You want a tip on how to write a blogpost.You’re thinking of how to write a blog post. The really good ones that people actually read. You know the one that turn people’s head. The one that capture people’s hearts and mind. The kind that creates raving fans.
The problem is you don’t know how exactly to do it.Well dont worry about it. In this post follow the tips in this post. And it will get you going in no time.
The most common problem with running a blog is “content creation”. Of course when we’re talking about content. We are not talking about just any content but ” quality” content. In this post we will talk about tips. That can help you create an awesome blogpost. That builds authority and trust.So let’s get things going!

1.Brainstorm content ideas.

The process on how to write a great blog post starts even before you write the first sentence. The first tip on how to write a blog post starts with content ideation. Of course you won’t get anywhere. If you don’t first settle down on specific topic.

A great blog post starts with an idea.It maybe another angle to a popular post. Or maybe a contradiction to a known belief. Even a personal insight to a trending topic.Everything starts with an idea. So ok where do you get ideas for a post then? Good thing you asked There are actually a lot of places where you can get ideas for a post if you know what to look for.

Sources of content ideas








8.Blog topic generator(hubspot)

9.Answer the public

10.Facebook groups

11.Google news


2.Know your audience

The second tip on how to write a blog post is you have to know who it is for. You have to take into consideration your audience. Put yourself into your reader’s shoes.
Think of your readers problem’s that you will solve with your post. The key here is relevance. You need to write a post intended to be for someone else. What’s the use of wrting a post the post if no one’s interested at all.

The best way to do this are

  • Create an audience profile

When you’re a new blogger you don’t have an audience of your own yet. There’s no data to base your action. So what are you going to now? Well my tip on how to write a blog post  is to create an audience profile.

An audience profile is the model of your “ideal reader” if he/she would be a real person. The point of an audience profile is to have an idea who would best relate to your content.

  • Ask your audience

Now if you have been blogging for sometime now. And already have an audience. Then the best thing to do is ask them what they want you to write next. You can do this through


Study the comments posted by your readers. You may discover new ideas and problems your audience want to solve.


Create a simple survey. And ask your audience to fill them out.The key here is to make it as simple as possible. Don’t ask for too much detail or they will find it intrusive. Be direct to the point.

3.Make a poll

If you’re struggling to know what your readers want to read about. Then ask them on social media. Popular social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Allows you to start a poll right into your post.

3.Mine those keywords

What’s the use of writing a post if no one’s going to see it? My third tip on how to write a blogpost is to include keywords into your post!. So people can find your content through search engine. Social media traffic is good and all. But still, the top traffic you should aim for is Organic search engine traffic. And the very first step is through keywords.

Some of the keyword reasearch tool i recommend is

1.Google keyword planner



4.Moz keyword research tool

You can include these keywords in places like



3.Opening paragraph

4.Closing paragraph


6.Body of the post

7.Main images

4.Headlines sells

Fourth tip on how to write a blog post that sells is to have a killer headline.

Headlines is the most read part of your blogpost. It is the single determining factor. If people are going to read your post or not!Did you ever wonder why company hire “goodlooking people”. To promote their product on ads and t.v?

They could have took some random woman on the street. Made her wear fancy clothes. And strapped a slogan on her head. And call it a day.No! they went through all the trouble of scouting hundreds of models. Spent hours comparing and discussing. Which of these people have the perfect jawline. The right proportion of shoulder to neck. The perfect waistline. And all the minute detail that people will not ever bother check.
Why you ask? Simple, because of good looks!.

Good looks command attention.
It makes people listen.
Looks exudes charisma

People can’t resist flashy hairstyle, chiseled jaw,and coca cola shaped bodies. It’s the “bait” that people use to catch people’s attention And in this fast paced world. Where attention is a very rare commodity. You will need every single advantage you can get.

The same goes for your Headline. If your blogpost would have been a person. Her headline is her looks. The more attractive your headline. The better chance it gets read.
Headlines are that important.

Some of the online tools i use when coming up with an headline are

1.Portent’s title generator

2.Tweak your biz title generator

3.Impact blog title generator by blogabout

4.Inboundnow title generator

5.The hoth title generator

6.SEOpresseor blog title generator

5. Get rolling with outlines

My fifth tip on how to write a blog post is to use outlines!

Of course,you don’t write with what first came out of your head. You need structure. An order of how you’re going to deliver your message.
One of the many mistakes of new bloggers is pouring too much information too soon.
So how to avoid this?
That’s easy!
You avoid that by creating an “outline”.

why outline?

There are many benefits you can get if you first outline your posts.

