Guide on how to create a domain name

how to create a domain

In this guide on how to create a domain name, I wrote all the basic information and other stuff related to domain names. I wrote this post for the total newbie who is totally clueless on what a domain name is and how to create one.


First of what is a domain name anyway?

To give you a brief history of how domain names came to be, I will tell you a story.

Back in the early days of the internet, the people who are running the internet had a problem

. There needs to be an identification system in place where each computer in the world need to be ID’d and allow them to communicate with each other

To solve that problem, they had to find a way to identify each computer and locate it in order to make sure it receives the information intended for it. So people created DNS(Domain name system).

Domain Name System (DNS) is made up of thousands of processors referred to as servers which in turn host websites.

Each computer has its own IP address, in a form of strings of numbers, each computer has a unique IP address people used to reach the websites on them.
Example of an IP address

But there’s a glitch

At first, it seems its all fine and dandy but then you realize that there’s going to be a problem here

how in the world are going to remember all of this random digits?

Especially when we are going to visit our favorite website do we really need to remember all of these numbers?

That’s where Domain names come into play

Domain names are created to make IP addresses “human-friendly”

So instead of typing a bunch of digits, you will be typing a name, which is much easier to remember and enter when you are doing a Google search

Parts of a domain name

Example of a domain name is

Smart Affiliblogger.com

2 parts of a domain name

1. Top level domains

examples of TLD





It can even be country specific




2.second level domains

This is the name that you pay for to register



When we say create a domain name, we’re not actually creating a domain. What we actually do is “registering” a domain name to a domain register. We come up with a list of domain names relevant to our niche then we go to a domain name registration and input our prospect domain name. From the WA site domain, we can check domain name availability to know is our prospect domain name is taken or not yet. It would be wise to prepare 2-3 domain names just in case your prospect name is already taken.

Advantages of having a good domain name

1. You have total ownership

You can do as you pleased with your website.

Any minute you like to leave your web hosting, you can and nobody can stop you and your followers will not notice it.

2. Branding tool

What people don’t realize is that good domain name are branding tool. The domain alone can set you apart from other bloggers.

3. Easy recall

If you happen to have a very good domain name, people will have an easy time recalling your website.

4. Gives you instant credibility

People will perceive you as an authority given that you have a domain of your own.

5.SEO purposes

If you have a highly relevant domain name to your niche it is already an advantage for you. And the better chance of you showing up to search engine page results

If you don’t have your own domain name people will think your not serious with your business

Things to remember about creating a domain name

1. They are relatively cheap ranging from $5-$15

2. Domain name come in annual terms

3. They need to be renewed or they will expire

4. Owning a domain name is totally different from owning a website

Tips on how to create a domain name

1. Make it easy to pronounce

Make it easy to pronounce for easy recall

2. Keep it simple

3. Stick to 2-3 words and no more

4. Make it relevant to your niche

5. Avoid double letters

6. Avoid numbers and special characters

7. Use keywords

this is for SEO purposes

8. Go for.com as much as possible

Although this is increasingly hard, try your best to come up with a.com domain name as this is the most familiar for non-techie people

9. Make it catchy

10. Make sure it’s not trademarked or copyrighted

Online tools you can use when creating a domain name

There are available online tools you can use when gathering ideas for a domain name. The good thing is they are FREE

1.Domain name generator by Shopify


3.Lean domain search



These are just some of the many online tools you can use to gather ideas for your domain name.

Where to create your domain name?

(Full Disclosure I am an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate if someone signs up to my affiliate link I will earn a commission with no additional charge to the customer) 

Of all the domain registry out there I recommend only one and that is WEALTHY AFFILIATE SITE DOMAINS


Steps on how to create a domain name


Questions to ask yourself this questions

1. What will you blog about?

is it going to be about sports?is it going to be about weight loss By just doing this exercise alone you get a list of ideas for a domain name

weightless niche example

1.tummy trimmer.com



these are just examples that just came off on top of my head and I am not sure if these domains are already taken

2. Who exactly you’re going to cater to?

Is thing going to cater to middle-aged people?

or is this going to cater to teenagers?


21 and over.com

18 and loving it.com

3. What would be the end result you are trying to achieve for your followers

for example, your goal is for your customer to be fit and good-looking after your programme you can call it

1. Fit and fab.com

2. Fit after 60 days.com

3.ripped at forty.com

4. List down all of your prospect domain names head straight to  WEALTHY AFFILIATE.COM




4.G o to SiteDomains

5.enter your prospect domain name

6. Site Domains will tell you if your name is already taken or not. Better be ready of a list of prospect domain names in the event the one you picked is no longer available.

7. After acquiring your new domain name you can now proceed to create your very own affiliate website.

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To sum things up, creating your own domain name is not really that complicated. I hope you have taken the time to follow the advice that I have written and you will be just fine. If you have any comments or reactions feel free to leave one below.If you have further questions and is interested to know more about domain names and another related subject like setting up your own affiliate website and picking your niche to feel free to contact me at joseph@smartaffiliblogger.com.You can also connect with me at facebook @https://www.facebook.com/josephnp1983/.And on Instagram @smartaffiliblogger.com



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Guide on how to create a domain name

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