How to choose the best blogging platform for the total newbie

10 of Best blogging platforms to choose from
Choosing a blogging platform is critical


A lot of Blogging platforms and software s have sprouted around for the past 10 years. There are so many options to choose from it kinda gives newbies a headache. And to give a total newbie an idea of the 10 of the best blogging platform options  available

First, what is a blogging platform anyway?

To those of you who don’t know what a blogging platform is a service or an application that facilitate the creation of web pages for publishing content. They come in a form of website builders like Wix, apps like word press or software like Tumblr

What to look for in a blogging platform

1. Ease of use

-Allows the user to make modification without writing any code whatsoever


-As your blog grows over time you tend to add features such as paid membership, or maybe you like to sell something, you need a platform that can give you these features


Blogging platforms offer free and paid plans. Some platforms are free but in exchange for ownership of your content. Pretty much like Facebook owns what you post on their platform. Platforms paid plans to range from as low as 2.95 to as much as $50 per month.


Some platform allows monetization some don’t on their free plan. And of course one of the main reason we bother starting a blog in the first place is to make money. So you have to make your due diligence when looking for a blogging platform to start a blog.


This one people failed to realize how important this factor is. As you grow your blog and monetize it ownership becomes a big deal. You have to be sure you have total control and ownership over your content.

5. Updates/Backups

Blogging is continually evolving, almost every day there is a new update pops up. And it is the duty of the owner of the site to continually update and back up their respective blogs.


What are the blogging platforms available



Is a free blogging platform created by the founders of WordPress.org. Often confused with the self-hosted paid blogging platform WordPress.org.


Ease of use: yes

WordPress.com is very easy to use and no coding is required

Cost: Free

One of its strong suits is it free up to 3G of space. After that, you have to pay


You don’t have to worry about updates and backups as word press.com takes care of all that.



1.Wordpress.com shows ads to your users and you don’t get any percentage of the revenues. That’s what you get when going for the free platform, you trade something for another. If you want no ads to show you need to upgrade to a paid plan.

2 You can’t show paid ads on their free plan. If you want to show ads you need to upgrade to their Premium and Business plans


1. You can’t upload plugins

Plugins allow you to add extra features, and eliminating plugins altogether limits what your blog can do. Well, you can but you need to upgrade to their business plan and its about $300/year.All you can really use is their preprogrammed features

2. Limited themes

You are stuck with the set of themes WordPress.com have allowed that’s it.

3. You cannot use Google analytics

WordPress.com don’t allow analytics to your blog, meaning you can’t see how many people are going to your blog and where they are staying on your blog.


Pricing for WordPress.com

  • Free – Very limited.
  • Personal – $36 per year
  • Premium – $99 per year
  • Business – $299 per year
  • VIP – starting at $5000 per month


-You don’t own your content, WordPress.com does.Wordpress.com can shut your site down any minute they think you are not complying with their terms of an agreement.



Does all of what WordPress.com do only better.

The most popular of all blogging platform. It is an open source and is free for everyone to use.

There are two things you need to use this  blogging platform

1. Domain name

2. Web hosting

Advantages of WordPress.org


You own 100% of all your content and all of its data As long as your not doing anything stupid and illegal nobody can just kick you out of their platform, just like what Facebook can do to your Facebook page any minute they feel like it. You own this and do whatever you want to do with this.


1 Allows plugins.

To those of you new to word press, plugins add features to your blog just like improving speed, compressing images, adding paid membership, payment methods, allows you to sell something through your blog. Plugins what makes the blog a lot better than what it is when you started it.

2 Unlimited themes

There are literally 1000s of themes both paid and free you can choose from. You can try everyone until you find the one that fits your needs

3. Allows Google analytics

Google analytics provides vital information about your site and allowing GA is a big plus


1. Allows you to post Ads

2. Allows you to sell stuff and service using woo commerce plugin

3. Lets you build a paid membership site


1. Ease of use

It takes time to learn the basic functions and features of WordPress.org. But when you get a hang of it everything is smooth sailing

2. Not free

Yeah I know bummer, it’s not free but hey when you worked hard at your blog, over time you will be able to monetize it and later your blog will pay for itself.

3. Updates and back-ups are not automatic

It is the duty of the owner to regularly update and back-up his blog. But then again updating and backing up your blog is a matter of pressing a button, so I see not much of a big deal of not having automatic updates.

Cost of word press.org

WordPress.org is free but the domain name annual fee ranges from$13.5 to $15 and web hosting ranges from $3.95 for hosting alone(single website) to $50 hosting(for 25 websites!)+training(affiliate marketing

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It’s a website publishing platform that lets you built websites without coding. And it’s also user-friendly


1. Ease of use

The controls of Squarespace is kind of intuitive and zero to minimal coding is required.

squarespace automatically makes your website mobile friendly
There are a lot of beautiful templates to choose from


1. Limited features

Squarespace has limited features built-in into their platform

The personal plan is too limited

  • It does not let you sell products
  • The personal plan does not let you modify the CSS code

2. Integration is limited with certain products only

3. You cannot switch templates

You are stuck with what you started with if you decide to change templates you have to start all over again

Pricing plan

1.Personal-$16/month for a single website

2.Business-$26/month for multiple websites

3.Basic-$30/month for online store

4.Advanced-$46/month for multiple stores



It is an open source content management system software used for building websites, just like WordPress.

