20 really simple steps To the blog post headline Of Your Dreams

Did it occur to you?

You have written this “amazing” article .And you you used the very first blog post headline that came to your mind. And you felt really sure that people will like like it. Scratch that, your sure people will love it!

I mean you thought it’s the content that really matters right? It’s the value that you bring with your contentBut then after you did your due diligence and worked your butt of researching, writing.

What you thought to be a great blog post. But when you hit the publish button.
Nothing….nothing happened. As in total silence. The blogosphere ignored your post.
And your wondering…what went wrong?

You got all the details on points on point. You checked all the fact. You stuffed it so much value people will pay to get your stuff.But nothing happens.

My friend you have made one major blunder. What you did not notice is that you may have the greatest blogpost the world has ever known.

If your blog post headlines suck!.

Then sorry my friend nobody’s going to read your “great” blog post.

It’s good that you have a great content and all. But first somebody’s got to read it first. And in order for people to read your post someone’s got to click it

People need a pretty good reason why they need to click your post
And how the heck do you do that?

Craft a compelling blog post headline that’s how!
And that’s where i come in. In this post i come up with 20 ways to guide you on how to craft your blog post healine of your dreams!

Sound cliche but i’m sticking with it.I rounded up. The steps and techniques the pro’s use to craft sexy,head-turning,blog post headline. So let’s get this post going!

1.Kick off with a partial blog post headline

Start with a partial headline.It will serve as the guide and general idea of the post. It’s not your final headline but atleast it will get the ball rolling.

Sort of a frame work of the idea that the entire body of the post will follow.
Other people preach that you first work on the body of the post then the title.

No! it does not work that way. Work with a general idea and you would end up with a hodge podge of content that is far from your original idea.

For example let’s say your topic is shih tzu puppy dog care. And you want to write starting with the general idea of the postYou could end up with a blogpost that is all over the place,unorganized and lacks a sense of direction

But if we start with a partial blog post headline of let’s say

  • 8 ways to a healthier shih tzu puppy
  • 7 fool-proof steps to a happier shih tzu puppy
  • 9 reasons why your shih tzu puppy hates you

See, there’s a direction with your writing. This may not be the final blog post headline. However this sure beats the heck out of winging it.

2. Make your blog post headline relevant to someone

With this step you will need to have your audience profile on point. You see to become relevant you have to have a solid idea who you want to resonate with.
It can’t be anybody because like i always preach. Serving everyone means serving no one. To craft a compelling blog post headline. You need to dedicate the post to someone.

You need to know what is the pain,frustration and dreams of your audience. Doing this,you will be able to craft better blog post headlines

For example

  • 7 steps to get more client
  • why people doubt themselves

Ok so what’s wrong with these headlines?They seemed ok. Yes they are ok but these blog post headline does not connect with anyone.These are to vague

What not try this instead:

  • 7 steps freelance virtual assistants can get more clients
  • 10 Good reasons people with OCD doubt themselves

You see what i just did?

I dedicated it to someone making it relevant.

I will be honest nobody gives a crap about you and your post.

What people do care is themselves. So you have to have something that will benefit other people or else people will pass your post. It is as simple as that my friend

3.Keep your blog post headline true to the content

Now it good to inject some controversy to your headlines. It piques people’s interest. But there a line between a compelling headline and clickbaiting.
Be sure that whatever blog post headline you end up with.

It still adhere to the content of your post.

Don’t let the truthfulness of your post suffer because you want to drum up buzz with your blog post headline.
There should be balance between enticiment and truthfullness to your headline

4. Optimize your blog post headline for search engine

I have mentioned this with my other post. But i will mention it again. Never forget to add On-page SEO with your writing.

Make On page SEO a habit

What’s the use of writing a great blogpost if it won’t get discovered by other people.

Insert keywords into your headlines keywords.It’s the best way,no! the only way you get serious traffic with your blog

But of course make sure to not force your keyword into your blog post headline. It has to come naturally into a sentence. Like a normal person would talk.

5.Design you blog post headline to be sociable

There is no exact science on crafting a compelling blog post headline. It all depends on what are your purposes. And which platform your going to promote your content.

your blog post headline,if its google search,

Now if  Google search is your main goal then keep your blog post headline within the 70 character limit. Or else it will get chopped off when it appears on google search

And if its for social media

For Facebook try to make your blog post headline at 12-14 word. Now if your going to promote it on Twitter 10-12 words is the sweet spot

6.Make a promise and deliver with your blog post headline

Use words like Guide to,ultimate resourcle,best of. These words imply a promise that they don’t have to go anywhere else. They solution to their problem is wrtten on your post

For example

Ultimate guide to losing weight in 4 weeks

See what i did. I made a promise that this post is the ultimate guide. I am promising that if they read this post they will lose weight and not just lose weight.

