10 good reasons why you should start a blog, as in right now!

Primarily, you are looking for good enough reasons why you should start a blog?. You have heard about affiliate marketing and blogging. You have read that people made good money blogging. And you believe you have the talent and the skills to make it big.

Although these are valid reasons. You want more reasons to push yourself into taking the first leap. I get it you’re a cautious person. You’re the type of person that thinks things through. And you want good reasons why other than because somebody told you so. Well, look no further because here I am to present to you why you should start a blog. And I mean right now!

1. Your dreams will never come true relying only on one income source

Let’s be honest with ourselves. What do people really want in life

  • The fancy house,
  • the fast cars
  • the yearly vacation to some exotic places.
  • Ivy league college education for the kids
  • More time with family

All those stuff that you are dreaming of will never come true if you stick to only one source of income. Yes, it is possible though. But only if you’re willing to get neck deep in debts. Which will only make things worse for you. You have only two options. First is to cut your spending. Second is find other means of making money while keeping your day job. It would be wise if you choose the latter.

If you do choose the latter there are a few things you will need. One of those is to have multiple income sources. And blogging is a viable option. And that is the first reason why you should start a blog.

2. Depending on a single source of income is like driving without insurance.

The thing with having one source of income is. You leave yourself vulnerable to any unforeseeable events. That might undermine your means of living. You don’t know exactly what the future holds for you. You may have your projects for now. But can you guarantee that projects will continue to come year in year out without any delay? Of course not! Nobody can tell what the future holds for us. And it would be foolhardy to believe that the good times are here to stay. It is better to be ready than be sorry in the end. We all need something to fall back to in case some untoward incidents like losing our projects or our jobs. Isn’t having a second option other than a job a good reason why you should start a blog? If not then I don’t know what is.

3. This is your chance to explore other forms of making a living.

We are all raised to believe that. The only way to make a living is either get a job or go project-based working for someone else. But what if that is not the case anymore? What if there are other means of making a living. Other than what you grew up knowing. Wouldn’t you take the chance? Of course, you would. Well, blogging opens you other possibilities of other means of making a living. There so many options right now. There are affiliate marketing, e-book publishing, blogging, social media influencing, web application making. And so much more. You have to be open to the possibilities and take the first step

4. Working on a per project basis will never get you paid. According to the amount of hard work and talent you put in it.

The sad thing about being per project based is. It will always pay you a fixed rate of the amount of money equals the amount of time you spent in it. Not the amount of hard work you poured unto it. It’s the way it has been. And will always be. You will never get paid for the hard work you did. But by how long you worked on it. If you want to get paid the fair amount of money equals to the hard work you pour. You need to find other means of making a living. That does not need your physical presence.

5. Blogging is your chance of having your own place under the sun.

We all in one point in our careers have felt that we are a cog in a wheel. A part of a larger system. A nobody And you’re getting tired being a nobody. Yes, you’re happy that you get to put food on the table. But in the back of your mind, you feel this emptiness. The feeling that you wish you become somebody that matters. Someone that people look up to. And that you crave to be the man for once. To be the one who runs his own show. Well, you will never have that in a job. To have that you need to have influence over other people. And you only get that if you have a medium of connecting with all sorts of people like a blog or a page of some sorts.

6. You will never have financial security working for someone else

Being project based means you leave your means of making a living to someone or something else’s hand. You will never be financially secured being project-based alone. There are so many threats to your means of living. One example is your project can be outsourced overseas. Or your entire project can be scrapped because a department is saving on cost. Or your company is streamlining its operations. And deemed your services an unnecessary expense. Are you going to wait when your down to your last dollar? Before you realize you have to do something to change your situation? The only real way to financial security is through many income sources. And you will never have that if you keep on sticking to only one main source of income. Which is working for someone else.

7. You will never be rich and young making a living project based alone.

The de facto road to financial security is to get a job. Save a fixed amount of money every month. And stash it to some 401k or some equity fund. Then keep on doing it for 30 years. Sounds like a good plan right? Well not exactly. Because 30 years and a few hundred dollars do not yield rich and young. It’s more like a gamble. And you leave your fate into the stock market’s hand. Hoping and praying that your portfolio will always go up. And never go down. Which is highly unlikely.

Why not try something else? Why not try to be unconventional. At times when great changes are coming. Today is the best time to try something new. 10-20 years ago you would never hear anyone talk about tiny handheld telephones. Now they are everywhere. Changes are coming and it would be wise to ride this wave. And like what I have read. When there is a change you can make money.Another reason why you should start a blog.

8. Your fate is tied to someone else’s hands. And you’re sick of this

Isn’t it frustrating when a customer cancels a project or backs out from a deal? Just when you needed a project to keep you afloat something like this happen. It sucks right? Especially when your bills are piling up. And your emergency funds are running low? It always happens year in year out. Don’t you think you should try something else on the side while you still have a project? While you still have some money coming in?

Don’t you think it would be wise of? Instead of reacting to the situation. You could prevent this from ever happening again. By looking for something or some way you can make some money keep coming in. Even if you run out of projects to work on? Now is not the time to point blames to others about your misfortunes. It’s the time to charge of your life. Now is the time to try something different.

