Did you ever thought of how to stay motivated when it seems nothing seems to work?

You know, the feeling of frustration when your doing the work but still nothing happens.

  • No engagement from your post.
  • Nobody follows your page.
  • Your bounce rate is as high as ever.

In short your blog is in a rut!

Figuring out how to stay motivated is the key

Believe it or not what is happening to you is normal to a life of a blogger.

The important thing is to not let your emotions get the better of you.

1.To stay motivated remember your why’s

First on my list on how to stay motivated is to remind yourself why you got into blogging in the first place.
This step is simple but very crucial. Often people ignore this part . They just jump right in thinking of the money to be made without actually giving it much thought.

That’s why whenever i talk to people who want to start their own blog. I always tell them to be crystal clear why they are getting into affiliate marketing. Because burnout will happen and this is for sure.

Burnouts happen when you lose sight on why your doing what your doing. I recommend you step back clear your head. And ask yourself how you got yourself into this.

This step clears most of the fog of burnouts because you get to see the bigger picture. If you can’t answer yourself then better take a break aand do some soul searching first.

I remind myself always

Everytime that i do get frustrated when nothing happens to my blog. I always take a deep breath look at my wife smiling at me .And i am back again. Sometimes a quick mental check why i am blogging.

The reason why i got into blogging

1.I want to be financial less dependent of my job

2.I want more time with my family

3.I want to live the remote lifestyle

4.I want financial freedom

These 4 are my main reasons why i got into blogging.I wrote them on my notebook a year ago. To constant remind myself why i started a blog. I recommend you do this practice if you have not done it yet.

2.Figure out exactly what went wrong

Now it’s good that you have a well define why’s. I am happy that i got you motivated. But here in my blog i’m not all motivation and no work. To get rid of the anxiety of a burnout, ask yourself what went wrong? Dissect your blog for any errors or weaknesses. Be honest with your evaluation.

Nothing happens by chance.

There is always a reason why things happen. Set aside your biases. Do an audit of your processes and output. Could it be that although you are hashing out content on a regular basis. But this content is somehow lame-ish?
Or may be you are lacking on promoting it? Stop the “if you made it people will flock to it mentality”. It does not work that way anymore.
Like they say if you put 20% on creating greate content. You need to put 80% on promoting it. What’s the use of having great content if nobody gets to read it.
Mais good but your headlines sucks or bland at best. Headlines sell your post. If its not compelling enough to stop them on their tracks. Well then you have a serious case of boringness. And you need to act on this fast.
The point of this is to stop blaming outside factors. And start working on things that are within your reach.Set aside your fears and doubt. And instead put solid actions into place.What you think is good enough effort may be not good enough at all. Analyze your content for possible weaknesses.

Ask yourself, am i missing something here?

I used to think i am putting enough effort into my blog hashing out content whenever i can. But the traffic to my blog is paltry and non exixtent. But when i asked myself ok i may be doing something wrong here. Well whatever it is i needed i am going to do it. i told myself i am ready to do anything and everything i can to fix this.
You have to learn to set aside you pride and be self critical. Be relentless with criticizing yourself. It the only way for you to find whatever it is your missing.

Common reason why nothing happens to your blog

1.Weak content

  • Too much fluff
  • Does not pique people’s interest
  • Too generic
  • Not enough value

2.Lack of promotion

  • Rely on SEO alone
  • Does not use social media
  • Does not connect with other bloggers

3.No means of engagement

  • Ignores comments
  • Don’t ask for comment and opinions of the readers
  • No call to actions

4.No follow up

  • Does not collect emails of readers
  • No email sequence what so ever

3.Find like minded people

The best way to solve your burn out is to talk to someone who shares your interest.You need to let out your frustration. And you do this by talking to someone. And this someone needs to be either undergoing what you are going through. Or have have been through already.Either of the two will be fine.
The worst thing you could do is talk to someone who don’t know or support what you do. What your looking for is positivity and emotional support. Good thing i got into good company when i started my blog.
Never share your thoughs and ideas to people who don’t share the same sentiment like you do. More othen than not these people. Will either discourage you or redicule you. For the simple rreason that they don’t understand what it is your doing.

4.Find a mentor

Anothe way to keep you motivated is to find someone who have been through what your going through. Someone who you might consider a veteran in your niche.
People underestimate the benefit of a mentor.The mentality i can do it my way gets in our way. Set aside your ego and accept the fact that. In one point in your blogging you will need someone to turn to. The thing is everybody poses as a mentor. It’s your job to sift the posers from the legit.
For me mentors serves two purpose.1.First is someone to urn to for questions2.Second is they serve as a source of inspiration.
Luckily for me,there are many legit mentor in the community i hang around. It’s so easy to me to just drop by and ask what ever my problem .And there is bound to be someone who will answer.

5.Take it easy

Whenever you feel frustrated because nothing seems to go your way. The wisest thing to do is not take it too hard. Take a deep breath and stop kicking yourself on the butt. Putting more pressure on yourself will only make it worse.
It’s kind of counter intuitive huh? You step away from the problem to solve the problem? But this works,you see the goal here is to not let your emotions get a hold of you.
It’s like pouring gasoline to fire. The more you push yourself to fix whatever your failing upon. The more frustrating it gets because your mind is so clouded. You can’t think straight anymore
The best thing to do when you get frustrated is

  • Step back from your computer

Give your self a break. Prolonged use of the computer builds tension to your body. The more you force yourself to be creative under a lot of stress will yield no result

  • Divert your attention

Go find some other to do. Anything will do,go play video games,walk the dogs. Whatever it is as long as it will remove you from your computer do it.