They will lose the weight in 4 weeks. Now what is someone who really wants to lose weight and he wants it in the shortest time possible. There is a big chance that he or she would click on my post.

7. When crafting blog post headline appeal to people’s emotion

Attach to an emotion

Do you know why people buy expensive stuff that they would probably not use it anyway? Because marketers are good at appealing to our emotions. People buy stuff based not on logic but on how they “feel” about the product.

You earn people’s attention

It’s the same thing with coming up with blog post headline. Your selling your content to people. And you do this with your headlines. If people liked your headline because they “feel” something about your post. They pay you with attention

So how do you do this?

That’s easy Use power words!
Ok so what are power words?
Power words are words with strong meaning.These word inject that extra punch to your post

Use these word to arouse an emotion

To provoke fear use words such:
Agony Apocalypse Armageddon Assault Backlash Beating Beware Blinded Blood Bloodbath Bloodcurdling Bloody

Encourage and inspire use words like:
Amazing Ascend Astonishing Astounding Audacious Awe-inspiring Awesome Backbone Badass

Ellicit desire use words like
Allure Arouse Bare Begging Beguiling Brazen Captivating Charm Cheeky Climax

Spark some anger use words like:
Abhorrent Abuse Annoying Arrogant Ass kicking Backstabbing Barbaric Bash Beat

These are just sample of power word that you can add to your arsenal when writing a blog post headline

8.When crafting your blog post headline make it specific

Now one major trait of any good blog post headline is it is clear with its purpose. What i mean by that is it clearly show what problem it solves and what you will get from it.

Example of this is

How to maintain a lawn

This headline is as limp as an over boiled sausage. It does not say how exactly it will solve the readers problem.

Now let’s add some specificity with this post will we?

Let’s add exactly how many steps needed

8 steps on how to maintain your lawn

That’s ok but we could do better

Add a specific purpose to the post

8 steps on how to maintain a lawn during the weekends

See,we add that specific problem that the post is solving.Not only that it teaches people how to maintain theire lawns but how to do it during the weekends.

How much more specific can you get!

9.Be clear with the value of your blog post headline

When i started with this post i mentioned that there’s got to be a reason why should people click your post.
And you do this by showing upfront what people will get when they read your post

For example of these are

4 ways on how to have a better relationship with your son. 

The fastest way to losing weight

See these headlines are clear with what the audience will get if they click on the post. People need to see the value of reading your post. Before they even consider clicking your link.

10.Add large numbers to your blog post headlines

People love long list articles or what bloggers call “listicles”
Listicles are easier to read and write. And it is also the most clicked when compared with other types of blogpost

So how did that happened?

Well because listicles organizes information into bite size pieces. And informs the reader before hand how long the article will be. And how far along the reader is on the article.

You can get started with listicles simply by doing

  • “x steps to the y (goal)”
  • “x reason why”
  • “x amazing facts about (famous person)”
  • “x secret ingedient to (adjective)+goal “

examples of these are
1. 65+ social networking sites you need to know about

2 .222 Excel shortcuts for Windows and Mac

3. 34 Writing Tips That Will Make You a Better Writer

4. 40 books to read before you die, from Frankenstein to Vanity Fair

See how list with large numbers compels you to read them?
It’s because it is making a promise to the reader that if you read this ,you will get this much information.
And besides, what would you rather read? a 5 social networking site to promote your blog or 65 social networking site to promote your blog
Of course you will go with the larger number because that’s where you will find more solution.

Ok so now let us now use it into action

Let’s pick a simple topic
food preparation
Turn it into a good headline
“25 food preparation hacks”
Let’s make it into a better headline
“25 food prepartion hacks every guy should know”
Ok that’s better but what we need is great. Remember we want to stand out
“25 blazing fast food preparation hacks every married guy should know”
Now that’s a title that will turn a guy’s head and stop him on his tracks.

11.Try injecting scarcity into your blog post headline

Have you ever felt that the more scarce an object is the more desirable it is to you?
We people have the mentality that we desire what we cannot get.
And that the harder we can get that one thing the harder we work for it?

The same thing goes for blog post headline.

Studies have shown that injecting scarcity adds an appeal of that you can’t find it anywhere else.
And that adding a sense of scarcity makes a post percieved as more valuable and precious.

