10 wonderful benefits of blogging you should know right now!


10 wonderful benefits of blogging you should know right now!


You want to know the benefits of blogging?. Blogging has become popular today. And it has intrigued you. So you’re tinkering with the idea of starting your own blog. The problem is you needed that extra push on why you should start a blog. And you are a bit apprehensive since you don’t know much about computers and other techie stuff. You want to have enough good reasons why you should. and not just stick to your job


1. You sharpen your writing skills

One of the benefits of blogging is you get to practice your writing skills,

Why is having a good writing skill so important?

The importance of writing skills comes from a fact. That writing is the framework of our communication. We use writing almost every day. Whether it be an official report, a project presentation, or a sales letter. And acquiring good writing skills have a lot of uses. You can use it to spread information, share an opinion, ask a question. Good writing skills take simple words and form into something beautiful and useful.

Excellent writing skills allow you to communicate your message to a large audience. In comparison to a personal conversation where you have to deal with each person one at a time. You can send your message efficiently with a written message

You should treat effective writing skills as an asset. As it adds value to a person. Whether your job involves writing frequently or not. It is important to improve your writing skills. Because it can lead you to get professional success.

Benefits of having good writing skills


Gaining credibility is essential in about any role in a business or organization. And to gain credibility. One needs to have developed a certain set of skill and one of them is effective writing.

2. Professional Development

Having good communication skills is key to your success. Effective writing not only leads to provide you the chances for getting hired. But it also helps you develop your profession allowing you to gain good experience as well

3. Develops leadership skills

Every executive position, in many fields of work, leads a team of junior employees. This requires your leadership skills. Effective writing skills are one of the best ways through which you can perform a lot of functions. And to develop and lead your team members.

2. Reach out to like-minded people

If you’re looking for people who share your goals and aspirations. Blogging will give you that chance. This is another benefit of blogging. This may seem trivial but the emotional benefits of hanging out with people who”get” you is a big deal. When you have a group of people who you have a deep connection and understanding with. You will enjoy many benefits.

Benefits of having like-minded people in your life

1. They understand you completely.

They can help when you struggle. And they will be your biggest motivators when you succeed. When you join a group you enter a supportive relationship with other members.

2. You stop thinking you are alone

When you found people who genuinely share your ideals. You will realize that you are not alone with what you’re going through.

3. Opening up will be easy

When you surround yourself with people who you trust. Opening up is easy. You can talk about your thoughts, dreams, and problems. Without fear of judgment or misunderstanding.

4. Lasting Connections

One of the reasons to join a community is to gain a network. We all have different skill sets to offer. This makes this type of environment the place to figure out how to work together.

5. Source of motivation

Having people that keep on telling you can do great things is a big boost to morale, which is priceless. The last thing you want to be in ending up with people who don’t believe in you. Its bad for self-esteem and your dreams.

3. Learn new skills

When you start a blog, you will learn a lot of skills along the way. Skills which you would never have learned if you did not try.

There are skills are

1. Writing skills

This is the very first skill you will learn when you start a blog. Blogging has helped me improve my writing skills. But more importantly. Blogging has helped me start arguments and presentation. And it also let me inspire others to take action using the written format.

2. Marketing skills

There are hundreds of millions of blogs made every day. Your blog may provide value to readers. But if nobody knows it even exists, it is not going to do service anybody. At some point, you will need to promote your work to others… and that requires a lot of marketing skills

3.Entrepreneurial skills

Starting a blog is like setting up a business. You have a product(affiliate product). A medium to promote your product(your blog).And a group of people to promote your product(audience). And like in a business. You develop skills like networking, marketing, and basic accounting.

4.Programming skills

When you start a blog. One way or another you will be dealing with coding languages like HTML, Java, CSS. It will be wise if you start learning at least the basics of programming languages. It will prove to be useful to you. Plus you won’t always have to rely on a developer every time you need basic coding.


4. Pathway to a career change

Another key benefit of blogging is it opens up a lot of opportunity for you. Just developing your writing skill through the regular publishing of content is huge. You can become a freelance writer for fiverr in your free time. Or become a copywriter for other bloggers. You can also become an SEO consultant for local business. There is so much you can do with the skill you will gain through years of blogging

5. Lets you tap your creative side

When you are in a job you do a repetitive task over and over again. You become dull with years of doing the same thing. You dull your creativity. Blogging gives you the opportunity to rekindle that creative spirit in you. You will most definitely use your creativity in every part of your blog. Starting with coming up with your niche. All the way down to publishing quality content on a regular basis.

6. This is your chance to share your opinion

Though the blogosphere has changed over the years. There are still many blogs that serve as a platform. For people to voice their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Whether your passion is business, personal finance, cooking, politics, photography, or marketing. Blogging gives you the opportunity to connect and network with like-minded people. Individuals who share the same passions.

5. You develop a deeper thinking

Blogging requires you to regularly create content. Not any content but original, informative content. And you will need to develop a much deeper thinking. Deeper than what you have right now. You need to provide your own angle or opinion about a niche. And this has to provide value to readers not fluff.

6. You influence other people

As your blog grow so is the number of people who follow you. This people is what you call an audience. And over time this people will start believing in what you say.  And as you continue to publish content you gain influence over your audience

7. You become an inspiration for others

When you have built an audience of your own. You become an inspiration for others. And as long as you continue to publish quality content people will keep coming back to you.

8. Lets you establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Almost anyone can start a blog. But to start a blog and grow it into a thriving page with thousands of followers is another thing. At first, it’s going to be an uphill climb. Growing your blog. But as you keep publishing a quality post you get rank. And as people see that comments and the growing community around your blog. People will start to perceive you as an authority on your niche.


9. It is  a medium for you to promote your skills and product

Having a blog is the best way to promote your product and your skills. The key here is to weave your promotions into your content. So it will come out natural. The last thing you want is for people to get tired of self-promotions.


10.Opportunity to make a living without a job


Are you sick and tired of your job? Do you want to make a living without the typical 9-5 job? Well then blogging is an alternative to a job. You ask me how? Well, there are a lot of ways on how to monetize a blog. My favorite is with affiliate marketing. There are other ways like promoting your own product. And also there’s creating an online course and starting a membership site. There are more ways to make money with a blog that I did not mention in a post. But the thing is this is not an “instant thing”. It takes hard work discipline and long-term thinking to make a profitable blog.


As I conclude my post about the main benefits of blogging. There is still more reason why we should start a blog.

A blog is more than just a way of advancing your online presence; it can also be a way of advancing your personal life

If you have any comment. Or if you have something to add about my post. Feel free to leave a comment below. Please share this post through your social networks so people will know how good it is to have a blog of your own.

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10 wonderful benefits of blogging you should know

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