9. It’s stressful waiting when the next project will come.

Do you have this fear deep inside when a contract is about to expire? Or when a project is about to get finished. On the back of your mind, you’re worried. You tell yourself. Ok, a project is about to be finished. And I will get my final payment. But what’s next? Money is going to stop coming in and I have nowhere else to get money from after this? The stress of worrying keeps you awake at nights. And for good reason, no project means no money.

Sometimes you lose your appetite thinking what to do next after this project. You’re praying for a project to come soon enough. But praying seemed to get you no results. The stress is intense and it’s affecting your social life. You’re cranky and seemed on the edge most of the time. Don’t you think you should do something to stop this vicious cycle of rich and famine?. Don’t you think you should prevent this from ever happening again? Well, you will if you know how. Unfortunately, you don’t. That’s why you’re sticking to one source of income.

10. It sucks being broke when you don’t have any projects to work on.

It’s not fun when you’re broke. When you’re the main breadwinner. Especially when your emergency funds are heavily depleted. And you have bills to pays. And kids old enough to send to schools. Not only is it depressing. You have your wife nagging you. Asking you when will you bring in some money. You’re losing sleep worrying when the next projects will come. But to no avail. Since most of your customers are outsourcing your projects overseas. It is way cheaper this way. And you can see any difference in quality. You hate the feeling. You really do. But what can you do? It’s not as if your slacking off or anything. It’s just that is so hard to land a project right. The competition is stiff and companies are cutting on their cost.

You need something to augment your income. Something …anything that can at least keep you afloat until the next project to come. But what to do? Surely you can’t get a fixed 9-5 job to fill this income gap. You need something that you can work in your spare time. Something flexible that you can squeeze into your schedule. When you’re busy working on a project. And will not burn a huge hole into your pocket.


Finally, I am not saying working on a per project basis or even in a typical 9-5 job is a bad thing. I am only stating my point that although you are making money. You have this major disadvantage. Which is what? That is Instability. The mere fact that there is a gap in your income is a threat to your financial stability.

That’s why I recommend that people try out blogging especially affiliate marketing. Give it a shot. Who knows what the outcome will be. You will never know until you tried it for yourself. You want to change. I get it but doing the same thing over and over will not get you a different result. If you are interested to learn more.

My advice for those who are ready to take action is to get trained in blogging especially affiliate marketing.It’s free of charge.And it’s designed so that you can get a handle of what blogging is.and for you to know if blogging is for you or not.

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10 good reasons why you should start a blog

6 thoughts on “10 good reasons why you should start a blog

  • May 8, 2019 at 1:24 pm

    The perfect 10 reasons why getting on board with blogging is a great idea! I think you’ve appealed to me and other people who either want to blog or who are on the fence and have’t jumped in yet.   After reading this, I’m convinced that blogging can be a great way to express yourself and can be a great outlet for the creative mind.   

    • May 19, 2019 at 3:25 pm

      Hi Tim

      Thank you for the comment. I am happy to have an effect on your decision. I very much agree that blogging is a very good way to let loose your creativity. And possibly make money along the way. The great thing about starting a blog and sticking with it is. You have something to look forward to in the years to come. Especially when you know you worked hard and poured time and effort into growing it into something that you can be proud of. And provide income on the side.

  • May 8, 2019 at 1:31 pm

    Greetings Joseph, Interesting enough, I’ve always had a passion for writing and helping others. I’ve always imagined having my own website, but I never think more into it. Creating a website always seems complicated to me and I am sure a lot of people.  Not knowing of the many options and help out there.  I am a nurse for over 10 years and lately, I have been thinking of starting my own blog. I am very happy to come across your website! It is truly a blessing.

    But, wow!

    I like the way how you broke things down detailly in a simplest clear understanding manner and most of all, your honesty! It really shines through.

    This article is very informative! You’ve really opened my eyes to a lot today!

    Thank you so much


    • May 15, 2019 at 1:59 pm

      Hi rebecca

         thank for for the compliment.You are welcome.I am happy i have motivated you to take the first step of setting up your own blog.Sometimes you just have to be blunt with your post in order for people to realize that there is something wrong.It’s good that you have taken actions to put your talent into good use.I pray that you make it big with blogging.By the way don’t let fear and self doubt get in your way.Doubting yourself will greatly hamper your growth as a blogger.Take it one day at a time.I you don’t get the lesson taugjt in the training in WA just do it over and ovwr again like i always do..Believing in yourself that you can learn is the first step in learning not learning it self.Have a great day and if you have any questions feel free to send me a messege

  • May 8, 2019 at 3:43 pm

    Hi Joseph.
    You have described very nicely the 10 good reasons why I should start a blog, right now. Through your post, you have recommended people to try out blogging especially affiliate marketing. Your post was really very effective to me as I am gonna start blogging. Your instructions were really helpful.
    I will share this important post with my other friends so that they can learn about blogging.
    Thank you so much for your post.

    • May 15, 2019 at 1:50 pm

      Hi mona

                  thanks for the comment.Good for you for deciding to take the initiative.Nothing will change if you don’t take chances.We all have to go out of oir comfort zone and do something that we have never done beofre in order for us to grow.


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