6 limiting beliefs that hamper your growth as a blogger

There are limiting beliefs that hamper your growth. And that you need to get rid of as early as possible. After you have decided to start a blog. You will realize that blogging is not only about hashing out content on a regular basis. As this is the case there is also a mental aspect to it. And there are certain mindsets or beliefs that affect your actions. And these limiting beliefs weight down your performance.


First and most common limiting belief that people suffer is unworthiness. Believe it or not. When you start a blog the number one thing that really kills the progress of your blogging. Is not the quality of your writing skills. But your belief that blogging is beyond your reach

Have you ever told yourself before

I can’t do this stuff

This is beyond my mental capacity

This is not for me

This blogging stuff is too complicated

Nothing seems to be working

You can’t or you think you can’t?

These are all symptoms of a deep-rooted belief that. There are stuff that are not meant for you. That you can’t learn this. That blogging is beyond your reach. These beliefs will hamper your progress. Why? because you accept defeat even before actually putting in real effort into your blog. Just because something frustrated you. You decided to already call it quits. It reaction has a lot more to do with your emotional response to an unfamiliar topic. That your actual mental capability can actually do. Rather than letting your emotions run your decisions. Why not stop for a minute. And analyze what you need to do.And try to understand the logic behind the topic you don’t understand. Sometimes a quick break to clear your head is all you need to understand a topic.

2. This is too much work

The root problem with this belief is good old laziness and lack of motivation. Blogging is a legitimate online business. And since it’s legit it means you have to devote time and effort into this endeavor. It’s like everything else worthwhile, it takes time and dedication to pull it off. Stop thinking like this because the moment you do you will start to cut corners or slack off in your effort.

Instead of thinking this is way too much work. Start thinking all this is stuff you’re doing

are all necessary. Each thing that you do is a step that leads to another important step. This, in turn, leads to you nearer to your goal.

The best way to counter this belief is to think of the reasons why you start blogging in the first place. Remind yourself of why you get into to this in the first place. Motivate yourself by reminding yourself of your why..

There are many why’s for each person and all are different. And all are special in some way. This could be

Examples of why people blog

  • Blogging is your ticket out of the 9-5 grind
  • This is a means to augment one’s income
  • This is a means to use ones talent laid dormant
  • You want to make money free of rigid schedules and a fixed workplace
  • People feel underpaid and overwork
  • You want something of your own and you can be proud of
  • There are those who are sick and tired of being broke

There so many why’s for each person. Identify your why. And use this to motivate yourself and help yourself out of the rut you’re in right now

3. Focusing too much on the sale

Are these thoughts keep popping into your head?

When are you going to make a sale?

How can I quickly make money out of my blog?

How long before I could make a commission

What is the fastest way to make money blogging?

What is the best way to monetize my blog?

You have a problem… a big one

Then my friend you have a problem. You are focusing too much on the wrong thing.You are zoning in on the money way too much. Don’t let greed get the better of you.

Don’t get me wrong making money is an important thing. But it should never be your number one goal. Your number one goals is still to provide value to your audience. It should always be your top priority. To think first of how you can help solve your readers problem first then make money second. If you always think of money first then value second will show into your blog. And this in turn will turn off your readers

. The worst thing you could do to your followers is to make them feel you only want their money. When that happens, good luck making a sale. You will never make a commission doing like this.Very minimal at best.

4. I’m not a social person

So was I when I started out. This is also one of the main issues that I dealt with when I started out. Well if you really want to make it big then you have no choice but to let go of your timidness. And accept the fact that you have to become a social butterfly. Especial when you’re promoting your blog. But don’t worry the embarrassment and shyness will go away in time. After you get accustomed to flaunting your stuff online whether it be a new post or an image. You will find it easier as you do it over and over again. The first post and the first share is always the hardest. But you’ll get over it.

5. It’s going to be easy

Cockiness or overconfidence is never a good thing. Yes trust in one’s abilities is a good thing but underestimating blogging will get you nowhere. It will lead to frustration. When you realize that you won’t get to understand all the things about blogging in one go. There are something’s that just not make sense in the first try. And sometimes common sense does not apply. The key here is to be humble enough to realize that you will need to spend some time to learn each part of blogging

6. I can outsource all the work

Now, whoever said to you that you can simply outsource blogging is lying to you. Whoever said that wants you to think that it’s a piece of cake to start a blog and want to sell you something.

This limiting belief encourages you to be lazy. The enemy here is instant gratification. Blogging is a long term commitment that requires your personal touch. Sure you outsource a part of your job as a blogger but not all. And I would not recommend outsourcing at the beginning phase of your blogging.

I only recommend outsourcing for stuff that you really don’t know. For examples like graphic designing or very complicated coding. It will take you a long time to learn.

But for things like content writing and creating a sales funnel. I recommend you do this yourself. No matter how much you suck at this. Why you ask? Because this is where the growth is. You don’t develop your skills in blogging if you always outsource your job as a blogger. You just have to do it yourself. Sure it may be slow and it may be terrible. But doing it over and over again and you will improve over time.

My final say

In conclusion, there are actually a lot more limiting beliefs and mindsets that get in our way. But I pick the ones that really do most of the damage. The key here is deep self-analysis. Try to analyze yourself. What do you think of most of the time when blogging? Try to be honest and ask yourself.

Do you always

  • Doubt yourself?
  • think blogging is a cinch?
  • panic at the first sign of trouble?
  • feel the impatience of making the sale?
  • shy away in posting your content online?
  • Lack of initiative to write anything?