  • It makes the writing a lot easier
  • Better reading experience
  • Clear delivery of message.
  • There is focus.
  • You don’t miss any details.

6. Create the “hook statement”

If your headline is your “bait” to attract attention Then your introduction or “hook statement” is the one the hooks your reader to read the rest of the post. Another tip on how to write a blog post is to come up with a killer hook or intro. An enticing hook statement is key ingredient on how to write a blog post that gets noticed.

Coming up with a crafty intro is crucial ingredient whether the reader will keep on reading or not? After all,after the headline did its job to invite people to read your post. It now depends on the introduction statement to keep the reader interested.

 Tips on creating a hook statement

1.Start with a fact.If you’re going to start a post with a fact.

Pick one that is interesting.Ok so what makes a fact interesting? Well it’s good that your asked.

Facts that are interesting are the ones that

  • Not over used in your niche
  • Not obviously related to your topic
  • Too common that everyone know’s it

2.Ask a question

When i said ask a question. What i mean is ask the kind that is relevant to your reader. Avoid asking questions that can be answered with who cares.


Do you want to create an unlimited source of ideas for your blog?

So how do you plan to generate traffic for your website?

See what i did. I asked questions that is relevant to my readers that they will have to stop and pause. And give their precious time to think of what i just said. Now that’s a hook

3. Use an anecdote

The best way to start with an anecdote is start with something relevant to your topic. And make it a personal story. This way you build a connection between you and your reader. You want to evoke an emotion from your audience. This way they will listen.


Let me tell you a story of how my dogs taught me a valuable life lesson

4. Use qoutes

Qoutes from famous people lend their authority to a post. If used the right way qoutes hook people in a way that compels them to read the rest of your post

Things to remember when using qoutes

  • specify which are your own words and which belongs to someone else by using quotation marks
  • Make it brief
  • Always include the name of the author a link to their webpage,book or article

7.Add  visuals to you post

You may have heard of the old saying a picture tells a thousand words. Another tip on how to write a blog post is to add a visual element to your content.Images are helpful on conveying complex messege. The key here is to use the right image for your messege.

Why bother with using images?

1.Aesthetic appeal

You want to hook people into reading your post. And together with your headline and your killer intro. Another ingredient that hooks people into reading your post are images.

People are visual creature. We love aestheticly pleasing pictures. It intrigues us to take a minute and find out. What your post is all about.

2.SEO purposes
Blog post with appropriate images rank higher on search engines. Another benefit is you get to enter keywords into your alt image tags of your images.

3.More social shares
Image is key in success on social media.People on social media love images. The more pleasing your images are the more shares it will get on social media. And as you know, Google search ranking algorith now counts social media shares.

4.Visual aid

A powerful messege paired with an approrpiate image makes much more impact. If it were only words used to convey your messege. There are messeges and ideas that are easier is deliver. If you show it with an image instead of telling people about it.

So where can i get images for my post?

There are many websites that you can get free and paid imagesHere are some of the websites that is use for my blogpost.And most of their photos are free,yeey!








8.Be emotional

My 8th tip on how to write a blog post is to inject emotions in your content

Do you know the magic sauce that writers use to write great blogpost?
They make their audience “feel” something.

Why do you think people buy stuff?. Even though they don’t need any of the junk they buy.Do you think people use their sound financial judgement when they buy something?
No they don’t!
People use their emotions to buy then uses reason to later justify what they bought.
It’s the same thing with blogposts. You are “selling” your post to readers. And the key is to establish a connection between you and your audience. And you do this through their emotions. Capture their heart and they will pay you with their attention.

9. Get yourself into the mix

Always remember people will buy to persons they know,like and trust. Another tip on how to write a blogpost is to include you in your content.People need to remember you. In order for you to establish trust with your audience. And the best way for people to remember you is through stories! Not just any stories but your personal experiences.The more emotions your story touches the better

Stories have a way of sticking to our memories. We may forget a date, a face or even a special event. But the stories that happen behind everything that happen to our lives remain to us forever!

But of course we don’t just tell any story but our personal story. Whenever you write a post always ask yourself. If you have a story that you can connect with your topic. Your goal if for people to have something to remember something about you.

10.Streamline your content

My 10th tip on how to wirte a blogpost is to make your content scannable. People have very short attention. You need to deliver your messege as short as possible. You want people to be able to scan your post and get your messege in quick glances.You can do these with the help of the following

  • Use subheading

Break up your post into chunks of 3-4 sentences. Make it easy for your reader to digest your content by breaking it down into sections.

  • Keep your sentences short

Short clear sentences help your readers digest your content. Rule of thumb is keep your sentences not more than 16 words. Anything more than that and you beging to lose your reader.

