real benefits of affiliate marketing

Let’s talk about the real benefits of affiliate marketing

People talk about the money you can make from affiliate marketing. Others talk about how it works and how you can get started with it.Some write about how you can be better at it.

But what others rarely talk about is the real benefits of affiliate marketing.What do you acctually get from affiliate marketing?

In this post i will share,based on my experience what you will really get out of affiliate marketing. Why, afters years of blogging i keep going at it. And why you should get into affiliate marketing as well

So what are the real benefits of affiliate marketing?

You see people talk about features. The amount of commisions you can get. Some write about little bits of pieces of tips and tricks. But rarely do people talk about the implications of getting yourself into it.

Ok so where am i going with this post?
Let’s pause for a while and think what are the advatages of affiliate marketing.
Stop thinking about the money. And assess what would happen if you do get into affiliate marketing.

1. One of the many benefits of affiliate marketing is FREEDOM

Yes go read that right!

If you get started with affiliate marketing.You will get a chance to start building an asset. Although it will not bring immediate return in a very long while. You are building something that can be your alternative souce of income.

If you keep going at it. And continue to improve your skills in blogging. You will later on succeed. Can’t you see the implication of that? Having an alternative source of income.

Let that sink into your head for a minute.

It means less dependency from your 9-5 job. And in the long run full independence from it! What it means is

  • No more boss
  • No more early more rush to work
  • You don’t need to put up with people you don’t like
  • Everyday is weekends
  • You can stop being happy only during fridays!
  • Reduced mental stress of running out of money

How cool is that huh?

2. Another of the many benefits of affiliate marketing is it’s your chance to put your talents to good use

We all have talents. Some of us can draw. Others can sing.While others have skills that most people can’t do. Then we grew old and got responsibilities. We set aside this talents because we deemed it “impractical”. We focused our attention to what gets us paid.

Well nobody can blame you for that. I doubt it that you can make a living molding clay pots. But what if i tell you can use these talents after all? Wouldn’t you take the chance. Well you can,with affiliate marketing.

There’s so much potential that you can use your talent in affiliate marketing.

For example if you are good with writing you can start a blog. Write about the stuff that can improve people’s writing skills. Build a following then promote affiliate links.

May be you’re an excellent swimmer you can vlog about swimming. And promote affiliate swimming gears to make some money.
The possibilities are endless if you get to be really good at affiliate marketing

Let’s be honest if your going to stick to your 9-5 job. There’s a very slim chance that you will ever going to develop what ever talent you may have .

3. More family time

Let’s be honest the only reason why people do overtimes is because of the money. Very few people will choose staying up late in their job if they have the choice.
You do overtimes because you need the money. But what if you have an option b?
What if you don’t need to stay longer than necessary?
Or better yet,what if you don’t need to go a job.

A job you don’t even like in the first place. A job that your primary motivation is money,that’s it.
What if you can spend the whole day in your home on a weekday? And make a living while your at it?

This means

  • You can now watch your kid’s school play
  • Don’t have to miss your kids basketball games.
  • Watch your kids grow old right in front of you.

How fantastic would that be huh?

4. It’s you chance to follow your passion

Follow your passion.
Sounds great but not really practical. We all have passions in life. Others are passionate travellers. Some play sports.

I for one play video games. When i was younger light years ago. I could spend hours glued to my laptop playing rpg games.

But then again we grow old and reality struck us. We realize that putting food on the table is the main goal in life. We set aside whatever passions we got and traded it for something safe and secure.

Following our passions became unwise and unsafe. And unless your physically gifted to become a professional athlete. Or have great looks to become an actor. Then following your passion is out of the question.
But that was before affiliate marketing came into existence. Today you can make a living right at the comfort of your own home and still follow your passion.

5.Free style living

Are you the type of person who hates the confines of a fixed schedule?
Do you want sponteniety in your life?
Do you relish the feeling of do what you like when you like it?
Then my friend do i have good news for you
Because with affiliate marketing you can!
You can go wherever you want whenever you want. Now your wondering how the heck can that be you got a job?
That’s the point with affiliate marketing. You want to be as less dependent to a job as you can be.
And how can you do that?
By making other source of income other than your paycheck that’s how!

