15 ugly truths about having a full-time job

full-time job


Every day, you wake up very early in the morning preparing for your full-time job. For two hours.you drag your self through-traffic. Then to a job you never did like in the first place. You keep on telling yourself it pays the bills so you stick with it. God knows you gave your best every day. You put your utmost effort into each project. You make it a point to go beyond the call of duty to your job. But at the back of your mind you know there’s something wrong. There’s this void inside of you. You have this voice in your soul asking you be this all it? Is this what you have been preparing for all those years of studying?. Every day this vicious cycle happen.


Hundreds of thousands if not millions worldwide suffer this feeling of discontent. We trade our talent for certainty never knowing what could have been. Did we ever stop and think for a moment. Have we ever asked ourselves is there something we’re missing here? Don’t get me wrong. I love my job as well but as good as having a full-time job there are facts or must we say truths about having a job.


1. You are trading your time for money

This is one thing that we most often turn a blind eye. We always focus on the financial reward that we never took stock of what we are losing in exchange


We trade the time we could have spent on

1. Developing our skills and talents

2. Building relationships with our family.

3. Starting our very own business.

4. Make bigger money using alternative means

2. With a job you make a limited amount of money


The thing with a job is, your income equals the amount of time you put in it. And there is only so much you can do in a span of 24 hours. You need to take a rest. Take a leak, eat your dinner.which takes up the time to your productivity. There is this “ceiling ” of what you can produce and that’s it!


3. There is no more security with a full-time job.


Gone are the days when you can study hard and get a degree. Then get a job and work for 40 years. Later retire with a pension. Oh boy! those days are gone. The trend now is downsizing. The fewer people involved in a business the better. You can’t expect job permanence these days. I know people, good people who served their respective companies for decades. And get laid off without a pension.


4. Company loyalty is overrated


Never get the notion that because you are loyal to your company, your company will return the favor. No, your company’s loyalty lies with its shareholder, not to its worker. Always remember that. Being a multi-million conglomerate your companies mindset is “nobody irreplaceable”. The earlier you accept this the better.


5. You have no “real” control with your full-time job.


Yes, you can work harder. Become the best employee you can be. And you do all this to make your company perceive you as an invaluable tool. But at the end of the day. Your company will make decisions that are beyond your reach. And these decisions are regardless if it’s good or bad for you. Whether they decide to cut your department because they see it will cut operating cost. Or scrap your pension plan and decide to give you a lump sum amount instead. What you will feel or sentiment will be irrelevant.


6. Prices of goods raise much faster than what you make


Prices of goods rise every year. This is a fact of life and we have to accept this. The latest inflation rate for 2018 is at 2.7%. This means in a span of only 5 years, goods will be roughly 13% higher!. You cannot buy the same stuff you used to buy 5 years ago. That said, when was the last time you had a raise? If only last year then good for you. But what if it’s 7 years ago then what? If this is your case I say that you seek other means to augment your income. Otherwise, you will struggle to support yourself and your family.


7. Focusing on only one full-time job alone leaves you vulnerable.


Have you asked yourself? If you lose your job today. How long will you survive?. I used to shudder at the thought of losing my only source of livelihood. But now that I have been running a blog and promoting web hosting, the thought does not scare me that much. At least now I have other option and something to look forward to.


There are a lot of things that could happen in a year. And we need to be ready for any unforeseen event. We could get injured. A family member can get sick. Or worse get laid off. Focusing on your job alone leaves us open to any unexpected incidents


8. You are making other people rich


The harder you work increases your productivity. The more productive you are the more revenue your company makes. Unfortunately, this increase in revenue is not shared with you. You are stuck with your salary. In the end, it’s your company that benefits from your efforts. While you get paid with only a very limited amount of money.


9. There is no financial freedom with a full-time job


If you’re dreaming of reaching financial freedom, you will never reach it with only one job. It takes many sources of income to reach financial freedom. That is the problem with a full-time job. You are stuck with one or two sources of income and that’s it. How in the world are you going to build your passive income source? With only 1 or 2 sources of income? Building your passive income source take time diligence and spare money to invest. Spare money that you can afford to not use for a very long period.


10. Realizing your true potential will be next to never


Having a full-time job, you have a repetitive task. Tasks that if not always do not use your God-given talents. Stay with this job for years and you end stagnating your talents because of lack of usage. You need to use and practice your talents on a regular basis to reach your greatest potential. And you cannot do that with a job.


11. You become mundane


At first, when you do your best your bosses will praise your hard work. Do this always and what used to be your best become normal. So when your boss sees you do your best he thinks this is your normal effort, when in fact you are at your limit. So what do you do? You put in more effort and for a while, your boss will be happy with your work. But then again what seems to be you the best effort ever will over time becomes your normal again in your boss’s eyes. In your boss’s eyes, you become common and a number in the wall.


12. Becoming dull and idle is inevitable


Only if you do something about your situation and find other ways to make a living. You are bound to become dull with being stuck with the same task over and over again. In a full-time job, you have a routine. A specific set of tasks that you do.

Sticking with one job can make you dull. You have become content to be able to pay the bills. You are so contented you don’t even consider thinking about any other careers.

At the same time, you may become robotic in the same routine. A long-term boss may give you the same daily demands making it an easy schedule to follow. But, you might find yourself always fulfilling the needs of your employer and that’s it. This can hold you back from realizing talents and gifts you never knew you had.


13. We become content with being ok


Being content with your job. You become complacent. Together with it, you stopped developing your creative skill. You don’t even bother trying out better job openings. You used to have a dream to make it big. Unfortunately, life happened and you stopped dreaming. You have let go of your dream of becoming someone. Something you should never do.


To be clear to all. I am no way, against having a job. The truth is, I love my job. The main point of my post is to inspire people to take action. I want people to realize that we cannot rely on a job to tide us over. We owe it to ourselves to explore other means to make a living. We have to take the initiative to take control of our destiny. And not take what life has given us.


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15 ugly truths about having a full-time job

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