  • Make your paragraphs short

Huge slab of text is very intimidating to read.There is a pretty good chance people won’t read your post as well. Stick to short paragraphs and 1 idea pere paragraph.

  • Use bulletpoints

breakdown your message into parts using bulletpoints. Used together with subheading and you made your reader’s life much easier.

  • Write like you talk

Aim to write as if your speaking. Make the mood casual and friendly your writng a blogpost not a term paper.

11.Back it up with data

Provide facts and details about your post. People are skeptics and showing facts and numbers to back your claim proves that you didn’t just made it up.
Not only this good for backing up data but a good source of data for infographic designers Examples of places where you can get data from

12.Provide your own point of view

If your going to write about a subject that has been written a hundred times over. The best way to make your post stand out is for you to provide your own angle about the topic.
Go over to buzzsumo,key in a keyword of your choice. There buzzsumo will show you list of popular post together the number of social shares it got.

Study each post think of a way that the post have not yet been discuss. Provide “fresh insight about a certain topic.Find another angle that the original writer have not tackled and exploit it.
Maybe the writer have not discussed the topic in depth. You could discuss it further or provide another point of view. Or find another angle about a certain topic

For example is you find a trending post that talks about 25 ways you can grow your instagram account. Maybe you doubt the effectivity of technique number 17 in the post. You can write a post that states your point if that certain techniuque will ever work at all.

13.Stop being passive

Start writing on the active voice and cut using the passive voice. We all have the habit of writing in the passive voice.Although there is nothing wrong with this.

When it comes to blogging cut the usage of the passive voice. Why? because it sounds better! Example of active voiceTom kicked the ball
Example of passive voiceThe ball was kiscked by tom.

14.Make it actionable

Provide an action plan on how to use your advice.It’s one thing to provide an advice it’s another thing to show people. How exactly they can use your advice.
The easier your action plan to execute the better. People want something to takeaway after reading your post. After all they are looking for solutions to their problem. If you can provide a “quick win” to their problem then you have a better chance of staying on people’s mind
The best way to place your “action plan” is near the conclusion of the post. Make a brief summary of your post then follow it with up with an action plan.

15.Get SEO involved

Use On Page SEO when writing your post. After all what’s the use of writing a great blogpost if nobody’s going to see it?You need to take into account how search engine works. And do your best to optimize your post to be indexed by search engines.

Yet you should not get carried away. And put full effort on optimization and forsake the readability of your post.Your post is still dedicated to human readers.You should strike a balance between readability and SEO.

16.Don’t beat around the bush

The best way to close a blogpost is to tell people what to do next. And the best way to that is through some sort of Call To Action.
Now that you have delivered on your promise. And provided people with value It’s not helpfull if you keep stalling. Sometimes people needed to be told what is the next step.

Start of with a brief summary of what you covered in your post.Start with your headline then remind your readers how you delivered with your answer.

Now is the time for the “ask” What is your main goal for writing your blogpost?
Is it to collect email addresses?Are you promoting a product or service?Do you want social shares for your post?are you lookingfor leads?

If your looking for comments and engagement for your post. Then this thing should be fairly easy for readers. and present minimal risk witht the readers.

If you want to collect emails,it would need more than sign up to my email list. You need to have a lead magnet in excahnge for people’s email address.
Product sale is the “hardest ” of all the call to actions. and may need more convincing. But you not shy away and ask people. You may never know if you won’t try.

16.Proof read everything

Of course a true sign of a professional is in the details. Do the basics and proof read your work.
If you’re a soloprenuer like i do and you run on a tight budget. And can’t afford a service of a freelance editor. Use online tools to aid you on your work
Proof reading your work is as important as the actual process of writing the post. So take care when proof reading

Tips on proof reading

1.Don’t be in a hurry Take your time when proof reading your post. Sometimes in our hurry to publish content grammatical errors escape us. I recommend take a few hours of rest after you finished writing your post. This way your mind is fresh again when proofreading your content.

2.Set a specific time and place for proofreading
Distractions is the number one enemy when proofreading. Set a specific time and place for proofreading.It’s important that this period of total focus. If your work happen to be in your house. I recommend that you tell your family that. During a specific time you cannot be disturbed.

3.Use free online proofreading toolsTechnology is made to make our lives better.Make full use of these software when editing your post. It makes your job efficient and way faster when you do it all on your own.