6.You open doors to other oppurtunities

You see when you get into blogging. There are certain skills you need to develop when you get into affiliate marketing. These are and not limited to the following.


Well,obviously writing skills is the very first skill you will have to develop. You need to learn how to create engaging content to drive traffic.
But think about it. Waht will happen if you put in the long hours of practicing your craft. If you become a good writer,you can venture into freelance writer for other blogger.
Do you know that most famous blog don’t create their own content?Surprising but its true. Popular blogs outsource their content to ghostwriter. How do you think blogs with thousands of followers get to hash out long form content 4 times a month. And produce filler posts 3 times a week?
They outsource it of course!
Another opportunity for you is to become a ebook publisher. Today publishing an ebook takes only a fraction of what it used to be. Ebook publishing done right con be a viable source of passive income.


You will have to learn how to market/promote your blog. From learning how to write persuasive email copy to social media marketing. You will learn a lot of marketing skills and tactics.
Marketing skills that you will learn does not stop on your blog alone. With these skills you can expand to become professional social media account manager. And may i add social media managers make serious money freelancing.

3.Self discipline

All the knowledge in the world will mean nothing if you don’t have the self discipline. It take a great deal of self discipline to

  • create engaging content
  • Promote your blog
  • engage with your followers
  • Monetize your blog

However the application of self discipline is not limted to blogging. Self discipline skills has many application to life in general. From goal setting to executing a plan. Self discipline is a skill necessary if you want to make it big in life.

4. Time management

There are many task you need to balance. Some of these are brainstorming ideas,writing content. Then you need to publish and promote your blog to many platforms. And many more tasks. In order you you to do all these your time management skills need to be sharp.
And do you know the secret of the rich why they became very rich?
It’s because they are wise with their time. They spend their time in a very efficient manner.


You don’t get rich being timid.You need to be confident about yourself. And you need to connect with other bloggers in your niche if you want your blog to flourish
I remember when i was starting out. I was sweating bullets when i realaized i need to mingle with other people only. And to be honest i am not really that sociable. But i forced myself to overcome my shyness. It’s the only way if i want my blog to flourish.
And the by product of connecting with other people is you expand your network. And there is a saying you are the sum of the total networth of your friends. Having friends who share your values is very good thing to have.
You talk to them about the things that matter to you. And in return they share valuable insight that you may have overlooked. Other people’s opinion matters if these people are in the same niche as you do.

7.Improves your character.

One way or another you will grow together with your blog. I believe that your blog is a direct reflection of who you are as a person. The quality of your writing alone is a clear tell tale of your attention to quality
The number of posts you produce every month is a relfection of your self discipline and hardwork. The more you work on your blog the better person you become. The quality of your blog speaks in volume of who you really are.

8.The last and best benefit of affiliate marketing is options in life.

If you stick only to your job.
You only have one choice and that is to serve someone.
Your future is summarized into a preprogrammed plan
You wake up early,go to the job you don’t really like. Put up with limited income. Stay to that job for the next 20-30 years. And when your lucky you end up with a next egg that will hopely support you for the rest of your remaining years.
Don’t you ever asked yourself if there is another way? A better way than this?
With affiliate marketing you have an option
With affiliate marketing you get an option. If you still want to go to your job or not it’s fine. If you want to stay to your old place or travel to some far flung area so be it. The rest is all up to you.What ever it is you want to do with your life you’re free to do so.
That’s a the real benefit of affiliate marketing!


As i end my post let me repeat what i said in a few sentences.
Affiliate marketing is not just a means to make money. Success in affiliate marketing provides you with


2.Put’s your talent to good use.

3.More family time.

4.Allows you to follow your passion.

5.Flexible lifestyle.

6.More oppurtunities.

7.Makes you a better person.


These are the real benefits of affiliate marketing!

Affiliate marketing is a journey.And it’s not going to be always sunshine and rainbows. There will be days where you want to give up.But never lose sight of hope,stay motivated. And soon success will come

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8 benefits of affiliate marketing you should know about
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