Just like word press it also needs two things

1. Domain name



1. Ease of use

  • It has a powerful user interface while being user-friendly at the same time
  • Easy to modify


It allows you to monetize your site by allowing you to show paid ads


  • Using its PHP framework you can make modifications to your website
  • Supports more than 70 translations pack multilingual content management


1. Limited themes compare to word press

It has plenty of themes and add-ons to choose from but not as much as word press.org does.

2. Technical support is limited

Support is limited to community support. In the event of a problem, support is hard to find even for the paid version and can get expensive

3. Updates and backups are not automatic

You (the owner )is in charge of updating and backing up of your website.


Joomla is free but you will need a domain (about $14.99/year) and hosting (usually starting from $7.99/month) to use it. If you use Bluehost, then you can get started for $3.95 per month, and you will get a free domain. Or if you have plans to venture into affiliate marketing try our Wealthy Affiliate network we offer $50 hosting (for 25 websites)+on going training on affiliate marketing




is a free blogging platform/free hosting service owned by Google that allows people to create a blog in a quick and easy way.


Ease of use

1. Blogger requires no coding

2. Blogger relies on Google’s security and reliability




Since Blogger is free your website and its content is owned by Blogger

You don’t own the domain name only subdomain ex.www.Your domain name.blogger.com


1. Blogger has limited tools you can use and most basic

2. Few templates available

3. Google is your landlord and you are just a tenant

4. Updates are rare


1. Blogger is free

Blogger is free of charge, but in exchange is ownership of your content



It is an online publishing platform

The post is recommended and shared by other people, just like what you do on twitter

The post can be upvoted just like in Reddit


Ease of use

1. Easy user interface

2They have a clap feature to indicate how much you like the post

3. Exposure and views

It is easy to get exposure in the medium. Medium has over 60 Million views every month

4.SEO power

Medium generate generates so many backlinks per day which help in the ranking with Search Engine Results page



  • You have a lack of control over your website. There’s pretty much nothing you can do to edit how your content will show. Medium is a one size fits all platform
  • Medium owns your follower. If you leave medium you can’t take your followers with you unlike word press.org

2. Less lead generation potential

Medium does not have a built-in feature for generating consistent leads

3. Medium lacks Google analytics

They have insights but nothing more, which is not going to be enough to uncover hidden data in comparison to google analytics

4. Lacks means of monetization. You can’t show paid ads


Medium is free of charge just like Blogger.


It’s a microblogging platform with social networking features. It also allows you to have a custom domain which you can get from a third party.

Tumblr has built-in features such as


2. Reposting




Tumbler is totally free just like blogger

2. Ease of use

It’s quite easy to use Tumbler and it kind of intuitive not like word press.org that it will take a bit of practice and get used to.

Sharing is very easy



Features are limited

Not many themes to choose from aside from what tumbler has provided

2. Backing-up/Updating

Backing-up or importing is going to be hard


Again, being a free platform you are trading ownership over free monthly fee’s

You don’t own your content tumbler does

You don’t have your own custom domain, just a subdomain of Tumblr.

For ex. www.Yourdomainname.tumbler.com

Cost of Tumbler

Tumblr is free of charge but you can get a custom domain which is purchased separately. You can also upload other themes and app from a 3rd party source



One of the fastest growing brand in the field of website building. It’s an all-inclusive, everything ready for go and grows the brand in the field of website building. Is an all-inclusive everything ready to go platform.


1. Ease of use

  • yes, really easy to use and convenient
  • Fast load speed
  • Predesign templates to choose from

2. Updates/Backups

Weebly takes care of the updates and back-ups automatically so you don’t have to think about at all



  • Drag and drop customization is limited
  • Need more innovative features
  • Blogging features need to be improved


1. Free plan

2.Starter plan-$8/mo

3.Pro plan-$12/mo

4.Business plan-$25/mo


  • Simple and straightforward platform
  • Meant to be used only for blogs e. I no e-commerce, no paid membership site
  • Available as a platform or as a software that you can subscribe


1. Ease of use

Minimalist in design and function

Completely customizable


You can add third-party services


Ghost actually lets you have a brand

It lets you choose your layout, design, customize link



  •  Does not offer a free hosted plan


  • Not easy to customize
  • Ghost is meant for blogging and ONLY blogging
  • There’s no potential growth beyond being just a blog

Cost of Ghost

2 versions of ghosts

1.self hosted

need a custom domain($13.5-$15)/mo and web hosting ranging from $3.95(single website) to $50(25 website hosting)+on-going marketing training


Pricing for the hosted version starts at $19/month for 1 blog with a 25000-page view limit.


Is a good blogging platform for creating a stunning website. It allows users to build websites using the drag and drop tools


1. Ease of use

Wix uses Drag and drops tool


Plenty of themes to choose from

Extremely flexible



Templates can’t be changed easily

Limited features and customization options

The free plan shows ads


You have to complete authority over your blog and that is why your blog can get suspended any minute WIX think you do not comply with their terms of agreements


Basic wix website-Free

Add a custom domain $4.5/mo

premium plan-$8.5 to $24.5 /mo


In conclusion, I hope this post has been a help to all those people who are wanting to start their own blog but don’t know which one to pick. Please take the advice written on my post into the heart. A blog has many uses and benefits and if well taken care of can become a big online money making the machine so take time in considering which platform you are going to choose. Starting a blog is a long-term deal just like entering into a relationship so take into consideration all that I have said. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment below. Also, if you like to learn related subjects to blogging and affiliate marketing feel free to contact me at joseph@smartaffiliblogger and, follow me at facebook.com/josephnp1983/  and Instagram@smartaffilliblogger



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How to choose the best blogging platform for the total newbie

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