In conclusion,i hope that my 16 tips to help your write a blogpost like a pro have been a boost on your writing. You may not able to follow all the tips i mentioned above. But following atleast 4 of the 16 tips and i promise you that alone would have an affect on your writing
If your interested to learn more about content creation. And all other stuff related to blogging check out my content and sign up to my email list
If you liked my post or you have any ideas about content creation. Feel free to leave a comment. Follow me on social media
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Joseph niel Pascua


Joseph niel Pascua



Joseph niel pascua

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Pro’s tip on how to write a blog post like a boss

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    Wow, Joseph, this is really good. I didn’t know that there are so many tips to follow to writing like a boss. I am just starting off as an affiliate and this post to me is priceless. Though Ian still taking training,I understand the importance of some of this tips like adding SEO so that one can get ranked on the search engines and get more traffic and like you said, there’s no point in writing if no one will see it. Awesome post Jo, thanks for educating me.

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      roland, thanks for the comment. Blogging is a two-way word. It’s a give and take relationship between the reader and the blogger.Good luck on your blogging my friend

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    Great post with the 16 tips about writing a blog post like a pro and it’s content writing is the first you have to think about even before you start brainstorming.  I usually write from knowledge combined with experience and words just flows.

    I love the idea of creating a hook with facts this is what has stood out for me and I intend to try it out and see what happens.  I have also taken note of where to find ideas and will check them out.  Thanks for tips 

    • September 8, 2019 at 6:40 am

      Hi cinderella

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    further, the article is spot on and has addressed any sort of difficulty I used to encounter whenever I am writing a blogpost. You even gave suggestions of various places to find resources for the posts. I think creating an audience profile would be a great way to get started. Pointing out the various questions that possibly would be an area of need for the audience would give better ideas as to what to write about and how best to provide solutions for the audience. This is excellent.

    Another area I learnt well on is insertion of visual objects to buttress the topic being discussed. That is excellent too and thanks for suggesting  those sites one could get them from.
    writing a blogpost should become more of a bliss for me with practise and following this post’s guideline would help too. Thanks

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      Hi Roland

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    Two things I find hard to deal with when writing on my blog is getting ideas to write and using keywords. I didn’t know that there are platforms where I can easily get all that. This is very good honestly and I think I will be going a long way. I have to bookmark your post for reference because it can become too bulky to use this 16 tips. You do know a lot about this and I commend you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this discourse. Regards!

    • September 8, 2019 at 4:56 am

      Hi Henderson

          thanks for the comment. And also through my research, I read that instead of focusing so much on keywords focus on solving your reader’s problem. Focus on what they need and what they would typically type on google search. And from there come up with your own keywords. Kind of makes sense right?Thanks again for the comment. We can follow each other on Facebook and Instagram if you want to

  • September 4, 2019 at 10:47 am

    Dear Joseph

    This is really a helpful article. As a new affiliate, the hardest thing for me is to create content. Here I am talking about quality and engaging content. This article has been very helpful to me and it has come at the right time.I have one question, does updating content regularly have any effect on ranking? Thank you very much.


    • September 8, 2019 at 4:44 am

      Hi Baraka

          Thank you for the comment. Yes of course it does. It is one of the main criteria of google ranking algorithm. The problem is creating quality content on a regular basis. And one other thing that might help. I read that if you put 20% of writing quality content you should put the other 80 % of your effort on promoting your blog. So is you create engaging content i recommend double the effort on promoting your blog as well. Which makes sense right? How could someone get organic ranking if nobody knows that you even have a website at all?Thanks for comment i wish you all the best on your blogging journey.

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    This tips on how to write a blog post like a pro is really helpful and makes my writing job more easy and free of hassle. first I would like to say thank you for the all resources and tools you have put together and provided in your article;I appreciate it.
    The best part of your post that truly impressed me was getting ideas through sources such as  Quora,Reddit,Buzzsumo,etc.
    َand NO.8 Be emotional- where it say: “People use their emotions to buy then user reason to justify what they bought”
    well said, As I have had a lot this experience before and I got the all points that laid out on your post. Thank you

    • September 8, 2019 at 4:39 am

      Hi shirian

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  • September 5, 2019 at 1:46 am

    This is very helpful information. I’ve just started blogging a few weeks ago, but i feel stucked already. Add the fact that I’m not an English native, writing an article become a very hard task to me. I think I need to use outline, like you’ve mentioned above. It certainly will help me to structure my blog post better. I can’t stop this half-way and continue to write in English. Thanks again for the information

    • September 8, 2019 at 4:37 am

      Hi alblue

         thanks for the comment. Just keep going at it. Just like everything in life you will improve as long as you keep practicing. English is not my native language as well but if you really wanted something you will work on it no matter what. It’s good you picked up something from my post. Try also creating engaging headlines to improve your content engagement. Yes, you can’t quit halfway just look at it on the long term perspective. At least you have something to look forward to in years to come.


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