Don’t feel embarrassed if you feel any of this. After all, this is human nature. And your still a human with flaws and imperfections.

The bad news is as long as you don’t deal with these limiting beliefs that hamper your growth. The longer it will persist and do you harm in the long run. The good news is it’s never too late to do something about this. As long as you can muster the strong will to face these beliefs that do you harm. The sooner you can improve your blogging skills. Believe in yourself. Believe that change can happen. Remember it’s all in your head. And it’s all up to you

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6 limiting beliefs that hampers your growth as a blogger

10 thoughts on “6 limiting beliefs that hampers your growth as a blogger

  • May 19, 2019 at 4:01 pm

    Very interesting post to make the link with limiting beliefs and starting to blog. Limiting beliefs are indeed in many ways sports, study,.., and as you write it starting to Blog, the main reason why talented people not necessarily succeed.
    This is scientifically proven what gives a lot of credit to your post. 

    I totally agree with you when you cite examples of internal conversations we all have with ourselves when doubting about how to go forward.

    I’m starting with a blog actually and your post has confronted me with the doubt and how I should just go forward not thinking about sales as you explain it. 

    • May 19, 2019 at 4:42 pm

      Hi Jacob

          thanks for the comment. I used to think these subject of limiting beliefs are nothing but hogwash. But then I realize that it does make sense. Like for example, I planned to start a self-help blog. But then right as I about to start a blog. There’s this doubt inside of me. This nagging inside of me telling me who the heck do I think I am trying to help people when I myself needed help. This feeling telling you-you’re not worthy. And asking you what do you have that others don’t have that makes you so great? That thought stopped me on my tracks. Although the thought has some merit into it. I shouldn’t have let that stopped me on my dreams of having a self-help blog in the first place. I should have faced the problem head-on with a clear mind on how to solve it. But instead, I let it beat me and forego with the plan. Sometimes the thing that stops us from our dreams is ourselves, We’re just too blind with fear and pride to see it

  • May 19, 2019 at 4:07 pm

    That’s an awesome article. The 6 limiting belief you have mentioned are commonly found in people. Truth is that a blogger start a blog in the hopes of earning money and of they don’t see any result for couple of months they get discouraged. 

    How did you overcome the fear of not earning money in your initial days of blogging? And how long does it take in your opinion to become an expert blogger? 

    thanks for sharing this useful post highlighting limiting beliefs. 

    • May 19, 2019 at 4:53 pm

      Hi Akshay

         thanks for the comment. To be honest for the longest time possible. It the money that really motivated me. But when I really thought about it. When you too focused on it too much. It clouds your judgment. You can’t think clearly. Lessons and research don’t really stick in my head because I’m pressured to make a sale.But then i decided what the heck I decided to forget the money thing and just stick to learning everything and applying what i learned . Not because I will get paid but because I really wanted to blog.I focused my learning to solve other people’s problem and that’s it. And about becoming an expert blogger. Nobody can tell how long exactly before you get this blogging thing. But if you stick with this long enough. You just kinda know. You will feel that the lessons and research start to make sense. And you can feel it you can tell yourself. You can make thing blogging thing work!  

  • May 19, 2019 at 4:09 pm

    There are number of times that I want to finish my blogs but I had to stop midway because of procrastination, unorganised thoughts, and fear of not producing an article that could beneficial for me and the readers. Yes, I believe when you said that everything will lead to frustration if we, bloggers underestimate the skill. I need a deeper reflection before I hit my keyboard. Thanks to your advice, it encouraged me to move forward and get on with it ’cause everything you said just hit me hard on the face. 

    • May 19, 2019 at 5:02 pm

      Hi missusB

            Thanks for the comment. Most people think that blogging is all about writing, reading, promoting. Very few realize that blogging is an emotional thing. Most things are.No matter how much you know But when your mindset is whack. Nothing will go the right wayNo amount of effort can compensate for a clouded mind. I am happy to have been of service to you. Sorry if I have been blunt. But sometimes the best thing to do is facing ugly truths.I hope you succeed in your blogging journey.

  • May 19, 2019 at 4:23 pm


    Those are 6 wonderful reasons, as we can be our own worst enemy. We constantly place barriers in front of us to stop us achieving anything.

    In life nothing is given to us, and so we have to work hard to achieve success. I always like to say the more you put in, the more you will get out. Point 5 is the most poignant as cockiness is the undoing of many people.  Uncertainty keeps you humble, certainty makes you arrogant. 

    I personally think people go into blogging for the wrong reasons with lofty ideas. I am a great believer If you  have low ambitions and exceeds them is better than aim high and be defeated.

    Thank you


    • May 19, 2019 at 5:13 pm

      Hi tony

             thanks for the comment. Like I said before we are our greatest enemy. Nothing is by accident. You have to be deliberate if you want result. You can only expect what you have given. People do start a blog for all the wrong reasons. There’s a reason why humility is the mother of all virtues. Thank you for your time and effort commenting.I wish you success on your blogging journey

  • May 19, 2019 at 4:32 pm

    Oh my God, is this writer a mind reader? All these are my first experience when I created my first site. All my impression was to earn money very fast from the site. I got discouraged after creating my first post which doesn’t have any engagement. I felt too bad and lost courage in making another post. Thanks to my friend who supported me with his encouragement. A timid,shy dude is now a good content writer.

    • May 19, 2019 at 5:07 pm

      Hi stella

          thanks for the comment.I really appreciate it.I am happy to hear that you have a friend who have supported you when you were down.I wish you more success on your blogging journey


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