Use word like secrets,limited time,only,hurry,act now,last chance,rush,going out of business,now or never
Lets set some example5 tips to a better backhand10 signs of skin cancer8 habits that make you poor.

These are not so bad headlines but they are not great titles as well

Let’s spice it up with a dash of scarcity

5 secrets to a better backhand nobody tells you

10 subtle signs of skin cancer and why you need to hurry!

8 habits that make you poor and why you need to act now!

See what happened?

I added some element of scarcity on it and voila!

Better blogpost headlines with just a sprinkle of spice on it!

12. Make a comparison and let the reader be the judge

Try using comparison why crafting blog post headlines. It leaves the readers mind to think and engage with your post.
Adding a sense of competition into your blog post headline is a good way to draw traffic to your blog.

Because your pitting one product or service that people use. Against another product that other people support
You’re adding intrigue to your post and letting people get into the mix by asking for comments.

For example

Facebook marketing or twitter marketing?which is betterCanva or Photoshop spark which would you use?

Comparison means options

People love comparison headlines because it is useful when making a decision. People want options and that’s what you get with comparison headlines.

Ok so how do you use apply it on headlines?
That’s easy just use the format

  • X vs Y which should you buy?
  • X vs Y Which is better?
  • X vs Y The rundown
  • X vs Y what you need to know!

So now let’s practice it by coming up with our own headline using comparison

topic Intermittent fasting and keto diet

Intermittent fasting vs keto diet the review this one is ok headline but let’s try making it better

Intermittent fasting vs keto diet the face-off which to pick and why

-Now that’s a headline that you would certainly click if your looking which is the better way to lose weight

And how many people are looking for a way to lose weight and undecided between keto and fasting? A lot!

13.Add details to your blog post headlines

Use Why,what who and how into your headlines

Search engine is where people go to when they are looking for answer. Why,who,what and how headlines get a lot of traffic because people want answers to a specific problem.

Why do you think how-to articles get so much traffic?

Because how-to posts provide details people are looking for!
Opening your blogpost with the headline using W,W,WH (why,who,what and how) is not only good for SEO. It also promises us we will learn something new.

Here are some of my suggestions on how to use this approach

  • what you can do with _____ and how
  • where to get the best deal for a ____ for how much
  • why ___ do ___

Now lets apply this on a headline and the topic is buying a house.
Topic: buying a house
Where to get the best deal for buying a house in florida- it’s a bit ho-hum we can do better
Where to get the best deal for buying a house in florida for under 400K- now it’s better but we can upgrade this
7 real estate agency where we can get the best deal for buying a house for under 400K – now it’s a great title

14. Imply you know better

Experience is the best teacher of all.A smart man will learn from his mistake.

But a wiseman will learn from the mistakes of other.

Add a sense of experience on crafting your blog post headline with the intention of sharing a lesson

Example of these are

What 14 years of seafaring have taught me well

10 things i learned from losing my hair

6 thing i learned from courting a woman for five years

These titles speak directly to the heart of the readers. Especially those who are experiencing what you have gone through. When done right this type of headlines get a lot of comments.

15.Use science to your advantage

People love proven and trustworhty answers. Try using backed by science in your headlines. Any headlines that is backed by science exudes an aura of authority. Since a figure of authority on that field vouch for it.

examples of these are:

10 ways to be happier:backed by science

10 amazing lifehacks that is actually backed by science

5 study hacks proven by science

16.Make a referrence with famous people.

Famous people have an influence with people. Borrow some of this influence by using a famous person and reffering to him or her. This way you convey your messege better because the reader has someone who they can relate to

For example

Let’s pick a famous person and for this we’re going to use benjamin fraklin and our main topic is time management

Simple headline: How benjamin franklin manages his time

This is ok title but it’s vague and if it wasn’t for benjamin franklin this headline would have meant nothing

Better headline: 7 things you can learn from benjamin fraklin’s time manage skills

See what we did,we used a public figure and tied it with time management.

We borrowed some influence by dropping someone’s name and viola! You got yourself a compellig headline.

17. Try asking a question

When crafting a blog post headline try using the interrogative approach
Studies have shown that asking a question are powerful to our minds.

Why you ask?

because it primes our curiosity
Think about it how did you got into your passions and hobbies?

How did you got started with the one thing that drives you ?

It started out of curiousity. You didn’t got started with blogging out of nowhere you got in because you got curious.

How did this happened?

Because the human brain is wired to know more!
Once we know a little about something that interests us. We want to know more about it.
Use this to your advantage!

Couple this with your audience profile. And you got your self a killer headline for a very specific group of people.

One thing though to best use the question approach.

