18 good reasons why blogging is way better than a job

14 good reasons why blogging is way better than a job


You have read somewhere that blogging is way better than a job. And it caught your attention. You have been working for years now. And you’re starting to wonder if there’s a better way to make money.

You have been pouring your heart and soul into your job. But you know deep in your gut. You not getting to where you want to be. So your open in exploring other options to make a living out of the regular 9-5 grind.


And you have read a post about blogging. And now your gathering enough whys before you “take the jump”. So here I am with my post listing the top 15 reasons blogging is way better than a job


1. Flexible time


The first reason why blogging is way better than a job is its flexibility. When you start a blog you own your time. You get to decide what you will do for the day. If you want to spend the day with your family. You can work your double time on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. And be free for Friday until Sunday. Or you can spend time with your kids the whole morning till the afternoon. And then work on your blog for the rest of the evening. It’s all up to you


2. Location independent


Since blogging is online. Another reason why blogging is way better than a job is your location is irrelevant. You can make your post while in a coffee shop. Promote your blog while on a bus. Comment on other blogs while in a park. It does not matter where you are. As long as you are doing your duty to your blog.Where ever you do it rests on your discretion.


3. You get to be creative


The third reason why blogging is way better than a job is. In a job your tasks are repetitive. And most of the time does not make full use of your talents. In blogging, you get a chance to tap into your creative side. You get to use your writing skills that have been long dormant since college. If you have artistic skills. You can use it when creating graphics for your page. If you have the gift of gab. You can use it when creating a sales page.


4. It’s never boring


Believe me on this one. There are so many things to do when you get into blogging. There’s so much to learn when you start a blog. It never gets old. There is always something new to discover.

I am more than a year in blogging now. And I have only scratched the surface. Unlike in a job. where you feel like your job is sucking the soul right out of you. Blogging will never bore you.


5. You get to be in charge


Do you have this empty feeling inside of you?


You know, the feeling of being sick and tired


Sick and tired of taking orders from someone else


And that you feel like life is slipping out of your hands?


If you start a blog, you get to be in charge. You get to be “the man“. In your blog, your in control. No one else will tell you what to do or not to do. Where else can you get that kind of liberty?


6. A chance to pursue your passion


Let’s face it. In a job, there are a few cases where you get to pursue your passion. Only if your passion is flipping burgers or washing cars. You will never get a chance to go after what drives you. If you’re going to stick to one job.


7. This is your chance to shine


Have you ever had the experience where someone else gets the credit for your hard work? How many times did your supervisor or co-worker got the recognition? When in fact, it was you who did all the heavy lifting. You know you’re talented. You just don’t get your chance to show your real abilities. Well if you start a blog you will get that chance. Let your God-given talents show in your work. In your blog, you get to showcase who you really are. And what you’re truly capable of.


8. You become somebody


Do you have this longing deep inside of you?


This need to be somebody?


For so long you kept bowing to someone else


Even though you know you are smart.


Smarter than what people think of you


When you start a blog and stick with it. After years of hard work, you will get an audience of your own. People will start to look up to you for an answer. You become an inspiration for others. You drive people to take action and change for the better. People will respect you. And what you say and do will matter to people who follow your blog. What better feeling it is somebody. You won’t get that with a job. This I can guarantee you.


9. You have real control over your destiny.


Do you really think that you will get to reach your dreams with a job alone? Don’t fool yourself into thinking yours in control. As long as you stick with job alone. You will never get to steer your destiny exactly as you want to. You will always be dependent on what your boss or board directors decisions. If your company decide to scrap your department. Or outsource your job overseas you can do nothing about it.


10. You answer to no one.


This is another good reason why blogging is way better than a job.vWhen you call the shots.  You answer to no one. No crazy boss to deal with. You don’t have to put up with other peoples drama and B.S.! You get to live B.S. free!


11. You get to choose who you want to work with


When you’re stuck with an office job. You don’t get to pick who you’re going to work with. You are stuck with putting up with all the drama with working with others. And there’s nothing you can do about it but to suck it up. Not with blogging. You get to choose who you want to deal with. If you don’t want to work with someone. You have the liberty to leave or not talk to that person.


12. It offers you an escape from office politics


Don’t you wish you can just get away from the office politics in your job?


Are you tired of putting up with all the drama of your co-workers and your boss?


Have you asked yourself? Is there another way to make a living without all this?


People all other the world deal with this B.S. every day. But never tried to find any alternative believing a job is the only way. Blogging provides you with an option. And a chance to walk away from all the office politics and drama that comes with having a job.


13. You get to find your own place under the sun.


When you’re in a job your just an employee. A number in the wall. A cog in a wheel. You have no identity of your own. Unless you

become an executive, you’re a nobody. Do this for years. And you will develop a longing. A yearning to have your own place under the sun. Blogging can give you exactly that. Your blog is your “very own place under the sun”.And as long as you work hard to nurture it. It will continue to grow.


14. You get exactly what you work hard for.


In a job, you get a fixed amount every month. No matter how hard you work. You will get a predetermined amount. Nothing more nothing less. And don’t you get tired of that? You pour your heart and soul into your work. But who gets to reap all your hard work? Your company of course! They are the one who gets rich in your efforts. While you a fixed amount.


15. There are many ways to make money.


Unlike in a job where you get only one source of income. When you blog there are many ways you can make money. The obvious and the least rewarding is posting ads to your site. Then there’s my favorite, affiliate marketing. After that, you can promote your own product. This can be an information product or an actual product. You can also do consultations. Then there’s freelance service. Blogging opens you up to many means to make money. It makes you wonder why you’re wasting your time with a job.


16. You can scale your business


Another good thing about blogging is you can outsource parts of your work. You are not limited to just one website. After you have set up a website and made it successful. You can set up another website and grow it. Like the first one you did. And then if those two sites have been profitable. You can set up another one just like it. And on and on and on. Isn’t that cool? You can’t do that with a job


17. You can partially or fully automate it.


Also, a good thing with blogging is you can outsource parts your job.

Or even most of your job. Meaning you can hire someone else to do stuff for you. And can even do a better job than what you can do. You can outsource your content writing, blog promotion, graphic designing. You can even set a whole team to manage your blog. Making is almost automatic, sweet huh?


18. Financial independence is a possibility at a young age.


And finally with blogging financial freedom is not impossible anymore. Especially at a young age.The problem with the financial freedom. you need many sources of income. When I say many 1 or 2 sources won’t cut it. You will need more than that.

What experts say is

Often when you speak of financial freedom experts will say. Live below your means. You then save what remains. Then invest what you save. Its all fine idea but the thing is. You need to set aside a certain amount and invest it. For a very long period of time. Think of decades. At least two decades to fully enjoy the benefit of what you have invested.


By then you would be around 50’s or 60’s. You won’t be “young enough” to enjoy it. What if you don’t have 20 years to invest. Then what do you do? What if you want to enjoy financial freedom in your prime. So what will you do about it? Your job can never help you with that. But with blogging, you can. You can create many sources of income. Enough to fund your retirement fund at a much faster rate. Thus providing you with a shot at financial freedom at a young age.



Inspired now to take action? I hope you did. But I warn you though. Blogging takes time, patience and capital. Blogging is great. I, myself enjoy blogging. The key is you have to approach it with a long-term mentality. And set realistic goals when you are blogging.

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18 good reasons why blogging is way better than a job

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