beg your boss for a raise. Or you can take the matter into your hands. And actually, DO something about it and look for a way to make a living on the side other than your regular 9-5 job.
want to be the boss someday
Be the boss someday

4.Wants to be the boss someday

this one is more on the personal satisfaction aspect. One way or another there will come a time when you would want be your own boss. You would long be the one on the driver seat of your life. You will want to be the one calling the shots. And you can never do that to your 9-5 job.

pursue your passion
now is your chance to pursue your passion
5. Wants to pursue their passion
We all wanted to do or be something when we were you. It may be when you were young you wanted to be a painter or a sculptor or a photographer. But then life struck you right on the jaw and makes you realize. That there is something that you have to focus on. So you forgo with your passion and focused on necessities. But now that your an adult and done with school, you realize that the passion is there. Well now is your chance. If, you happen to be passionate about sculpting why not blog about sculpting.
financial security
6. Wants financial security
Every day is dandy and fine up until the day you lose your job. Never think for a minute that your job will always be there for you. You should be always prepared for unforeseen events like this. And the best way is to have a secondary source of income that you can bank on in the event that you will lose your job.

Financial freedom is within reach
Financial freedom is no longer just a dream

7. Wants financial freedom.

Everybody wants financial freedom I could not imagine anyone who would not want to be financially free. Financial freedom is no longer just a dream anymore. But the thing is financial freedom means going beyond your comfort zone. This means going beyond what you normally do with your job and finding out ways how you can make another form of income. The key to financial freedom is multiple sources of income preferably passive income. And one of the best ways to make multiple sources of income is through affiliate marketing.

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How to start an affiliate website the smart way

Here I am going to teach you how to set up an affiliate website. The smart way, the first step is crucial. This step makes this tutorial “the smart way”

1. Go to KWfinder click here or on the image

2. Sign up to their website

3. Click Keyword research tool

4. Enter the main keyword related to your niche

For example, dog train and kw finder will fill it in with related keywords

5.KW finder will show you related keyword

6. From here you can already determine whether
  • there is enough traffic for your niche
  • how difficult it will be to rank on your targeted niche
  • there is enough targeted keyword to rank for
  • determine already how profitable your niche base on PPC
  • You could see the trend of the keyword
  • Find out if it would be worth the trouble pursuing the niche

You see the problem with newbies is. They just dive in head first into blogging. Without doing any preemptive research. Don’t just blog to blog.  Blog with a plan. And it starts with keyword research.

After you have determined if the niche you are targeting is profitable and mined keywords that you can use to rank for. The next step would be is to buy a domain name.

4. Buy a domain name

The good thing about the WA(Wealthy Affiliate) platform you don’t need to go anywhere’

WA has a built-in domain registry of its own.

Just type in your desired domain name and the registry will inform you if the domain name is still available

The key here is to prepare 1-3 domain name just in case your target domain name is already taken

Steps in choosing a domain name for your affiliate website

1. Keep it short

2.make it simple

3. Use keywords

4. Avoid numbers and hyphens

5. Make it relevant

If, you like to read an in-depth post about domain names click on this link

To learn more on how to create a domain name, click on the link

5. Pick a theme

This one is a personal choice, for me, I use the spacious theme because it fits my needs. There is no exact since on picking a theme. Use whatever works

6. Write content

The key here is to just take the plunge and write. Don’t be afraid because your writing sucks. Just go for it. One thing I learned from blogging is. You get better at it over time. Just keep going at it. Keep writing and publishing content. One of the main enemies of newbie bloggers is fear and perfectionism.


  • You are afraid that people will judge your quality of work
  • You’re afraid that people will say you blog sucks. Well, guess what it does suck at first. It always does for the first time. Nobody is great at their first time.


  • You spend hours obsessing for the most minute details of your post. And you end up not posting at all
  • You analyze too much to the point that it paralyzes you. And you end up with no post at all.

How to write content for your blog

1. Click post to create a post

2. Click add new to make a new post

3. Enter title on the title bar and start typing your post.

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6. Pick an affiliate network

How to pick an affiliate network relevant to your niche

To learn how to pick an affiliate network relevant to your niche.  Click on the image or this link to watch the video

Profitable networks to choose from

I have listed some profitable affiliate networks you can choose from. I recommend doing your own research not just stick with this list

1.Rakuten affiliate network                       5.Avantgarde

2.ShareASale                                               6.Impact radius

3.CJ Affiliate by conversant                     7. Amazon affiliate program

4.eBay partner network

7. Promote your affiliate website

2 type of promotions

1. Free promotion

Organic traffic-

Highly cost-effective and profitable but not easy to acquire. Requires discipline and continues the effort. This requires SEO know how. I recommend you ask for a specialist

2. Paid promotion

This one is very easy to get. The thing is you have to do your research. And your marketing plan needs to be in place that includes your customer profiling. Otherwise, your only throwing away money. One of the best-paid promotions I used is Facebook marketing. Because of the highly targeted marketing it provides.

Things to remember about affiliate website

Now that you have started an affiliate website and its up and running there are things you should remember

  1. Once you have your website up and running, it requires ongoing attention
  2. You should start to look for ways to improve your site(e.i add images, adding meta tags, SEO creating quality content etc)
  3. Blogging is for the long term, expect no immediate return on investment.
  4. Start optimizing your website for SEO

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In conclusion, now that you know how to start an affiliate website. My advice is blogging requires constant discipline, effort, and sacrifice. If you want to succeed. Blogging is not to be taken too seriously. Try to have fun while you’re at it. Remember you are in this for the long run. Lastly,  seek advice from other experienced bloggers (That would be me!).  On how you can move forward with your blog. If you like to learn more about blogging you can follow me on

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Send me a message at joseph@smartaffiliblogger.com

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How to start an affiliate website the smart way

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  • October 4, 2018 at 10:30 pm

    This is ideal and thorough information for those of us who are researching to work online.
    Education is vital for us to grow.

    It is quite clear that persistence and motivation is important to do affiliate marketing and I think consistency as well with content.

    • October 5, 2018 at 2:17 am

      Hi Darren
      I definitely agree with you. Persistence and self-motivation are key. We should stop thinking short-term. We should get rid of the mentality of instant gratification.Thanks for the comment


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