This has to be something that your audience can relate to or would love to get answered.

Example of these are
Dont know where to get traffic for your blog? do this 6 stepsNot really sure how to write engaging content? try these 9 ideas

Ok so let try the ask approach

Topic: pre nup agreement

Ho-hum title:Do you need a pre nup agreement? ,ok now this one
sucked it’s obvious and vague.

Let’s work on this a bit

Better headline: Do you need a pre nup agreement when you’re broke?

Now that is better! but let’s try upping the ante

Best headline: Do you need a crappy pre nup agreement where both of you are broke?

You see,the question approach adds a tinge of do you need to? into the mix. And depending to your audience, they can relate to the question

18.Surprise people

Add an element of surprise to your blog post headlines. The reason why this approach is a hit is because the straight-forward approach is dull.

People know where your coming from

We already know what’s coming. And just by reading the title we already know what the poor author has to say.

So his post ends up unnoticed.

Lost in void together with all the other millions of post left ignored.

But not because i said you need to surprise people.

It necessarily means you need to come up with a totally brand new idead.

No you don’t.

You surprise people by adding your own perspective about your topic.

You can do this by

1. Contrasting to a long firm beliefs

2.Using famous people and adding a contrasing comparison.

3.Putting in your own take about an old topic.

4.Aiming for a different angle to an old post

 For example

“8 smart reasons why buying a house is not such a good idea after all”

“Why losing your job while you have a mortgage and broke is not a bad thing after all”

“10 really good reason having a job is bad for your finances”

See what we did,by adding a fresh angle to a straight forward topic.

And you end up with a compelling blogpost headlines

19. Consider using negative headlines

Why not try using the negative approach?

Most of the headlines are in the postive approach such as

9 steps to a shinier,prettier smile in 30 days or less

5 things i learned watching seinfeld

10 surprising facts you don’t know about friends

Why not mix it up doing the not to do approach like:

8 things to do to kill your pet parrot9 ways to a sure fire way to a 10K dollar debt

6 habits that will keep you broke….for life!

6 sure fire ways to keep you out of a woman’s bed

People have this tendency that the more you tell them don’t do a thing. The more they want to do the exact thing.

It’s just like curiosity it prime our mind with ok so what will happen if i actually do the thing.

It piques our desire to get what others forbids us

We people want to get what we cannot meet.

And using the negative or the not to do put flames into that desire.

Use this mentality to your advantage. Hash out headlines that provokes our hidden desire to call attention

so how do you do this?

So to apply these into practice is simple what ever your messege is just invert it

example topic weight loss

10 things to eat if you want to gain weight fast this  is ok but let’s try another one.

10 yummy foods to eat to gain a ton of weight really fast!

20.Make your blog post headline sound easy and fun

The last on the list is add a tone of ease.

You can do this by using the words easy,simple,no-brainer any word that imply that anybody can do it.

Words you can use are effortless,partly,cinche,no-sweat,piece of cake

So how do you do it?

The formula would be
(number of steps)+(adjective easy)+verb+goal

Now let’s put this formula to practice ok?

Topic would be picking a family car

6 simple steps in choosing a a family car it’s ok but let’s try again

6 effortless steps in choosing a family car without breaking the bank

See it wasn’t so hard after all

You know why this blog post headline will work?

Because people want it easy,they want it now.

People will spend money in exchange for convinience

People are constantly looking for the easy way to do everything.

And making your headline imply ease if they read your post would really call attention.
Now to sum it all up. Your blog post title are important,very important.

Your headline is your one shot in catching the eye of your reader.

Take your time when writing your headlines.

However crafting a killer blog post headline isn’t all that complicated. As a recap i will enumarate again the steps i have written

  1. Kickstart with a draft
  2. Make it a relevant
  3. Keep it true to the content
  4. Optimize for search engines
  5. Design it to be sociable
  6. Make a promise and deliver
  7. Appeal to people’s emotions
  8. Make it specific
  9. Be clear with its value
  10. Add large numbers
  11. Inject scarcity
  12. Use comparison
  13. Include details(W,W,W,H)
  14. Imply you know better
  15. Use science to your advantage
  16. Make referrence to famous people
  17. Ask a question
  18. Surprise people
  19. Try using negative headlines
  20. Make it sound easy and fun

Applying atleast 4 of the 20 steps that i wrote. And i bet you too can come up with your own killer blog post headline .

I hope this post will serve you well when writing your content.