  • Take your time

Take your time,may be a few hour or even a day. So long as you clear your head. Creative juices will not flow until you have rested your mind from mental stress.

6.Stop comparing yourself

Another thing you should do to stay motivated is stop minding other people’s business.  Stop comparing yourself with other successful bloggers. People have different set of skills and talents. Other maybe be good with writting that’s why they succeed in a much faster pace than you.
Accept the fact that for the means time what you do is all your can do for the mean time. Comparing yourself with other peoples rate of progress. Is the perfect way to screw with your head.
Comparing yourself with others breeds self doubt and insecurity. This two things that will surely doom your blog.

7.Make a plan

And the last step to keep your self motivated is to make a plan how exactly your going to fix your problem. Loss of motivation is the result of your emotion getting out of control. The best way to get out of this rut is to have some form of clarity

And to get clarity what your need is a plan how exactly your going to solve your problem.

For example
Your losing motivation because very few people engage with your content. Using my step by step plan let’s solve this situation

First step: Remember why you got into blogging in the first place

  • You want financial freedom in the long future
  • You want to give the best future for your kids

Second step: Figure out exactly what your doing wrong

  • Check your google analytics and see which of your content gets the most engagements
  • Try replicating the steps on how you wrote those content witht he most engagements
  • If you see success continue what your doing,if not look at another angle

Third step:Find people who share your passion.

Find people who you can talk to about your problem. It’s good to talk to someone about your frustration. Especially if these people are going through the same problem themselves.

Fourth step: Find a mentor

Find people who are already succesfull with the field your working on. Try asking if you these peopel can take you under their wings

Fifth step: Take it easy

Relax,give yourself a break.Putting more mental stress into your mind will only make in worse. Step away from the computer for a day or two. Atleast when you come back you have a clear mind to tackle your problem

Sixth step:stop comparing yourself

Stop looking at social media for the meantime. Stop checking out pages of your competitors .It will only breed self doubt and low self esteem. Putting more stress to your mind by comparing yourself is the worst thing your can do to yourself.

Seventh step:

Identify what exactly is the problem and write down all the possible solutions. Create a detailed plan on how exactly your going to do this on a daily basis. Problems usually don’t get fixed on a single day. It normally takes days or weeks to see real results. That’s why i said on a daily basis .


As i conlcude my post . You can see,to stay motivated is not that hard. The key is to face it with a clear head. Identify where exactly is the problem. Give yourself a break. And do a detailed plan how to solve the problem

See it’s not so hard after all. The key is to have clarity.

So there you have it. My 7 easy step on how to stay motivated when your blog is in a rut.
I hope you learned something from my post. And if you have something to share. Or you have an opinion about my post. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Blogging can be a lucrative business if you know what your doing. Many people have been starting a blog and have changed their lives. So why not get started yourself

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For now thank you for your time. And have a nice day

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7 easy steps on how to stay motivated when you’re in a rut!
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6 thoughts on “7 easy steps on how to stay motivated when you’re in a rut!

  • October 21, 2019 at 7:54 am

    “Remember your why’s” for me, thiebienthe biggest motivation I ever get when I’m gmfaving any form of problem at all. When dealing with your site having issues and feeling like quiting having a strong mind and reminding yourself why you started is a good way to keep focused. So many people forget these things and at ome point or another run out of business. For me, I’ll love to get a mentor when I start my online business, I see that as a really helpful aspect as well. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

    • October 27, 2019 at 1:45 am

      Hi Benson

          thanks for the comment yes having a mentor is very important. That’s what separates WA affiliate marketing training from other hosting platforms because of the mentorship. It’s our secret sauce that keeps our members coming back. Add may I add it’s FREE TO TRY OUT

  • October 21, 2019 at 8:36 am

    When we start blogging, there are times when we become totally unmotivated and frustrated which is really painful felling. I have experienced this feeling many times over the years that I had never experienced in any stage of life before. At the time, I thought this was a lifelong requirement and that feeling was normal. During the day, I was never able to type a single line or paragraph, let alone create a normal content!. These 7 steps to stay motivated that you have suggested will actually help us to become more free of any tension and stress to make useful post and publish better blogs and get more exposure on the net.Thanks

    • October 27, 2019 at 1:40 am

      Hi Shirian

        Thanks for the comment. Blogging is a constant battle to push ourselves to do the necessary task to run our blogs. We need to always keep ourselves motivated and push through the self-doubt. Especially when nothing seems to happen after all we have done. Good luck with your journey blogging.

  • October 21, 2019 at 8:59 am

    This is a really good subject. It is so easy to get unmotivated, it seems that discouragement is waiting for us but we have to press through and remember what you said. Your 7 easy steps are motivating and encouraging, Thank you for writing this post. The only thing I would add is to use the abc auto check on this post, to correct were it needs it. Great subject! 

    • October 27, 2019 at 1:37 am

      Hi Renea

         Thanks for the comment. Motivation is often taken for granted but its actually plays an important part. Without motivation, nothing get’s started and if we do we get sloppy. I appreciate your comment and Goodluck on your journey


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