For any on interested

If you have any comments or suggestion. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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20 simple Steps To the blog post headline Of Your Dreams

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  • September 23, 2019 at 9:41 am

    Wow! This is the most detailed article I have ever read on the best steps to giving creative and winning headlines. This is really awesome to know of. I like the one that has to do with appealing to emotions and I must try harder to crafting my headline towards that. Also, infusing it with SEO is also a great step to take. Altogether, all these steps have something to offer and if well used, would definitely improve the chances of hitting more traffic flow

    • October 27, 2019 at 1:56 am

      Hi Bella

         Thanks for reading through my post. It’s quite detailed and not all have the patience to read it through the end. I am happy you appreciate my post. Like i say posts with great headlines get read period.

  • September 23, 2019 at 9:43 am

    Blogging is one very sensitive thing to get involved in as you have to be very careful when putting up an article and most importantly, having a captivating headline crowns it all. There are times when someone wouldn’t be in need of what your post is passing across but just because you have a captivating headline, they will want to check what’s up. Looking at these tips you have given to arriving at a desired headline of ones dream, I am completely convinced if these tips are considered, one would get the desired outcomes. Best regards.

    • October 27, 2019 at 1:54 am

      Hi Chloe

        Thanks for the comment.I am happy to hear that you appreciate my post. Headlines are your bait. It’s good to create great content but more focus is needed to be put to the headline conceptualization. Good luck with your blogging journey

  • September 23, 2019 at 9:43 am

    Your headline is the first thing that people see and it is what can have them click to continue reading or not. So, you need to put the necessary effort in order to get it right. I know that many people tend to use clickbait title but it is really not useful, because the person will bounce out as fast as they clicked because the content is completely different from the title. You can stay sincere and still attract readers. And it is the best thing to do, keep your headline interesting and related to your content.


    • September 25, 2019 at 10:32 am

      Hi adyns68

             thanks for the comment.I  am happy that you appreciate my post. Click bating is a complete no-no

  • September 23, 2019 at 9:43 am

    Wow, I had no idea that creating a headline itself is already something to think about! I’ve always tried to keep it creative and catchy, but after reading this article I know that this is not the way to go…  Seems like I have some changes to make :). I mostly use Pinterest as a social media channel, How many characters is advisable there?

    • September 25, 2019 at 10:31 am

      Hi Virendra

                  thanks for the comment, crafting blog post headlines need practice. And it’s mostly trial and error. It’s more of an art than a science. More power to your blogging

  • September 23, 2019 at 9:43 am

    Wow, I never knew that so much should go into choosing a blog name. It’s very nice to see that you have brought here a list of what to do because I used to think that there are only two things to look at. If the name is relevant to the content and if it is optimised for the search engines. I think I have learnt many new things today from your single blog post. I will put all this in mind. Thanks!

    • October 27, 2019 at 1:48 am

      Hi Henderson

           Thanks for the comment, there is a lot to take into consideration with the headlines of your post. Like I said to other people your headline is your bait. If your bait sucks then nobody get’s tor read your post.Good luck with your journey in blogging

  • September 23, 2019 at 9:46 am

    For what is worth, this article is worth reading and I’m delighted I read it.  These steps are really simple but it requires constant practise to be able to craft this more often. Thanks so much for sharing this. Being a rookie, I am just learning how to run most thongs that deal with affiliate marketing and blogging and I’m sure this would really get me rolling with my website. All these tips are great and I look forward to applying them. Thanks

    • September 25, 2019 at 10:28 am

      Hi Mattias

          thanks for appreciating my post. Being a rookie, things can be overwhelming because you need to learn everything at the shortest time possible. Keep practicing and take things one step at a time. More power to your blogging

  • September 23, 2019 at 9:54 am

    I just wish that I found this article before I started my blog. Your really simple steps is a guaranteed road map to the blog post headline that will lead to success.

    Your second point on making the headline relevant to someone has actually made my day especially the examples of the wrong headline given side-by-side with the “winner” headline.

    I have bookmarked your article and you can be sure that I am broadcasting the link to this article to all my friends in our online chat group. Thanks for creating such a masterpiece. Have a nice day

    • September 25, 2019 at 10:26 am

      Hi Chris

      thanks for the comment, I am happy that my post served you well.More power to your blogging 

  • September 23, 2019 at 10:00 am

    Headlines are very important in a blog post even great content with a bad headline won’t perform well. The obvious solution is to write a killer headline for every piece of content and fortunately, these process will definitely steer me up in the right direction and execute them with repetition,  although It will take some time, but eventually one will become more comfortable with the headline writing process.

    • September 25, 2019 at 10:24 am


          Thanks for the comment, crafting headlines need time effort and practice. But as you said the skill will come to you in due time


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